Using a Dresser As a TV Stand

Repurposing a dresser as a television stand can be an ideal way to display all your decorations – family photos, inspirational quotes, and houseplants can all make great additions.

Custom-made wood dressers can fit seamlessly into the decor of your living room and serve both as stylish design elements and practical TV stands. Additionally, it can provide ample storage.


Not just for design enthusiasts but anyone wanting to keep things organized, finding a suitable TV stand can make a significant, impactful change to any living room. Quality models feature ample storage for electronics and accessories while still fitting seamlessly into the decor of your home. Small spaces are no problem as there is an assortment of styles and finishes available.

Alternatively, consider placing it behind a dresser to give the TV some breathing room in its surroundings and avoid becoming the focal point. Just be mindful that most dressers were never designed for holding TVs – this could cause damage over time!

Dressers may not be ideal places for placing a television set as their height may make viewing uncomfortable. A flat-screen TV bed, specifically designed to hold televisions up to 60 inches tall, maybe better.

When using an old dresser as a TV stand, make sure to secure it to wall studs to prevent your TV from falling on anyone. This is particularly important if your toddlers like climbing furniture.


There are various styles of dressers suitable for use as TV stands. While some are more decorative than functional, you should select one that matches the rest of your home and is strong enough to hold up your TV set without wobbling over time. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if it had plenty of storage space for all of your electronics.

One popular TV stand option is an old chest of drawers; however, this should not be done as it may not support the weight of your television and may prevent proper ventilation for its ventilation requirements, leading to overheating issues for your screen.

Consider using a tall sideboard as a TV stand if your living room is small; this multipurpose piece can serve double duty while adding style to the room and offering storage space for media items.

As an alternative, modern credenzas from Pottery Barn make perfect TV stands. Their elegant display and storage unit complete the ideal statement piece in large or small living rooms alike. Or choose a console from McGee & Co. with its earthy aesthetic – perfect for larger living areas!


People often consider both functionality and style when selecting a dresser to act as their TV stand. A dresser with ample surface area, for instance, may be ideal for showcasing larger screens while offering plenty of storage for DVDs and other entertainment devices. Legs or casters added to the dresser can provide stability as well as make cleaning underneath and moving it around easier.

Once your dresser has been cleaned and painted or refinished, the next step should be installing the necessary hardware and equipment to ensure it will support a TV securely. To do this, first, remove any drawers or additional internal components that might obstruct where you plan to position the TV; next, measure and mark where this area will reside on its top surface to make sure that it can hold it safely.

Consider drilling cable management holes into the back of your dresser to keep cords and cables neatly organized and out of sight. If this task seems too much like extra work for you, invest in drawers with built-in cords and wire organizers instead.


Dressers make great TV stands. Not only are they an affordable option, but you can often find one on Craigslist or thrift stores; some newer dressers even include built-in entertainment centers that make this type of furniture even cheaper than traditional TV stands. Just be sure to purchase sturdy ones that can support the weight of your television set; it must be bolted securely to wall studs if toddlers or small children are living in your house, as this will make life much simpler for all involved!

Make an antique dresser into a TV stand to bring some vintage charm and create more visual interest in your living space. Even better, paint it a bold color to complement the rest of your decor!

Modern sideboards can add both aesthetic appeal and storage solutions to a room, depending on its needs. You could opt for something constructed out of wood to match other pieces in your room or opt for one with an angular or curvier shape.

If you’re in the market for something pricier, Serena & Lily’s carved rattan credenza is an elegant choice that celebrates curves – one of today’s hottest trends in interior design! It will make an ideal statement piece in an earthy living room and will blend in well with any custom wood wall paneling in your room.

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