Sorority Big Little Shirts


Big Little Week is a sorority tradition that creates lasting memories. This event allows Bigs and Littles to bond, build lasting relationships, and form lifelong friendships.

Matching shirts is an easy and adorable way to show your chapter pride during big/little reveal days! Plus, matching shirts provide the perfect opportunity for cute pictures!

1. Sorority Flags

Your big little will love this Pi Phi flag to show her Greek pride! Available for purchase on Greek Gear in all the official colors of her sorority as well as many close matches, add this as part of a basket or hang it in her dorm room or sorority house to surprise her and surprise yourself as you celebrate this momentous milestone.

New member week can be an exciting and memorable time for both sorority littles and their Bigs. Bigs often create gift baskets for their sorority littles to give during the two weeks leading up to Big Little Reveal Night; to help prepare, this blog post offers 101 gift ideas that you could include in these baskets.

2. Lettered Clothing

Embroidered clothing makes a thoughtful and personalized present for big littles of any kind! Choose from various embroidery styles and quotes to personalize a shirt just for them, perfect for reveal parties and family day photos! Explore our gallery or let us know precisely what you want your shirt to say; our designers can then create one specifically for you! Our short, baseball, and extended sleeve options feature slim or relaxed fits with light to heavy fabric weight options available in short, baseball long sleeve styles with narrow or loose fits while processing typically takes 2-4 business days before it ships out XS-5XL sizes can also be ordered depending on the design.

3. A Basket of Snacks

An edible gift basket is always a practical Big/Little present, especially as your Little adjusts to dorm life and life away from home. Snacks allow her to get to know you while at the same time providing candy and snacks she’ll probably love! Plus it gives them an easy opportunity to connect with you both while becoming acquainted with each other and your lifestyle!

Make it memorable this year with an original gift basket. Perhaps something like a hand-decorated mason jar filled with her favorite candies or adorable painted sorority Greek letters will do. Or if your chapter has an official reveal theme this year, a themed basket can help celebrate that relationship and its joyous anniversary!

As well as snacks, other great Big/Little gift ideas include personalized shirts for both of you (or matching tees from the sorority store). Also consider DIY crafts, spa-themed baskets filled with body lotion, face masks, cozy robes/blankets/fuzzy socks in sorority colors, or matching bubba kegs that she can use to brew her own “beer.”) as well as adding eco-friendly sorority items like reusable water bottles/biodegradable confetti or DIY pinatas!

4. Letters to Her

Writing to your little one is never a dull task! Be it an affectionate letter or making her a list of essential facts about you, you need some cute stationery to add the finishing touch. Try these heart-shaped notecards or these love-inspired cards – sure to add just the right touch.

Create customized designs featuring your big and little house letters to make these extra-special. Or get even more creative: ask each member of your new family if they would be willing to donate some t-shirts with their letters on them that can then fill up your little’s closet full of adorable apparel she can wear when out and about together!

One way you can show your little one how much you care is by giving her matching socks, a widespread practice among chapters during big, tiny reveals. Or you could wrap her in a large sheet and allow her to find you by turning around or peering through the hole – both you and her will have great fun seeing each other! For an alternative look, you could even get her one of those trendy cow print t-shirts that have become so trendy these days!

5. A Personal Frame

There are various ways you can show your little one how much you care. From gifts such as personalized frames with her name and yours on them to paint nights where both of you make matching art together or create a scavenger hunt with clues about your favorite things about her, even hosting surprise parties is a great way to express how much love there is between bigs and littles!

These are just some ways you can celebrate your big little reveal day with style and ease. If you have other creative ideas for making it memorable and exciting, let us know! We are more than happy to assist in any way possible – allow 2-4 business days for processing time, as these shirts are custom-made just for you. Check out our full selection of sorority shirts here!

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