Devaraj Arasu Loan Details

Devaraj Urs, Backward Classes Development Corporation, is dedicated to improving the lives of backward-class students. Through loans and subsidies for self-employment or educational activities, this corporation offers economic upliftment for poorer families.

To apply for the scholarship, visit the official website and click on “Registration.” Complete and submit the application form along with any necessary documents.

Eligibility criteria

The Devaraj Arasu Scholarship provides economically weaker sections with an opportunity to finance their education without turning to family and friends for financial support. Offered by the government of Karnataka, this scholarship rewards outstanding academic performance and leadership abilities demonstrated within an academic discipline or field of endeavor. Covering tuition, fees, and living expenses costs means students do not need to rely on them as financial sources in the future.

This scheme’s eligibility requirements require students to be Indian citizens with high credit scores and reliable sources of income. Banks will review an applicant’s income and existing debts to ascertain repayment capabilities; additionally, he or she must possess both an Aadhaar card and bank passbook as proof.

In addition to meeting these general criteria, applicants must also demonstrate good performance with previous employers and be in line with personal and professional goals set by loan providers – this information helps the bank determine whether an applicant qualifies for the loan or not.

Eligible candidates may apply for this scheme by providing copies of their caste and income certificates along with photos, an Aadhaar card linked to their bank account, as well as being residents of Karnataka with annual family income below Rs 98,000 in urban areas or Rs 98,000 or below in rural regions – applications should be submitted no later than August.

DBCDC was designed to assist those from backward classes in gaining access to loans and benefits offered by the state government, such as loans. To facilitate this access, various schemes have been initiated by the government in order to aid these people; one such scheme is the Devaraj Arasu Foreign Scholarship, which offers support to financially constrained students from backward classes who wish to study overseas; additionally, there are loans to help poorer students manage costs; interested parties can quickly check their eligibility online using the DBCDC portal.

Application form

Are You Searching For Scholarship Funding for Your Education? Look No Further. Check Out the Devaraj Arasu Scholarship Scheme in Karnataka to Help Support Economically Backward People Online Application or Visit the Official Corporation Website to Submit all Required Documents

Eligibility for the Devaraj Arasu Scholarship depends on several criteria, including financial eligibility and academic merit. Once an application has been received and reviewed by the scholarship selection panel, a final list will be issued of selected candidates whose tuition expenses will be covered by this scholarship award. It should be remembered that the selection process is highly competitive, and not all applicants may receive one.

Karnataka’s government has instituted various schemes to support economically unstable families within its state, such as the New Swarnima Yojana – providing loans for income-generating activities – and the Devaraj Arasu Scheme, offering loans at discounted rates to entrepreneurs and small business owners in order to improve living standards and reduce unemployment in Karnataka. These programs aim to enhance people’s quality of life and combat unemployment.

If you wish to apply for a Devaraj Arasu loan, first visit the official website of D Devaraj Urs Backward Classes Development Corporation and locate their Devaraj Arasu Loan Beneficiary List from their homepage. By clicking this link, a PDF version will open, which contains this list as well as an application form, which should be carefully read through and rechecked prior to submission.

Applying residents must reside in Karnataka and belong to one or more categories listed in the backward class list, be pursuing higher education from legal institutions, have passed entrance or merit-based exams into reputable foreign universities for further study, completed 10+2 or an equivalent course, provide valid identity/address proof documents as well as collateral documents depending on state jurisdictions.


Karnataka government introduced the Devaraj Arasu Scholarship as an educational loan scheme in 2016 to cover tuition, books, and hostel fees for backward-class students who scored 90% or above on SSLS exams, PUC programs, or undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs to qualify. To be eligible for this award.

The Devaraj Arasu Loan Scheme not only encourages financial inclusion and entrepreneurship but also intends to empower marginalized communities, such as people from economically weaker sections like scheduled castes and tribes. Individuals eligible for the scheme can obtain loans with reduced interest rates from the government to support their businesses.

To apply for a loan through Devaraj Arasu, visit their website and click on the “Devaraj Arrasu Loan Beneficiary List” link on their homepage. Once there, fill out an online application form providing basic personal and academic details as well as upload scanned copies of required documents.

Once your application has been submitted, the Devaraj Arrasu website provides an easy way for you to track its status. Here, you can see whether your application has been processed. In the interim, should further details be needed, you may contact them.

Devaraj Arasu Backward Class Development Corporation is a state-owned organization committed to improving the lives of marginalized communities in Karnataka. Primary functions include supporting economic activities, offering educational loans, and helping poorer families secure irrigation facilities. Devaraj Arasu Corporation also works to foster self-employment among community members and assist traditional artisans in upgrading their skills so they may earn higher incomes and lead more satisfying lives. Devaraj Arasu Backward Classes Development Corporation also helps communities by offering training to develop agriculture and horticulture skills, improving healthcare services, building homes and public infrastructure as well as providing healthcare. Their benefits to Karnataka cannot be overstated!

Documents required

Are You Enrolling at Devaraj Arasu Academy of Higher Education and Would Like a Loan to Cover Tuition Fee Structures? If that is the case, various documents will need to be provided in order to be approved. These may include proof of residence, income certificate, tuition fee structure from your institution, and additional information depending on which lender or bank issues the loan. It would be wise to get more details from them beforehand.

Karnataka recently implemented several schemes designed to provide financial aid for students, with the Devaraj Arasu Scholarship scheme offering financial assistance in the form of scholarships covering education costs for those who fall below the poverty line and attend colleges and universities.

To apply for the Devaraj Arasu Scholarship, visit its official website and click on the “Devraj Arrasu Scholarship” link on its homepage. A form will then appear; fill it out completely and submit it along with all required scanned documents.

Once your application has been received, our staff will review your documents, and a decision will be made regarding its approval or rejection. If approved, your name will appear on our list of beneficiaries, and scholarship money can be dispersed to you immediately. If not approved, don’t worry, as there may be other scholarships that better suit your needs!

To apply for the Devaraj Arrasu Scholarship, you must be an Indian national and have an annual family income below 2.5 lakh rupees. In addition, you must have passed your SSLC exam from an established school or institute and be currently enrolled in college or university – you may also consider applying for Devaraj Arrasu loans if studying overseas is on your agenda; in such instances, a valid bank account and IFSC code are essential requirements.

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