Black Ts Solo


What are the Lyrics?

Although this song doesn’t tell a specific part of the story, it does set up the narrator’s motivations for later details of the album. He recognizes humanity’s mutual affection and decides that music will help save humanity rather than leave it behind him, as was initially the case with earlier tracks in this album. Drawing inspiration from dancer Martha Graham’s famous quote that dancers die twice, just like music will die once it stops moving people and making them excited, the narrator realizes his music won’t.

This track is an expression of BTS as artists and their fear that their music may lose its heart-wrenching love. Additionally, this track uses similar themes as Sea, another hidden way to LOVE YOURSELF: Her. Both songs use identical terminology, such as anhneundae (sea and path). While connecting these tracks might seem farfetched at times, it’s interesting to notice their similarities and similarities.