How to Elevate Your Custom Flower Arrangements


While gathering flowers together is beautiful, to elevate your floral arrangements, add in other elements. Perhaps try using sleek lines of bud vases or creating a mixture of fresh blooms and dried pieces in one bouquet.

Rustic arrangements often incorporate natural elements like bark or sticks; @theredtwig’s rural performance features kale, cabbage roses, and alstroemeria for an authentic country charm.

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Color can powerfully influence our mood and style, especially when planning events with flowers. Your guests will feed off of the energy your floral arrangements give off from the moment they enter the space, so your florist must understand your desired style and mood preferences as early as possible in the planning process so they can design arrangements that reflect that.

Feminine arrangements feature flowers in bright or pastel tones like pink, purple, and white to create delicate yet sophisticated accounts that exude femininity and can make an excellent present for the women in your life. It is ideal for weddings or birthday parties alike.

Market arrangements are smaller, farmer’s market-inspired bouquets. Ideal for flower girls to carry down the aisle or as thank-you gifts, these delicate creations often include hydrangeas, daisies, bellflowers, snapdragons, and tulips in their mix of delicate flowers and greenery.

An elegant arrangement is simple with the right mix of flowers and colors. Start by selecting one large statement-making flower (such as these lilies or lisianthus), then arrange smaller blooms, such as sweet peas and gillyflowers, in bunches of two or three around it. Add greenery as the final touch.


Your choice of floral arrangement shape can dramatically transform its overall appearance and feel, and various forms are available when customizing one to your specifications.

One of the classic flower arrangements is a round arrangement featuring various blooms arranged tightly into a circle. This timeless look makes a statement.

Triangular arrangements are another popular choice, typically created using various flowers that come together in an attractive triangular formation. Ideal for weddings and other formal events that call for sophisticated elegance, triangular arrangements make a statement at weddings as they often incorporate baby’s breath or tiny daisies for added sweetness. Posy bouquets make great thank-you presents; hand-tied bouquets can even create great keepsakes to give as gifts!

Long and low arrangements are another flower arrangement typically displayed in a vase. They’re used to create an eye-catching visual story across a tablescape or product display and make an excellent focal point that draws people in to view what you have to show them.


If you want to wow someone special with floral arrangements, a large flower bouquet could be just needed. These arrangements are explicitly created to be the focal point of a table or entryway and feature beautiful roses, lilies, daisies, sunflowers, and more! They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Former Wall Street executive Yena Jung applies her precise skills in designing modern and graphic floral arrangements with meticulous care. From selecting vases that mimic high-end department stores to offering complete event planning and floral design services – centerpieces and bouquets start from $225!

Liza Lubell is an example of an exceptional florist with great attention to detail. Her botanically rich designs feature unique containers to make each display pop; she sources local garden flowers and plants as part of her designs and offers rustic chic arrangements at any budget level.

Make a romantic statement with this Eternal Grande fresh floral arrangement featuring roses, calla lilies, and cymbidium orchids in three sizes of assortment vases that come together beautifully for delivery to make this unforgettable gesture! Perfect as Valentine’s Day gifts or any unique event gifts. Guaranteed to please and bring smiles of joy.


Your selection of flowers and the size and complexity of your arrangement will determine how much your bouquet costs. Certain flowers (such as peonies, gardenias, and hydrangeas) tend to be more costly than others; some flowers only become available during certain times of the year, increasing prices.

Other factors affecting flower prices include shipping and labor expenses when getting them to your florist. To maintain an affordable floral budget, try selecting in-season and locally grown options rather than exotic or out-of-season ones that need to be shipped in.

Reusing flowers from your ceremony at your reception can save money; consult with your florist on how best to do this.

Remember to account for any applicable taxes when setting your budget. Sales tax laws vary by location and may add an extra percentage or fee to your total bill. Some florists also add service/setup fees, rental charges for vases, and other floral hardware rental fees as additional charges – you must stay within your budget by keeping track of them all!