Best Take Out Food Near Me in NYC


Get NYC’s best takeout food delivered straight to your door without standing in line. Enjoy classics and trendy Fast Food and brunch spots right from home!

The pandemic forces some restaurants that hadn’t previously delivered to offer it to stay open; others added delivery as part of their menu to do just that. From Delhi butter chicken to birria tacos, here are some great, affordable takeout choices in NYC.

Thai Diner

While COVID-19 has forced some beloved dining establishments to close, Ann Redding and Matt Danzer kept their restaurant alive by opening Thai Diner. Their unabashedly playful homage to American diners was inspired by how Redding’s mother adjusted her cuisine after moving from Thailand to New York City; with its combination of diner aesthetic and elevated menu of Thai classics as well as comfort-food staples, it stands as one of 2020’s more welcome restaurant openings.

Its menu still includes classic dishes like crab fried rice and Khao soi. It also includes experimental items not readily available on Bangkok streets, such as Southeast Asian-influenced Ukrainian stuffed cabbage or eggy breakfast sandwiches featuring herbaceous sausage. Also notable: this restaurant provides many vegan-friendly choices!

Mott Street is home to this easily recognizable establishment, marked by a corrugated metal-and-wood facade that stands out. Once inside, this space feels like a mix between a midcentury American train-car diner and Thailand-themed cafe – with wooden booths running along Kenmare Street paralleling Mott and an angular lunch counter at its core serving as full bar service.

At this restaurant, casual-meets-gourmet is fully realized in its kitchen, where chefs offer some of the city’s best and most inventive Thai cuisine. Breakfast at this diner-themed establishment stands out, especially during diner-themed breakfast service – featuring items like Thai tea-flavored babka French toast and an outstanding egg sandwich on buttery roti snugly folded around either soft scramble, American cheese, sai oua (a northern-style curry-seasoned pork sausage), avocado or bok choy. And don’t miss dessert – especially their cute Coconut Monster, which features layers of creamy chocolate cake and coconut cream goodness – make an experience you won’t soon forget!

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

New York is well-known for its pizza, bagels, and pastrami on rye; however, it lacks many southern-style barbecue restaurants. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is one such popular chain that brings this sophisticated city alive with its smoked ribs and tender brisket – drawing national attention from ABC Good Morning America, Food Network, and Travel Channel as well as their legendary BBQ sauce and quirky wall art; they even have locations in Brooklyn, Syracuse, and Rochester!

John Stage first had the idea for Dinosaur Bar-B-Que with two partners while serving hickory-smoked barbecue at biker bars across the Northeast in 1983. They eventually settled in Syracuse in 1988, opening a quick-service lunch and dinner spot that quickly became an institution.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s menu showcases influences from across America. Their barbecue features hickory smoking and styles from Kansas City and Texas dry rub. Their three J&R Oyler smokers can smoke 2400 pounds using wood such as hickory, cherry, or other materials. Still, you may not notice smoke due to an extensive ventilation system mandated by New York City for health and safety purposes.

Harlem’s popular barbecue restaurant, Barbeque on Harlem Avenue, is an incredible addition to its neighborhood. It serves delicious food – particularly its award-winning ribs, mac and cheese, and cold spicy shrimp appetizer. Additionally, service here is outstanding, while its atmosphere makes for ideal gatherings.

Peeps Korean Fried Chicken

Peeps Kitchen in Greenpoint offers delicious Korean fried chicken. Perfect for lunch or dinner, their sandwiches and bento boxes feature shoyu-koji marinated chicken served alongside rice salad and an exciting daily appetizer selection. Alternatively, sushi and grilled fish options may tempt you as well!

Korean Fried Chicken has taken New York by storm! People love its paper-thin crust and delicious flavor combinations that entice people to restaurants serving Korean fried chicken in NYC. Several choices include international chains like Bonchon and Pelicana, which do this tasty cuisine alongside other delectable options such as bulgogi and spicy pork dishes.

Food delivery services in New York City make experiencing authentic Japanese cuisine more accessible, offering convenient home deliveries at your chosen delivery time. Many companies allow customers to select when their delivery will occur – meaning you’ll get it exactly when you need it! Enter your address and choose from the list.

Anella Restaurant on the Lower East Side provides another great location to find delicious fried chicken: their Fried Chicken Biscuit sandwich features warm biscuit, jalapeno honey butter, and white gravy, as well as offering French Fries and Slaw for sides. Anella serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Thursday through Saturday.

Anella offers one of the city’s premier Japanese-inspired fried chicken dishes: Shoyu-Koji marinated and served with creamy sauce. Their Shoyu-Koji Fried Chicken Karage is also featured in lunch and dinner bento boxes, salmon Sashimi, Tatseiyaki Chicken, etc.

Check out this new restaurant near Block Party Highland Park for delicious fried chicken in the Theater District. They serve original, rockin’, and bourbon BBQ chicken dishes using only premium-quality meat and vegetables; their special seasoned flour batter contains no trans fats – providing customers with delicious food they won’t soon forget!

Taiwanese American Bakery

An elegantly flavorful guide to Taiwanese-American food from the founders of Brooklyn’s award-winning Win Son restaurant and bakery

Cathy Erway, author of James Beard Award-winning The Food of Taiwan, joins Josh Ku and Trigg Brown to present this informative and energetic cookbook. While Win Son founders don’t shy away from embracing American culinary traditions and adding innovative new flavors into their dishes, they also celebrate Taiwanese ingredients and flavor combinations unique to Taiwan, such as marinated cucumber salad topped with fried shallots and grated cured mullet roe. Sesame noodles take on new dimensions of umami by adding stir fry stir-fried mushrooms into their dishes – something American chefs don’t do as often.

Win Son opened its doors for business in 2016, funded entirely by two first-generation immigrants. Their goal was to blend Taiwanese breakfast culture with American brunch culture by selling soy milk next to coffees, doughnuts, and breakfast sandwiches and offering Kavelan candles, pine-nut sun cookies, and black sugar egg custard tarts as breakfast choices; for dinner, the pair offer milk bread sandwiches featuring pork jowl mortadella chicken mortadella mortadella mortadella morsels or mortadella morsels alongside craft beer or cocktails!

Ku and Brown’s restaurant and bakery, “Win Son,” which translates to abundant wealth, has quickly become a go-to for locals and travelers. Their kitchen serves slightly cheffy but faithful renditions of night market delights such as oyster omelets and popcorn chicken, as well as classic homestyle dishes like changing tou, an irresistibly crunchy stir-fry of minced garlic chives, ground pork, and fermented black beans.

Their immense popularity has resulted in the publishing of an engaging cookbook full of familiar and inventive Taiwanese-American cuisine dishes that showcase Taiwanese-American culinary influences. Ku and Brown join Erway to bring Taiwan’s often misunderstood island nation cuisine into focus through this vibrant collection.