Learning the Hardway Manga Review


Learning the Hardway has long been anticipated by adult manga/manhwa fans, and they are eagerly looking forward to reading its sequel, although many others may want similar work as well.

Jinhoo is an academic genius studying at university who tutors to pay his bills – but unfortunately, his new tutee ends up being his former bully who wants nothing but power over Jinhoo.

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After being bullied at school, Jinhoo attempts to put her past behind her by becoming a tutor. Yejin, who failed her college entrance exam but only seemed interested in having fun, becomes her tutee; but when Jinhoo refuses to accept that Yejin needs tutoring help at first, she comes around eventually – will Jinhoo help Yejin learn her lesson?

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Bullied mercilessly by high school girls, Jinhoo has done his best to put his past behind him and move forward with life as an unassuming tutor – but one day, he discovers that Yejin, one of his former bullies, is his new tutee!

Yejin remains adamant about not needing a tutor despite failing her college entrance exam twice, but as she torments Jinhoo with harsh lessons on various subjects, he realizes some lessons are best learned through experience rather than textbook learning alone.

The story was good; it’s not my favorite, but I could see why it appeals to some readers. The art was also pretty appealing – particularly its depiction of sexually charged scenes and dialogue – though perhaps too cute that some writers decided to abandon plot threads entirely and focus solely on sexual themes; it is a manga!

I don’t know; maybe it was just me, but this manga was uninspiring and unappealing. The art had great promise but ultimately became disappointing and boring to read. Unfortunately, it may never return to my reading list since there are more appealing manhwa that has captured my interest.


Beginners to manga reading should start with slice-of-life and romance stories as these settings often utilize basic grammar structures and beginner vocabulary that you can practice. At first, you may find it challenging, but as time progresses, your learning rate will accelerate exponentially; remembering characters becomes much more straightforward, too, thus reinforcing why consistent effort should be put into beginning; the more effort put in equals more rewards! It has a fantastic snowball effect!