Five Places to Find the Best Subs Near Me in NYC


NYC is an epicenter for sandwich shops. NYC stands out as an unparalleled sandwich shop destination, from classic delis to pita-slinging Mediterranean cafes and modern American luncheonettes.

Faicco’s, an institution since 1900 in Greenwich Village, serves up delicious Italian unique sandwiches like the eggplant parm hero and chicken cutlet pesto on freshly-toasted bread with cheese-laden fillings that are indeed an experience worth having.


New York City is your destination if you’re craving an irresistibly delicious sub. Home to numerous iconic restaurants that specialize in serving incredible sandwiches like Italian cold cuts, Italian paninis, and New York-style chopped cheese; hot or cold versions can be ordered hot or cold and come in various sizes, making NYC an ideal location for satisfying appetites whether on business or vacation!

While you might assume a New York-style chopped cheese sandwich is another variation on an everyday deli sandwich, it was first created here in New York City. It features various meats, cheeses, and vegetables on toasted bread with mayo or mustard as its primary condiment – it has since become trendy at restaurants and most delis and sandwich shops across the city.

One of the best places for tasty chopped cheese is Defontes Deli in Brooklyn, established in 1922 and open 24 hours a day. This family-run establishment boasts delicious sandwiches like Jerry Lewis Specials, Joey Bishop Specials, and Sinatra Specials to please even foodies’ most demanding palates.

Lioni’s Deli in Greenwich Village serves up some of the creamiest mozzarella in town. This Greenwich Village deli also features an impressive menu, including their Alyssa Milano sandwich, consisting of fried chicken cutlets topped with basil spread and Lioni’s famous mozzarella.

The beauty of this sandwich lies in its ease of preparation: just three ingredients and three steps are all you need! Plus, this recipe can quickly be completed immediately or frozen for later use!

The classic NYC lunch option of a Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich (BEC) remains one of the city’s favorite lunch choices, available from most bodega’s or Bonafide in Queens – where it features scrambled bacon with salty, peppery beef gravy on top!

Cafe Rue Dix

Nilea Alexander and Lamine Diagne launched Cafe Rue Dix in 2013 to serve traditional Senegalese food and classic French fare in an intimate, family atmosphere. Customers rave about their culinary offerings and the welcoming interior design of woven baskets, indigo batik textiles, gourd drum lamps, photos from trips to Dakar, and personal touches that add that personal touch.

The menu here is very extensive and boasts many varied dishes. There are vegetarian-friendly choices and an array of sandwiches including some popular options like the New York City Sub with pastrami, turkey, bologna, and cheese; more unique dishes include the Chicken Cutlet Hero with spicy mayonnaise and tart slaw as a top pick.

Another favorite in this restaurant is their famous Mutz & Gravy sandwich, filled with meat and cheese and covered in an exotic, salty sauce. They also offer delicious grilled chicken served alongside French Fries for an even more fantastic experience!

This Brooklyn deli is an iconic destination for locals, tourists, and students. Offering an exquisite variety of delicious sandwiches – such as the legendary Nicky Special – including pasta salads and pizza options, locals enjoy visiting for coffee as much as anyone! Located near Prospect Park. The Nicky Special features three types of cured meats (capocollo), salami (neither capocollo nor salami), red onions, pickles, pickled peppers (pickled oregano), plus provolone cheese. Indulge yourself today at this iconic Brooklyn spot! Also, find various pasta, pizza, and salad offerings from this deli and different pasta, pizza, and salad selections.

Red Hook Corner Store is an inviting corner store owned and managed by foodies with an affinity for food, who take great pride in creating a superior customer experience reflected by excellent customer service and delicious sandwiches. A favorite among students and commuters alike, friendly staff members are always ready to assist with orders placed here.

The Mutz and Gravy is one of the most beloved dishes at this Brooklyn eatery. Packed with meat and cheese and served on sesame seed hero bread, this sandwich is satisfying and delectable – an ideal lunch choice.

This restaurant is open Mondays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m.. to 11 p.m., providing both delivery and pickup service.


No matter where you find yourself in Manhattan, New York is known for producing some of the world’s most excellent sandwiches – from traditional Italian subs to their native New York invention, chopped cheese sandwiches. If you want the best sandwiches in NYC, these five shops should be checked out.

Pisillo Deli is an old-fashioned deli with an expansive menu of hearty sandwiches to satisfy even the hungriest eater. Customers can select from more than 30 choices, such as their signature Pisillo Panini featuring prosciutto, porchetta, buffalo mozzarella, and roasted peppers on ciabatta bread – or for smaller appetites, try their chicken cutlet heroes and salads.

This Brooklyn deli is a favorite among both locals and tourists. Their sandwiches feature ingredients imported directly from Italy for an authentic taste of New York. Plus, there are fun names like Jerry Lewis Special or Joey Bishop Special!

In addition to sandwiches, the Brooklyn Deli also offers fresh-baked cookies and flavorful iced coffee – perfect for grabbing a quick bite before exploring Prospect Park!

Court Street Grocers, near Washington Square Park in Manhattan, offers gourmet deli meats and cheeses. Their menu offers classic New York dishes such as tender corned beef or turkey sandwiches served on rye with Swiss cheese and crunchy coleslaw; vegan and vegetarian options can also be provided on request.

This New York-based deli is run by a team of chefs with experience at Beauty and Essex and Bobby Flay, making this eatery perfect for visitors hungry for some grilled meats or to satisfy a sandwich craving. Their best-seller, “The Bomb,” features an eight-inch roll packed with different meats and cheeses; you must experience this monster before leaving New York!

Tengri Tagh

New York City is well known for its delicious pizza slices, Reuben sandwiches, and various subs. But the city also holds many hidden gems where you can find some of the finest heroes around town at reasonable prices – whether looking for quick lunchtime bites or hearty dinner meals; these spots have it all!

Defontes is an old-school Brooklyn deli known for serving some of the city’s best sandwiches, like those named after Jerry Lewis, Joey Bishop, and Sinatra Special. Their delicious smoked meats and top-secret gravy satisfy even your greatest hunger pangs!

Interested in something exotic? Tengri Tagh Uyghur Cuisine is the only place in town offering Uyghur cuisine. Enjoy tasty lamb dumplings or satisfying Lagman noodles without being disappointed!

This gourmet deli stands out as one of the premier spots for sandwiches in Manhattan, boasting more than 30 sandwiches, including vegan and gluten-free options. In addition, they provide breakfast items such as corned beef and turkey on rye bread from celebrity bakeries such as Balthazar and Caputo’s.

Brian Tsao of Beauty and Essex created this cozy Williamsburg restaurant as his passion project. Serving tasty sandwiches filled with meats and cheeses on fresh baguettes, their sandwiches have quickly become a favorite among Brooklyn foodies. Their most beloved sandwich is The Dennis, with fried chicken cutlets layered between prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil spread – creating a delectable combination of flavors and textures perfect for lunch!