Little Munchkins Learning Center


Little Munchkins Learning Center can be found at 2020 Denton Drive North Burnett in Austin and offers full-time schedules to enable students to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills within a dedicated and structured environment. At Little Munchkins, young children meet peers their age and receive quality instruction from experienced teachers.

Play-Based Learning

Play-based learning has quickly become an educational hot topic, with research showing its positive benefits on children’s cognitive and developmental skills. Children can take risks and follow their curiosity without fear of failure or disappointment from teachers; furthermore, this type of learning teaches children perseverance while building self-confidence.

Play also assists children in building social and emotional skills. Through co-play, children learn to communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflicts among themselves; while patiently waiting their turn and sharing materials. Finally, children also practice various physical abilities like balance and coordination during this activity.

Children often benefit from playing pretend. Pretending to be doctors, firefighters, or their parents provides children with realistic experiences they will come across later. Play also allows children to practice language and literacy skills by accurately communicating what they’re doing to others, naming objects, or telling stories.

A successful play-based program offers a balanced mix of child-led and teacher-designed activities. Teachers create investigative learning invitations that support children’s personalized cognitive and social/emotional development; activities must encourage cooperation and collaboration among children and adults and promote creativity. Some research has demonstrated positive outcomes from this form of education in children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Full-Time Schedule

Little Munchkins Learning Center offers students and families the stability and structure they require for optimal education, helping children create relationships with similar-age peers while receiving quality instruction from teachers. Furthermore, this school also provides a range of learning resources and activities designed to foster its pupils’ cognitive, behavioral, and social development. As our top priority is your trust, businesses cannot pay to alter or remove reviews; read up on our policy before beginning your search for the ideal place for you and your family – start here by reading reviews about Little Munchkins Learning Center.


At Little Munchkins, families are invited to engage in the learning environment actively. Families are invited to plant flowers, shrubs, and perennials in our center’s Family Flower Garden or bring bulbs from home for particular areas to grow them. Furthermore, Little Munchkins encourages families to contribute fruits and vegetables to our Family Vegetable Garden.

Students can explore a Building Area filled with open-ended natural materials like sticks, logs, tree cookies, and pinecones; there’s also a Music and Movement Area featuring wind chimes, homemade instruments, and an expansive area of green grass for gross motor activities – all enclosed within an outdoor classroom that feels more like their backyard than an average schoolyard!