Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care

Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care can assist with everyday illnesses or minor injuries, from earaches and bronchitis to colds, sinus infections, strep throat, and stomach aches. They offer treatment for certain damages, including sprains and strains, while accepting various insurance types – worker’s compensation and auto.


Dignity Health urgent care centers offer immediate medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions. Their services include minor injury care, illness diagnosis, and vaccinations. Plus, they’re open on weekends and holidays – an ideal solution if you require medical help outside regular business hours.

Urgent care clinics are an efficient alternative to emergency rooms, offering affordable pricing and accepting most major insurance plans – including Medicare. Patients should check with their provider about coverage and costs before visiting an urgent care clinic.

Brown & Toland Physicians’ 335,000 patients will benefit from this partnership by receiving convenient and customer-driven care for everyday illnesses and injuries – helping them avoid costly visits to an emergency room for minor health concerns.

The new urgent care center lies at 2288 Market Street in San Francisco’s Castro district. Our team will consist of doctors and advanced practice providers from our local community committed to offering personalized care. In addition, this center will feature X-ray services, accept most insurance plans, and be staffed with experienced nurses.

Dignity Health, as one of the nation’s fifth-largest health systems, aspires to deliver compassionate healthcare that is also affordable. Operating hospitals, healthcare centers, and other facilities nationwide – they’re a not-for-profit focused on improving lives through bettering people’s lives!

Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care offers urgent care services for various injuries and illnesses, from fractures and sprains to coughing and wheezing. Their laboratory testing capabilities also aid in the diagnosis of numerous conditions.

These doctors accept most significant PPOs, Medicare, and self-pay patients, offering immunizations and annual physicals and providing same-day appointments for most insurance plans.

However, this company has come under scrutiny for refusing to retest a six-year-old’s flu test, costing them an outing to the beach and money. They claimed it was protocol not to do so, even though this could have saved both trips and money.


Dignity Health Urgent Care offers non-life threatening illness or injury sufferers an affordable option when seeking non-urgent medical attention. Their medical professionals can set bones, conduct X-rays and lab tests, administer flu shots/vaccines/medications/stitche up cuts, etc. You may also be referred to NYU Langone specialists or follow-up care if required – all for just a $99 self-pay rate, which is significantly lower than emergency room visit costs!

Dignity Health operates hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. They serve patients of all ages and backgrounds with compassionate and skilled care at affordable rates – they believe everyone deserves quality healthcare regardless of financial constraints.

Northwell Health-Go Urgent Care accepts most major health insurance providers and strives to offer cost transparency for patients without coverage. They will give an estimated price before any non-emergency care is administered and even offer virtual visits if desired.

Mira offers you the chance to save up to 80% on urgent care and prescription drugs when you enroll, providing unlimited $25 virtual urgent care visits and $99 in-person visits for only $45/month! Furthermore, save on lab testing and various treatments and services with this cost-cutting plan – sign up today and take advantage of its free trial period!


Dignity Health Urgent Care offers experienced physicians the ability to diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries quickly and afford patients educational materials and helpful resources to promote preventative healthcare. With locations across the US, they aim to deliver fast and friendly care when patients need it most.

Dignity Health Medical Groups offer personalized and comprehensive family practice care for patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric care. Their family practice physicians diagnose and treat common health conditions like colds, flu, allergies, and chronic illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.

Dignity Health Medical Foundation maternity care specialists, are committed to cultivating long-term relationships with expectant mothers and their families, assuring a safe and positive birth experience for both mother and baby. Our obstetricians are certified in multiple delivery techniques such as natural childbirth, vaginal breech birthing, and cesarean sections – offering their expertise as they care for expectant mothers through every stage of gestation.

Mercy San Juan Medical Center recently acquired the OB/GYN and internal medicine practices of Mercy San Juan Medical Center, expanding our physician team with new providers from diverse backgrounds and specializing in various specialties. Together, this allows us to better provide community members with comprehensive OB/GYN/IM services and specialty care, all under one convenient roof.

Dignity Health Medical Foundation – Oxnard has primary care physicians dedicated to working closely with their patients toward reaching their health and wellness goals. Our team of healthcare professionals collaborates closely with every individual to create a customized plan tailored specifically for them and their unique health requirements.

Whether it’s for school, work, or peace of mind, our urgent care centers offer convenient service with no appointment necessary and offer sports physicals as well as vaccinations, flu shots, and preventative screenings for your convenience.

Dignity Health Emergency Rooms offer unparalleled expertise in emergency medicine services in their region. Their training, knowledge, and compassion ensure every patient receives top-tier care.


Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care offers medical treatment for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that don’t need urgent medical attention, using a patient-centric approach. Their team takes time to get to know each individual so they can create a holistic, customized plan of care tailored specifically for them – this ensures you receive appropriate treatment without needing emergency room visits!

Dignity Health understands the importance of respect and dignity at the core of any patient-centric care model. It is a cornerstone to providing high-quality healthcare that supports patients and their families throughout their journeys. We foster an atmosphere that recognizes and respects people’s knowledge, perspectives, choices, and travel. Furthermore, Dignity Health collaborates closely with patients and families on quality improvement initiatives, safety programs, professional education efforts for healthcare workers, facility design research studies, and appropriate resource allocation decisions.

Dignity is a complex concept encompassing cultural influences, communication, and empathy. It’s essential to consider these influences when discussing healthcare interactions because they can affect the perception of healthcare interactions and the understanding and processing of healthcare information.

Healthcare practitioners must understand that cultural identity and values are integral components of an individual’s identity and values, achieved through cultural competence. Cultural competence plays a central role in caring for all individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures; cultural competence includes developing an in-depth knowledge of a patient’s experience and beliefs, cultivating practical communication skills, and appreciating diversity as part of life itself.

As demand for urgent care increases throughout the United States, Dignity Health is committed to meeting it safely and reliably. Leveraging data analytics and advanced technologies to enhance patient outcomes – for instance, through its pilot of a sepsis bio-surveillance program which has significantly decreased mortality rates at 16 Dignity Health facilities; they’ve also partnered with SAS Analytics (an industry-leading analytics provider) so their physicians can deliver high-quality care efficiently while lowering costs, increasing satisfaction, and bettering health outcomes – this innovative approach helps reduce healthcare costs as well as improve patient satisfaction levels as well as health outcomes.

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