DJ Facade Lighting For a Professional Appearance


A DJ facade effectively hides all the equipment surrounding your DJ table, making your setup appear more professional and organized. Discover the best info about outdoor facade lighting.

DJs generally opt for a facade made of Lycra that can be washed easily and is fireproof; you can also angle its walls for optimal standing.

Rockville RFAAW DJ Facade

A DJ facade is a front board designed to protect and decorate your DJ booth and setup. Typically comprised of a metal frame with a transparent scrim that allows lighting through, DJs can use this front board in crowded venues to elevate their appearance and sound while making a great first impression on the crowd. These are perfect for people who wish to avoid carrying around large wash or PAR setups but still wish to make an impressionful statement with exceptional effects.

The Rockville RFAAW DJ Facade is an excellent light-duty facade option. Crafted of lightweight aluminum frames that are both strong and lightweight, its fireproof scrim is easy to keep clean while its dismantle feature makes transport or storage simpler; furthermore, it comes equipped with pre-mounted Velcro strips, making assembling it even more straightforward!

This product provides DJs with a portable DJ facade and table to help conceal their equipment. Its foldable design makes setup quick and easy and fits most standard DJ booths. Plus, its built-in table holds your mixer and other hardware – customizing with different colors or designs is simple; some companies even provide customized facades at an additional charge! This is an excellent product for DJs looking to find high-quality veneers at fair prices.

DJ Booth Foldable Cover Screen

This Pyle Pro DJ Booth Facade Front-Board Display Scrim offers a clean look to any DJ presentation setup and helps conceal equipment while adding unique lighting visual effects. Constructed of thick Lycra spandex material that stretches and is machine washable for professional results. The quick and effortless setup makes this screen an easy solution to provide cable management, concealment, and cable management features in one convenient screen package that comes complete with its carrying bag! Lightweight yet portable storage makes this screen convenient!

Odyssey FZF3336BL DJ Facade

This DJ facade booth is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Featuring seven panels that can be illuminated with different lighting effects or left blank depending on the occasion, this lightweight, portable system comes complete with its bag so that after every show has concluded, you can pack everything away neatly.

This sturdy aluminum construction features powder-coated black hardware for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, ideal for concealing equipment from public view while increasing stage presence and crowd control at events. Perfect for various uses, including DJs looking to leave an indelible mark on their audience!

Another popular lighting choice for DJ facades is a wash light, which uses red, green, blue, and white LEDs to produce various hues and effects. Some can even be programmed to change colors and music tempo – perfect for venues with limited space!

Foldable DJ facades make transport easy. A foldable front will reduce setup and breakdown times after performances while saving money by eliminating costly additional equipment such as strobes and lasers.

DJ Booth DJ Facade

Being noticed and captivating their audiences is essential for DJs, and one way they can do this is with a DJ booth facade that obscures their setup from view – helping hide cables and shield equipment while maintaining a professional-looking stage.

CedarsLink’s portable DJ event facade is ideal for DJs looking to enhance the elegance and cleanliness of their setup at special events. Featuring heavy-duty frames with scrims housed within, as well as foldable sections made of scratch-resistant black aluminum frames with hinge edges for increased durability, this portable facade boasts white and black layer fire retardant-treated scrims that can be combined to form various color combinations.

The DJ booth facade is sturdy enough to support speakers and turntables, while adjustable angling provides optimal coverage. Furthermore, you can mount monitors or TVs in front for an immersive experience; an LED screen displays captivating visuals synchronized with music for an unforgettable audio-visual performance experience that elevates performances.

This DJ booth facade is easy to assemble, lightweight, and durable, making it easy to transport from location to location. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events alike!

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