Czech Soles – A Funny Story About Sexy Feet and Soles


Dita’s tired and wants to sleep, but she hears strange sounds coming from somewhere nearby – like someone tickling her feet or worshiping them.

While waiting in her pharmacy to purchase some medicine, a man approaches, and she decides to show him her large bare feet for some foot domination session fun.

She’s a pharmacist.

Dita is waiting for a guy at her pharmacy who keeps arriving late. She begins to become suspicious, so she asks him for some medicine instead, and when he agrees, she quickly becomes curious and wants to see his sexy feet! Unaware that she wants this experience, she wears pantyhose that allows her to see all his bare toes through it; much to his amusement, he’s completely taken with the background while trying hard not to care. However, Dita soon begins playing with his feet and even teases him while live-streaming everything onto Instagram!

As she walks between rooms, her big toe hits the door sill, and it hurts. Her step-brother sees this and comes up with an idea: using a hammer; he smacks it repeatedly against her big toe until she screams in pain but enjoys it nonetheless; later, she requests him to hit it again – so he obliges.

Dita is excitedly anticipating her meeting with her neighbor. She knows he loves feet, and she enjoys pantyhose as much as him, so they decided they wanted to do both together – foot massage and pantyhose wearin’ alike! Dita plans on streaming all her preparation on Instagram so everyone can follow along – both excited and nervous alike for what promises to be an exciting yet nerve-wracking encounter – hoping he won’t kick her in the balls during their meeting!

She’s a nurse.

Dita works at a pharmacy, and today marks its final day of business. Unfortunately, most medicines have already been depleted, and she wants to relax at home with her loved ones.

But first, she must prepare herself: she has acquired a new guy from an agency who’s supposed to assist her today – only he arrives late and doesn’t speak any Czech! Though challenging, she refuses to back down easily: she makes him worship her sexy big feet while livestreaming this whole event on Instagram!

As soon as she’s prepared, she begins preparing her feet for a foot worship session. To prepare them, she makes them dry before taking her shoes off – her feet are long and ticklish on her toes! Additionally, being taller than Wendy allows her to see her socks while walking.

She knows her colleague Jack will be delighted. A tall man with an appealing physique, Jack has always wanted to see Dita’s feet up close; now is his chance! Excited beyond measure, Jack begins worshipping them immediately – much to Dita’s delight! Jack becomes completely transfixed on Dita’s seductive big feet – something Dita finds irresistibly fascinating!

She’s a real estate agent.

Dita is working in her pharmacy and is annoyed that they do not have enough medicine on hand. So she waits patiently for someone new to come in, yet he arrives an hour late without speaking any Czech – she deems him rude enough for punishment by taking off his shoes and socks and punishing him, but Dita only cares about punishing him further than that! He cries out in pain, but Dita ignores him entirely as she continues her work without caring about his discomfort at all.

She teases him with her smelly, worn socks and her big, beautiful feet, moving them backward while showing them off for you to admire. Additionally, she makes you smell her bare feet, which she knows will bring immense pleasure.

She made him worship her feet while giving him her signature foot massage, starting by rubbing each toe before moving them one at a time while also licking her big toes to stimulate him further. Once in bed, she invited Polina over, and they both teased him with their bare feet – getting him totally aroused as they made him worship big, sexy soles while conversing and live-streaming this whole event on Instagram!

She’s a teacher.

Dita has something in store for her friend Fernando: she’s going to show him her big, sexy feet through pantyhose! Knowing he loves feet, Dita will tease him with bare toes and arches before taking off her socks to let him sniff them and make an admiring comment about them – making for an exciting surprise that will only delight him further! He will undoubtedly worship Dita’s magnificent soles while having fun themselves!

Dita has an anxious roommate and is uncertain whether she will sleep tonight. Snoring and dreaming about tickling her feet has kept her up, fearing her roomie might get mad at her for this behavior – though Dita hopes they might allow a discreet foot fetish session!

She wants to know if her roommate shares her interest in feet, so she tries to stimulate her by hitting one of her big toes against the door sill. Her stepbrother notices this and gets an idea – he wants to step on or rub her foot! – and asks permission from his sister-in-law so he can do this for free – without getting paid in return, confident that no one will notice.

She’s a housewife.

Dita, a housewife who enjoys her job, recently started hearing strange noises when napping, and her feet have been ticklish during the night. Uncertain of what is causing it, Dita decides to get a foot massage from one of her friends, Jack; after taking off her shoes, he begins massaging them by stroking, licking, sucking, and even rubbing her bare feet sexily!

After she notices that her feet smell bad, she decides to make Fernando worship them by making fun of them and showing him her sweaty soles and toes.

At first, she decided not to stream it on Instagram Live but then changed her mind when her neighbor offered to worship her feet. To add drama and keep the streams interesting, she installed a hidden camera in her room and started prepping herself for worshipping sessions with socks, pantyhose, and flat shoes – and stretching her toes forward before waiting for him to arrive – her neighbor is coming soon with thick tanned legs and black nails, drawing his gaze toward her beautiful feet which instantly caught his interest and held it tight! He grabbed her attention and couldn’t take his eyes away from gazing at them in amazement!

She’s a mother.

Dita has just arrived home after work and wants a relaxing moment before heading into her bedroom. She lies down, extends her legs out from underneath the blanket while stretching them out, and kicks her feet around a bit – hoping someone will notice and worship their seductive feet tonight.

She knows she can tease you with her smelly, worn socks and big, beautiful feet without even considering whether you are trans or not – almost drooling as she moves them back and forth while speaking to you!

After an exhausting day at work, Dita is so tired she wants to crawl into her stepmom’s bed and get a foot massage from her stepmother. They hold hands as Dita places her bare feet close together with Mom’s and starts moving them a little here and there as if playing together – Dita couldn’t resist doing just that!

Dita planned an elaborate surprise for her friend Fernando by inviting him to join her in her bed. Dita and Polina plan to tickle Fernando’s sexy feet, make him worship their soles and toes, and tickle their soles and toes! Dita and Polina both wear fishnet stockings, so he will enjoy every minute he spends with them! He seems aroused right from the start – he doesn’t know what awaits him, but he will love every minute!