Dignity Health Jobs


Dignity Health offers its employees many benefits, including multiple health insurance plans, flexible working hours, and retirement plans. Furthermore, paid time off and a casual workplace environment are provided.

This organization takes an innovative approach to community benefit. Its website displays all its community benefit expenditures as trend charts.

Job description

Dignity Health jobs offer opportunities for doctors, nurses, and other professionals. Their services span emergency medical care to cancer care, to provide quality healthcare regardless of financial circumstances. Furthermore, there are flexible work options such as part-time, alternative schedules, and remote roles available to work from. All their core values of collaboration, justice stewardship and resource excellence for every patient are central tenets at Dignity Health Jobs.

Patient Navigators serve to facilitate healthcare for their patients, working alongside members of the healthcare team to deliver it effectively. They must possess knowledge of clinical systems and other patient support services to meet patients’ needs efficiently while collaborating effectively across groups and communicating efficiently.

Dignity Health Medical Foundation was established in California as a non-profit public benefit corporation in 1993 and offers care centers throughout California. An affiliate of Dignity Health – one of the country’s premier healthcare systems with hospitals and care centers throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada – its employees share its core values of compassion, justice, stewardship of resources, excellence, dignity for all people; competitive salary and benefits package available including premium-free insurance options matched 403b pension plan employer-sponsored relocation allowance and malpractice coverage are just some of them!


Dignity Health jobs may offer competitive salaries and benefits packages that vary based on the position and location. Employees of this employer also enjoy medical and dental coverage, 401(k) plans with employer matches, vacation and sick leave, and equal opportunity employment practices that do not discriminate on any basis, such as race, religion, sex orientation, or age.

Dignity Health offers competitive salaries and an attractive benefits package, including premium-free medical/dental/vision coverage, a matching 403(b) retirement and pension plan, CME benefits, and malpractice insurance for full-time physicians; full-time physicians also receive life/accidental death and dismemberment coverage and flexible scheduling, relocation allowance and tuition reimbursement benefits.

Dignity Health encourages its employees to collaborate and share knowledge within their team. Their organization stands on values such as collaboration, justice, stewardship of resources, and excellence for all people – allowing staff members to provide high-quality care to patients.

Dignity Health is a nonprofit healthcare system dedicated to serving its patients. Established in 1986 and based in San Francisco, California, Dignity offers over 400 hospitals and clinics with primary care practices and urgent care centers, all designed around patient-centric care dedicated to aiding poor and underserved communities.

Dignity Health’s average yearly salary is roughly $29 an hour. They currently offer medical and nursing positions that pay well; visit their Careers page on their website to learn more.

Dignity Health employees typically enjoy higher than average salaries than the national average, with top-paying radiologists and cardiologists receiving annual salaries that start from $475,000. Most of these jobs can be found in New York City, where wages are the highest in the US; among its competitors include Sutter Health, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, and New York Presbyterian, who all offer similar perks and benefits but with reduced salaries.


Dignity Health is one of the largest healthcare communities in the US. It offers its employees many attractive benefits, from flexible work options and paid vacation to tax-free 401b plans with Fidelity Investments mutual fund options; employees become fully vested after five years. Furthermore, health and dental coverage are provided individually and to their family members.

Its focus on giving back to the community is evident as it operates hospitals and clinics throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Being a not-for-profit organization guided by values like compassion, respect for human dignity, integrity, and providing exceptional healthcare at fair prices makes this not-for-profit operation stand out.

Employment at Dignity Health includes flexible scheduling, competitive wages, medical, vision, and dental coverage, and tuition reimbursement through its 401k plan with employer match. Employees also enjoy paid holidays/vacations/health wellness programs/access to an employee resource center.

Dignity Health jobs offer employees an exciting opportunity to participate in numerous community events throughout the year, from providing free flu shots and food drives to sponsoring multiple youth sports programs.

Dignity Health, as a non-profit organization, takes its commitment to its employees and the community seriously, so it provides ample paid time off. Hence, employees have time off when needed to relax and refresh themselves. Dignity Health’s dedication to giving back has significantly contributed to its success and continues to do so as part of its mission.

Dignity Health offers excellent guidance regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). They assist their employees with applying for this program, which requires a certified signature from an official. Often, a manager or human resources representative can sign forms on behalf of employees for loan forgiveness programs such as this one.

Work environment

Dignity Health offers employees a diverse work environment, featuring full-time, part-time, alternative schedule jobs and internship and volunteer opportunities. Their workforce is driven by collaboration, justice, resource stewardship, and excellence for all people.

The work environment can be both demanding and fast-paced, with patients often being seen quickly, making it challenging to provide them with optimal care. Furthermore, company leadership can make making any adjustments difficult.

Pay is fair but doesn’t meet industry standards, but employees remain passionate about their work. Additionally, benefits available include medical, dental, and vision coverage and 401(k) plans with employer matches, paid vacation and holidays, tuition reimbursement, etc.