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Gopi outfits were first worn over five millennia ago in Vrindavan, India, by followers of Krsna known as Gopies (friends). This beautiful garment resembles the saree but can be more easily donned than its counterpart.

These dresses come complete with a dupatta and the choli piece (long length of matching cloth to form the choli) in many colors and patterns.

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Gopi outfits or gopi skirts are exquisite traditional Indian dresses that women can wear. Similar to a saree but much easier to put on and with many colors available to you, gopi outfits/gopi skirts come with the dupatta (dupatta) as well as a length of cloth that allows you to fashion your choli (choli). Made in Vrindavan, India, with high-quality jute/cotton material, it is a large-size skirt featuring a zipper closure and drawstring waist.


Gopi skirts (also referred to as lehenga) are an elegant combination of Saree and Choli that make an effortless statement about feminine charm and simplicity. Ideal for temple visits or just being more respectful when out and about, Gopi skirts come in various fabrics and colors representing status, age, occupation, region, or religion – perfect for all women of every status level and religion!

The Gopi skirt is constructed of sustainable natural fiber jute that grows without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, providing a breathable yet soft fabric with great stretches and drapes.

Some gopi skirts feature an accompanying dupatta – a long shawl worn around the head that can also serve as a scarf. Others provide matching cloth that can be made into a choli T-shirt style top that can be washed separately from its skirt counterpart; furthermore, some come equipped with drawstring waists so sizes can be easily adjusted according to individual comfort.


Gopi skirts come in an extensive array of sizes to accommodate every woman. Crafted with premium fabrics that create a soft and delightful drape, Gopi skirts elevate grace and elegance while being practical for daily life. Choose between silk for extra elegance or cotton for casual ease when choosing your Gopi skirt material – these beautiful materials enhance grace and elegance for maximum pleasure!

Some Gopi skirts include an optional dupatta, which is traditionally worn to cover one’s head in temples and other locations where this practice is customary for women. Others come equipped with fabric that can be used to craft an accompanying choli.

These lovely Gopi skirts come in sizes that correspond with each girl’s waist measurement (please order accordingly). With drawstring waist closure and side opening for ease of stepping into, these gopi skirts feature drawstring waist tie-up.


Gopi skirt with gold and dark purple block print fabric and green and yellow paisley embroidery border design, custom-sized according to your girl’s waist measurement (we make it larger so it fits comfortably when put on and twirled). It also included a sheer, bright yellow block-printed chunni cloth that features beaded ends.

Some options for covering the head include a dupatta, also known as a scarf or shawl, which can be used at places such as temples. Furthermore, long lengths of choli cloth allow you to create matching cholis for yourself with fabric selections, color mixes, patterns, and cuts that provide endless design variations.