Fancy Dress Competition Notice


A fancydress competition is an engaging learning activity that blends learning with enjoyment. Not only can this form of competition cultivate imagination in students, but it also builds their confidence by giving them the chance to speak in front of their classmates on stage.

Whoever wishes to enter the fancy dress competition should notify their class teachers.

1. Fancy Dress Competition for Grade I

Fancy dress can play an essential part in improving fine and gross motor skills, decision-making skills, imagination, and empathy in children of Grade I at HIS Guindy in August 2021. Children showed off their incredible creativity as organic farmers, air balloons, Coronavirus viruses, and cookies, among other costumes; moreover, they displayed confidence while speaking in front of judges and teachers, winning over hearts across both institutions.

Even with virtual class restrictions, our young participants enthusiastically took part in this competition. Their minds were freed to express thought-provoking ideas freely and enthusiastically – this made the event truly a triumph! Congratulations to all the winners; may their future endeavors bring much success! We wish them a very Happy Dress Up Day! Below are the winning videos: PP1 Arjuna; PP2-Kiran and PP3 Aliya

2. Fancy Dress Competition for Grade II

Fancy dress competitions provide an excellent way to combine learning with fun while building confidence in children. Children from the Preprimary Wing showed off their creative side by dressing up as doctors, farmers, freedom fighters, etc. They confidently spoke about these characters with us while showing us their boundless imagination!

Owing to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, children from Primary 1 (PP1) and Primary 2 (PP2) attended a virtual fancy dress competition in August 2021 with great enthusiasm. Parents dressed their little ones creatively as organic farmers, air balloons, Coronavirus viruses, cookies, or penguins – their innocent enthusiasm and vibrant creativity won over both teachers and judges!

3. Fancy Dress Competition for Grade III

Fancy dress play helps develop fine and gross motor skills, imagination, empathy, and social skills in children, as well as extensive group cooperation, communication, and decision-making skills. HIS Guindy held its inaugural virtual fancy dress competition for Preprimary 1 (PP1) and Preprimary 2 (PP2) students in August 2021; parents got creative dressing their kids up as organic farmers, air balloons, Coronavirus, or even cookies! Children participated enthusiastically and demonstrated confidence while speaking up on stage!

Attentive judges assessed each toddler based on costume/attire, theme depiction, and confidence of speech/message delivery – making for an entertaining afternoon filled with innocent excitement and vibrant imagination that won the hearts of both judges and teachers.

4. Fancy Dress Competition for Grade IV

Fancy dress competitions provide the ideal opportunity to highlight your child’s individuality. There is an array of themes from animals and food to technology and cartoon characters – not forgetting those with historical or cultural ties like dinosaurs and The Flintstones that always go down well with children!

St Kabir IIS held a fancy dress competition to foster creativity and imagination amongst grade IV students at St Kabir IIS, to promote their creative expression and imagination. Children took great delight in participating, showing great interest and zeal during this competition; many dressed as various Disney characters while providing information about them during a few short speeches about who they portrayed.

Fancy dress competitions provide a fun learning activity that blends play with learning. Fancy dress contests encourage young children to express themselves on stage while building confidence in them. Fancy dress contests can also serve as an enjoyable way of commemorating special occasions like Halloween or birthdays; you could even host a competition at Christmas or Easter to show the importance of those holidays to children!

There’s an impressive selection of costumes available, so you’re bound to find one perfect for your child. Choose from adorable bunny ears to fierce T-Rex figures; there’s sure to be something suitable! And if you need help in selecting one, ask your kid!