Plant Family Therapeutics Review


Plant Family Therapeutics takes great pride in leading their local Arkansas community and breaking down healthcare barriers nationwide. Patients are at the core of everything they do, and they provide premium medical marijuana products that exceed industry standards.

Clint Mickle, one of Mountain Home Dispensary’s co-owners and one of 32 dispensaries approved by the state for operation in Texas, spoke at Thursday’s Rotary Club meeting regarding this facility.

Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural therapy, or garden therapy, is a plant-based form of healing that utilizes gardening and plant life to foster emotional and mental well-being. Based on the concept of “biophilia,” which refers to people’s genetically wired connection to nature and plant life. Garden therapy techniques have proven helpful in alleviating depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem disorders while improving memory function.

Horticultural therapy engages patients in activities led by a trained therapist to enhance their health and well-being. This treatment is commonly provided at residential addiction rehab centers and therapeutic boarding schools but can also be conducted in the comfort of one’s home.

Horticultural therapy provides a structured way of including plant life into daily routines and can complement other traditional treatment approaches, like talk therapy and medication.

American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA). Certified horticultural therapists work with groups or individuals with physical or mental health needs to enhance their quality of life through setting goals and designing activities targeted to reach these objectives.

Studies demonstrate the many positive outcomes of horticultural therapy, including stress reduction and increased socialization. Researchers have employed various methodologies, including self-completed questionnaires and observational ratings; qualitative methods have also been used, such as focus group interviews or reflective journals.

Horticultural therapy has a long and distinguished history, but garden- and plant-based therapies first gained widespread interest during World War II with their implementation at military hospitals. After that point, gardens became more prevalent as rehabilitation methods in assisted living communities and clinics or private practices for treating injuries or illnesses.

Though anyone can practice horticultural therapy by spending more time outdoors and appreciating nature more fully, professional horticultural therapists have extensive training and credentials that ensure safety and effectiveness – such as being accredited by the American Horticultural Therapy Association to meet its professional standards of quality certificate programs.

Mental Health

Many individuals struggling with mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are encouraged to spend more time outdoors in nature, which has significantly alleviates symptoms. Horticultural therapy helps individuals build self-confidence, social connections, and compassion through gardening programs like Horticulture Therapy for Plant Engagement Programs; studies have also demonstrated that those who regularly tend plants are also more empathetic, less likely to suffer depression and anxiety, and less likely to seek medication treatment for it. This holistic approach to healing may be used alongside traditional talk therapy and medication treatments.

Hillside Clinical Education & Referral Relations Manager – Gaan is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner with years of counseling, education, and administration experience. She enjoys sharing holistic approaches to wellness with her clients.

Stress Reduction

Stressful circumstances can put the human body under immense strain, especially over extended periods. Chronic stress can cause mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression and physical conditions like heart disease or high blood pressure. There are various strategies available for dealing with chronic stress, including meditation, exercise, and healthy diet plans, as well as finding other sources of comfort such as hobbies or pets; additionally, it’s wise to avoid substances that contribute further to this strain, like alcohol and caffeine as these could increase anxiety.

Biofeedback therapy offers a practical, natural, and safe method of relieving stress. Through biofeedback, individuals can monitor the functions within their bodies, such as heart rate and muscle tension, and learn how to control them – improving overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Plant Family Therapeutics in Mountain Home, Arkansas, is a medical marijuana company committed to being pioneers in their state and breaking down healthcare barriers nationwide. Their patients come first, and they offer premium cannabis products that exceed industry standards.

The dispensary offers an expansive selection of popular strains and unique products, as well as friendly staff members to assist in finding the ideal medical cannabis product to meet your individual needs. Open to serve any Arkansas MMJ Patient diagnosed by a Certified MMJ Doctor with qualifying conditions; in-store shopping/pickup as well as online ordering make shopping with them hassle-free and ensure the highest quality product production.

Physical Health

Integrating plants into your physical health regimen is an excellent way to promote overall wellness. Horticultural therapy offers several advantages that may improve mood, self-confidence, compassion, and social bonds while encouraging enough exercise – something crucial for the body’s wellness, as studies show lack of activity can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression, among many other problems. By engaging with plants and gardening activities more regularly, you may encourage yourself to get more physical activity, thus improving overall wellness.

Plant Family Therapeutics’ in-store shopping and pick-up for medical marijuana products provide patients with greater security and consistency in product selection. Furthermore, as they cultivate their cannabis, they can offer patients higher quality and safer products.

Plant Family Therapeutics in Mountain Home offers medical marijuana access and sales. Accepting Arkansas patients who possess a valid medical card from a certified MMJ physician, their dispensary also features edibles, vaporizers, and concentrates for sale.

Clint Mickle, co-owner of Plant Family Therapeutics dispensary and speaker to Mountain Home Rotary Club Thursday afternoon about its operations and medicinal properties of cannabis, gave an engaging presentation and answered many of the Rotary Club members’ inquiries regarding procedures and history of cannabis use. Additionally, he discussed state licensing processes; one top-scoring applicant from Zone 2, Plant Family Therapeutics, should open within Mountain Home soon enough.