Strongest Symmetrical Bowling Ball From DV8


DV8’s most robust symmetrical ball to date, the orange verge solid, is their most aggressive ball in terms of both appearance and hook potential. Boasting low RG Threshold core technology wrapped with Inciter solid reactive coverstock for an eye-catching finish at 1500 Siaair finish level – this upper mid-performance bowling ball is perfectly suitable for heavy oil conditions.

Threshold Core

The Verge Solid bowling ball from DV8 is one of their most muscular symmetrical models, both visually and performance-wise. Made with Inciter Max Traction coverstock in an eye-catching orange and white colorway over an ultra-low RG Threshold core, this upper mid-performance bowling ball features 1500 Siaair Micro Pad technology for early reads on heavy oil patterns as well as overall solid hook potential – perfect for league play with faster ball speeds looking for an aggressive symmetrical bowling ball with Durability Optimization Technology increases durability without impacting performance – built to stand the test of time with Durability Optimization Technology increasing durability without affecting performance – made to last by DV8’s patent-pending process, increasing durability without impact on performance; perfect for bowlers looking to add Durability Optimization Technology as part of their arsenal, which further improves durability while increasing performance!

Inciter Max Traction

If you like the look and strength of the Verge line and are searching for something substantial to add to your arsenal, look no further than the orange Verge solid. This ball uses the same Threshold symmetric core (low RG/medium-high differential) seen throughout Verge but features an even stronger coverstock; Inciter Max Traction solid reactive coverstock finished at 500/1000/1500 Siaair Micro Pad works beautifully with Hell Raiser Blaze core to produce powerful hook motion on heavy oil conditions.

The DV8 Verge Solid bowling ball is one of DV8’s most aggressive symmetrical releases in terms of both appearance and performance. Covering Inciter Max Traction in eye-catching orange and white stripes and adding a 1500 Siaair finish creates an eye-catching ball that reads mid-lane early and makes strong backend moves for bowlers who favor an aggressive core design.

If you want an edge on the competition, the dv8 Verge solid bowling ball may be just what you need. Boasting Hell Raiser Blaze core and Inciter Max Traction coverstock materials that produce powerful hook motion on heavy oil conditions, the dv8 verge solid can give bowlers an advantage that rivals most competing balls on severe oil conditions. An excellent option for both league and tournament bowlers alike!

1500 Siaair Micro Pad

dv8’s orange Verge Solid ball is one of the most vital symmetric pieces ever created, both visually and functionally. Constructed using their Inciter Max Traction cover in eye-catching white and bright orange, wrapped around their super low RG Threshold core, then finished off with a 1500 Siaair finish, this ball can handle heavy oil conditions easily with its upper mid-performance rating and hook on any medium condition – whether straighter or lefty players alike will benefit. dv8 designed this ball as a strong option that will become an integral part of their bags for symmetric bowlers of all styles!

Durability Optimization Technology

The DV8 Verge Solid ball is one of the most muscular balls available. Utilizing their Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) and DynamiCore outer core technology – an industry-leading material that yields less compression upon impact for increased hitting power and pin carry – it makes an outstanding sound/pin carry combination.

This ball is ideal for bowlers who prefer using symmetric core balls when bowling in medium oil conditions. Its HK22 base was specifically engineered to excel on lanes by smoothly handling oil while responding quickly and explosively to friction.

This bowling ball from DV8 stands out as their most aggressive symmetrical offering yet, featuring their Threshold core with low RG and medium-low differential, wrapped with their Inciter Max Traction cover. Completed by their Siaair Micro Pad pad for heavy oil bowlers who enjoy using symmetrical cores.