LiftMaster 8500w Learn Button


The LiftMaster 8500w learn button garage door opener is a wall-mount garage door opener with homeowner-friendly features such as a backup battery power supply and smartphone control, freeing up ceiling space for storage while remaining quieter than traditional overhead openers.

MyQ has designed this device with a 1,500-lumen LED light that is easily managed through their app; however, it requires access to a power outlet nearby for operation.

LED Light

The LiftMaster 8500W offers many attractive features that buyers value highly, such as its side mount design that saves ceiling space for storage and is easily controlled via my app. In addition, this remote LED light features battery backup and an adjustable 1,500 lumen remote LED light that can be programmed to come on at certain times of day or week, along with built-in motion detection and deadbolt capabilities – it makes an excellent addition for any garage that requires extra lighting or remote opener control.

LiftMaster 8500W jackshaft opener includes an impressive feature – myQ Remote LED Light – to keep the garage illuminated when working on projects or watching children entering late at night. Accessible via the myQ app on smartphones and tablets, this light illuminates your garage when entering or leaving; its built-in motion sensor automatically turns it on when entering and off, making this an invaluable way to inspire and keep working safely during dark times! This handy light also comes equipped with built-in motion detection so it knows when entering or leaving; perfect if parents want peace of mind regarding entering or exiting their children from entering after dark!

Safety Sensors

This feature will stop your garage door from closing if its sensors detect that its light beam has become obscured or misaligned. Periodically check sensor lights to ensure they’re clear of obstruction and working correctly; this may involve loosening wing nuts to move and align sensors properly before tightening back up afterward – when functioning correctly, their glow should remain steady and stable.

This model has essential safety and security features, including auto-reverse sensors, timer-to-close function, and motion-activated lighting. Plus, its ultra-quiet technology helps reduce sound vibration through the ceiling – perfect for homes with living areas above or adjacent to their garage.

Installation Instructions (IMPORTANT)

To reduce the risk of SEVERE INJURY or DEATH: *The door WILL NOT CLOSE until the Protector System and cable tension monitor are correctly connected and aligned. *To ensure optimal use, this product should only be installed by trained professionals who understand its operation.

Residential Doors That Use Torsion Assemblies Only

Important Installation Notes:
*Ensure the safety reversing sensor wire is connected securely, with no sensors above 6″ (15 cm). Routine checks of sensors and their connections should also be performed regularly, especially if opener lights flash or the red emergency disconnect button is pulled – in such instances, the system needs to be reset immediately and may take time before becoming active again.


If your LiftMaster garage door opener features an intelligent control panel, it includes an intuitive feature for easy programming of remote controls and accessories. Consult the owner’s manual for more details about how this feature works; otherwise, program your car’s HomeLink system to operate the 8500w by following specific steps.

Start by finding and pressing the “learn” button on your garage door opener – usually a purple, yellow, or reddish-orange square button that looks like one – quickly and firmly. Press this button firmly within 30 seconds on your car console or visor, where HomeLink buttons may also exist.

Alternatively, for Security+ 2.0 systems, use the myQ control panel’s learn button rather than your door opener’s black or yellow buttons used for travel and force. Follow the prompts to set up your door; once this process has been completed successfully, its lights will flash briefly, or its LED light will turn off to indicate successful linking between it and your vehicle.