The Ashli Babbitt Shirt Is a Perfect Way to Honor Ashli Babbitt


American retailers Sears and Kmart have pulled a T-shirt after receiving significant backlash on social media. The shirt featured Ashli Babbitt, who was shot dead during Capitol riots this January and believed in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Since her shooting by a Capitol Police officer while trying to gain entry to the Speaker’s Lobby through a broken window, Babbitt has become a symbol for right-wing groups.


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Sears and Kmart have issued public apologies for selling T-shirts referring to Ashli Babbitt as an “American Patriot,” following tweets by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar on Twitter that linked to product pages at both retailers’ websites. After widespread social media outrage over these sales of the shirt(s), both stores owned by Transformco removed them immediately. It remains unknown who was behind their sale, but both stores hold each other.

The Who Shot Ashli Babbitt T-Shirt serves as a reminder that we must demand transparency and accountability from our leaders and law enforcement officials, particularly if we hope to inspire future activists and advocates for justice. Furthermore, this shirt honors Ashli Babbitt, who was killed during Capitol police operations during a riot.

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Clothing can be an effective means of self-expression. T-shirts provide the ideal platform to express support for political causes or commemorate an event; T-shirts offer an easy and visual way of doing just that. Recently, Ashli Babbitt’s murder has created a dialogue surrounding freedom of speech and expression in America; some are using this tragedy as a call for justice, while others want law enforcement officials removed from office.

This unisex shirt is an ideal way for men and women to show their admiration for an Air Force veteran who was killed during the Capitol riots on January 6. Featuring bold designs with a soft fabric feel, its heavy cotton construction provides a premium printing surface while no itchy side seams exist, and shoulders have been taped for added durability. Furthermore, its eco-friendly construction also makes this garment an eco-friendly choice.

The “Who Shot Ashli?” The T-shirt features an image of Ashli, an Air Force veteran and QAnon conspiracy theorist killed during Washington, DC riots by Capitol Police officers. This shirt honors her memory while raising awareness about its circumstances – with long and short-sleeved versions made from high-quality cotton fabric available.

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No matter if it is worn at public demonstrations or quiet moments of contemplation, the Ashli Babbitt Shirt provides an effective way to honor her memory while simultaneously serving as a powerful reminder of human life and accountability issues. Its striking design prompts conversations and reflections that will inspire future activists and advocates.

This t-shirt is a tribute to a San Diego woman killed during the Capitol riots of January 6, 2021, featuring her name and an image of her face. Available in multiple sizes and colors to fit your style. Furthermore, it serves as a call to action, demanding transparency and accountability from our leaders and law enforcement agencies.

Though she was unarmed when shot, her death has become a focal point in the ongoing gun control discussion. Many have expressed outrage at her killing, while others call for an impartial investigation of this incident. The police officer who fired his bullets justified his actions by saying he did not know if she was armed and thus acted out of self-defense.

Since Babbitt’s death, her image is often featured at pro-Trump rallies where it serves as a martyr figure and on T-shirts and flags with her picture printed upon them. Furthermore, it has been utilized as part of QAnon propaganda, which espouses that President Trump is fighting deep state enemies as well as Satan worshipers operating child sex trafficking rings that oppose his agenda.

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The Who Shot Ashli Babbitt T-Shirt is an effective way to honor Ashli Babbitt’s memory as an American patriot who was shot and killed while protesting at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. It serves as an invitation for our public to demand transparency and accountability from the government, sparking conversations and inspiring future activists.

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