Fruits Fancy Dress Costume Ideas


Fruit fancy dress costumes make an adorable choice for school or class parties. Keep it sweet and simple by donning a pineapple, watermelon, or orange costume!

Give Joker and your best friend their own costume sets, or opt for something less scary like Green Lantern for your group. This plush berry costume comes with the hat but does not include face paint or stockings.


Strawberry flavors are an integral part of Halloween and theme parties, and this cute strawberry costume makes a fun statement at any event! Crafted from foam-backed fabric for comfort and featuring a red tunic decorated with strawberry seeds and green “leaves”, it fastens under your chin using hook and loop fastener closure for secure fastening.

DIY this adorable costume at home with some patience and the right supplies! First, measure the height from shoulder to where you want the costume to fall and add two or three inches for seam allowance and bottom hem allowance. Next, please measure the circumference around your dog’s head or neck (whichever is larger), multiply by 2, then add an inch as an opening at its head opening of costume.

To create the seeds, cut nine-inch long pieces of paper and glue them on in groups resembling natural strawberry seeds. You could also paint green leaves onto your costume using water-based or acrylic craft paint in order to give the appearance of real strawberry leaves.

If you and your child both enjoy delicious adventures, this delectable strawberry costume set makes the ideal partner! Offering both an adult Cool Whip costume and a child Strawberry costume to choose from, there will be enough flavorful options for every berry-licious event that comes your way!


Bananas are a trendy tropical fruit used in numerous delectable desserts like banana split and bread. As well as being used as an ingredient, bananas make an excellent snack food that provides your body with potassium while being deliciously eaten alone or mixed into other treats such as ice cream. Donning a banana costume is also an entertaining way to show your affection for this delectable treat!

Your banana costume can be easy and adorable with just some yellow clothing: pants/skirt and shirt in a yellow hue, an eye patch in yellow, and a headband to complete your look. Or try creating your DIY banana costume using some felt and adhesive; perhaps pairing your banana costume with others to form a group theme?

An ensemble inspired by bananas can be an affordable and fun way to show your sense of humor while standing out at any party. Add accessories like monkey costumes, banana bags, and sunglasses for added effect!

If you want to take your banana costume one step further, this Rasta banana costume could be precisely what’s needed! Featuring an absurd banana suit with fake dreadlocks for an added dose of absurdity, this outfit makes an impression at any party and showcases one’s sense of humor! Perfect for anyone wanting to be the center of attention or show their humor!


The Watermelon costume will add a delightfully playful element to any themed party, making your child the center of attention and enjoying themselves without fuss or discomfort. Its adorable design features adorable black seed-like details on its green tunic that mimics watermelon’s outer rind for an eye-catching and amusing appearance, complete with a matching headpiece. Kids will delight in this vibrantly sweet attire!

No summer picnic would be complete without enjoying a juicy watermelon slice, and this watermelon costume will bring back all those fun summertime memories for your kids! With its easy slip-on fit and breathable material, they can move freely at parties while still looking cute – not to mention being perfect for school events and imaginative play at home!

If you’re in search of an easy yet appealing costume that won’t break the bank, this one could be ideal. All it requires are a few materials you might already have at home, and it is sure to impress all your guests!


If you love puns, this DIY costume could be perfect. All it requires to create this humorous ensemble is a yellow dress, name tag featuring “LIFE”, and some lemons! Be prepared to be the talk of any party you attend! You will undoubtedly stand out among the competition.

Are you hoping to add some of MTV’s hit reality show, “Wild N Out,” to your next Halloween party? Why not pair up as the iconic duo from it for this creative costume idea inspired by them both? What better way can there be to commemorate friendship and get some laughs, all while celebrating togetherness?

Come out in style at your next party in this hilarious costume as the star of the show! This adult yellow lemon costume includes a full-body tabard with an attached stalk, as well as matching gloves and leggings to complete its look. Perfect as a mascot for fresh produce companies or any event where you want to bring fun into proceedings, it would undoubtedly put on an irresistibly delightful smile at any gathering!


Are you searching for a charming and simple costume idea for your child this Halloween season? Consider this fancy blueberry dress made of high-quality fabric, featuring an adorable foam body and jagged hemline to add a more realistic appearance. Plus, the pullover tunic features a lovely green “stem.” Perfect for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating sessions alike!

If your little one loves fruit, they’ll adore this kid’s blueberry costume! Perfect for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating nights alike, it comes in various sizes to ensure it can fit every little person perfectly! Its comfortable pullover tunic and foam body make this fruit-themed costume ideal. Plus, you can even add our cartoon hand gloves (sold separately) to complete their look for added fun.

Dress as the most intelligent girl in the room or your sweetest friend from Strawberry Shortcake, and this blueberry costume will be an instant hit at any costume event! Perfect for young ones wanting to show their intelligence or parents looking to celebrate one of their favorite movies/TV shows with their kids, it will turn heads wherever it goes.

Not everyone needs to be a wine goddess to wear this grape costume – though it might help! This plush costume will have you feeling like an elegant vino at any costume party, and it will surely impress. Plus, its long-term versatility means you’ll likely keep wearing it! Plus, slip it on over whatever clothes you have on for Halloween night and start celebrating!