DG Funding Home Loans – How to Afford a DG Loan


DG Funding, established in 2012, is a small independent mortgage bank based in Carlsbad, CA. They offer FHA, VA, and jumbo loan products and have access to wholesale lenders as well as correspondent lenders that enable them to provide customized loan programs such as interest-only and stated-income loans.

1. Affordability

Understanding loan affordability is the cornerstone of home financing decisions and will ultimately allow you to determine a mortgage you can comfortably manage each month. One key indicator of loan affordability is your debt-to-income ratio (DTI), which influences both the size and interest rate available from lenders; an increase in DTI could decrease the price range available; use our Home Affordability Calculator for an approximate estimate of your maximum mortgage payment and monthly affordability ranges; actual payments may differ based on individual borrower credit, financial circumstances, down payments programs available, home price at time of application compared with loan programs available and rates available when applying.

3. Flexibility

No matter if you are an established high street lender looking to automate your loan book for improved borrower experience or an upstart competing against agile rivals, SAP Fioneer’s S/4HANA Loans Management enables lenders of all kinds to reach their business goals efficiently while speeding time-to-market through flexible product configuration that doesn’t require programming.

Flexibility is especially crucial in agriculture lending since weather conditions and crop yields can fluctuate considerably from year to year. Lenders must offer customized repayment schedules to accommodate these variations.