How to Prepare an IGNOU Assignment


Students must submit their assignments by the deadline established by IGNOU. Assignment question papers for their program of choice can be downloaded from its official website or obtained from regional study centers. The Amazing fact about IGNOU Assignment Status.

The front page of an Igou assignment should contain critical pieces of information such as name, enrollment number, subject code, and session. Additionally, a signature from each student should also be included on this page.


To write IGNOU assignments accurately, students must abide by the university guidelines. Doing this will ensure your assignment is submitted on time and meets its standards; additionally, it’s also vital that it’s well formatted with no errors; don’t neglect grammar and punctuation either, as these will affect your score!

IGNOU assignments are an integral component of students’ courses and account for up to 30% of the final grade. Therefore, submitting them before term-end exams is of vital importance. Recently, however, the method for submission has changed: students can now offer them online with ease and security – thus saving both time and energy!

Before submitting an assignment, please read through and carefully follow its guidelines and instructions. Ensure you include all required details, such as enrollment number and course code, and refrain from using unofficial resources when writing your assignment. For any assistance, if any issues arise, consult your professor or lecturer immediately.

Ideal, IGNOU assignments should be written using your handwriting, and the answers should be written on separate pages, neatly tied with ribbon. Make sure each page includes the course title, subject code, and student ID information. Also, use black pens for questions and blue pens for answers when marking essays; the stick file with its hole-punched and rope-tied closure would work just as well.

Before submitting an assignment online, make a scanning copy. This will avoid any problems with the submission process and guarantee a transparent file. Finally, keep your physical copy safe for future reference.


IGNOU assignments are an integral component of an IGNOU course as they evaluate student’s knowledge and understanding of a subject matter. Students need to score at least 40% to pass their term-end examination (TEE), which helps prepare them for writing IGNOU assignments successfully. Writing IGNOU assignments may prove challenging; to qualify, the best strategy would be to familiarize yourself with a course syllabus, reading materials, and marking scheme guidelines for assignments, as well as marking schemes/guidelines associated with them.

Students can utilize IGNOU answers found online for assistance with writing an IGNOU assignment. The key to successfully submitting IGNOU assignments is following the format set by the university and employing proper language; additionally, knowing word limits for questions and answers will prevent incomplete submissions.

Keep the front page of your IGNOU assignment clear to ensure evaluators can quickly evaluate it. Include information like student name, enrollment number, subject code, study center code, session, and contact details as part of this front page. Scanned copies should then be submitted directly via email or Google Documents to the regional center for processing.

Evaluation criteria for IGNOU assignments typically consist of two elements: relevance of information and quality of analysis. Be sure only to cite valid sources to avoid plagiarism, and carefully read your question paper booklet so you understand precisely what is expected from you.

Use white foolscap or A4 size sheets when writing IGNOU assignments; avoid thin paper, which can be easily discarded. Make use of a black pen for writing questions, while blue will serve for answers; handwritten answers are best, as IGNOU assessors prefer well-written work. Students should note that only their assigned study center can receive their assignments, not regional centers or registration for evaluation division.


Assignments in Ignou courses are an integral component of learning and aid students in deepening their understanding of the material covered. Furthermore, they test students’ skills and prepare them for term-end examinations – any neglect of this task could lead to poor marks and scores in examinations – hence, students must prepare appropriately for them.

As the first step of an IGNOU assignment preparation process, reading carefully through questions and reading answers carefully are crucial for successful outcomes. Once finished reading questions carefully and writing answers accordingly, use plagiarism detection software to check for copies and pasted material if copy/pasted material may lead to plagiarism and use this time for review/revision – this will allow you to identify grammatical errors while increasing clarity while writing an assignment drafted over several short breaks if needed.

Once your assignment is written, be sure to cite all sources according to their prescribed referencing style. Citing sources will help prevent plagiarism, which is an offense with severe repercussions, and stay organized by improving its overall quality.

IGNOU is an open-learning university dedicated to meeting the educational and career development needs of its diverse student body. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees across fields such as business, computer science, and law. Their mission is to expand education while also supporting economic development with research and innovation in education.

Submitting IGNOU assignments is an integral component of earning either a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, making the submission process an accessible experience online and via email or Google Documents. Hard copies may also be submitted directly at study centers – please keep in mind, however, that some regional centers may not send an acknowledgment email after submission is complete.


When you are ready to submit your assignment, be sure to follow its submission guidelines. There are two options for submission – online or at a study center – both offering convenience. When visiting in person at your study center during working hours and handing it over directly, ensure a receipt for submission! The evaluator will look for relevance and analysis in your assignment; make sure all information provided relates directly to its topic while still reflecting critical analysis of course materials.

Before submitting your assignment, please read and follow all of its instructions carefully and write them on a separate piece of paper. Be wary of using low-grade or thin paper that might cause your writing to fade over time and render your assignment less legible; standard A4 size paper works well – either lined or plain will do; just be sure to leave 4 cm margins on either side – this ensures consistency and aesthetics as well as prevent answers being hidden by binding processes.

Your assignment’s first page should contain your personal and assignment details: your name, enrollment number, program code, subject code, study center code, and date of submission. Also, be sure to enclose a scanned copy of its front page as part of its submission folder.

Scan and upload your assignments to the IGNOU Student Portal for submission. You can do this by visiting your regional portal and navigating to the Assignment Guidelines section, clicking the “Submit Assignment” link, uploading PDF files that do not exceed the 100MB size limit, avoiding blurry images, which could lead to losing marks, submitting only one assignment per session as this could prevent multiple submissions and may incur penalties.

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