A Guide to Black Shoes and Gum Sole Sneakers


Gum-sole sneakers are perfect for both street skating and light runs at the skate park and are more durable than double-soled shoes.

Nike’s NBA collaborations are giving classic sneaker styles a contemporary update – the Air Uptempo now comes equipped with gum soles, while James Harden LS also receives this treatment.


Everlane Clothing Company stands out by prioritizing transparency and affordability. Their website shows consumers each product’s cost (including shipping/handling/production fees) along with information regarding its origin and production process to enable informed purchasing decisions while supporting ethical business practices. In addition, Everlane provides an easy return policy, which has made it an increasingly popular choice among customers seeking ethical fashion.

Everlane prides itself on creating “Modern Basics,” timeless pieces designed to outlive current fashion trends. Additionally, Everlane emphasizes using high-quality materials such as organic cotton and grade A cashmere, as well as being environmentally conscious through efforts like reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste production.

The company has experienced remarkable success; raising multiple rounds of funding, amassing loyal customer followings, recruiting fashionable influencers, and opening physical stores are just a few indicators of its tremendous growth. Yet its operations have come under criticism due to a perceived lack of transparency regarding human rights and worker conditions; more specifically, in March of 2020, some employees in its customer experience branch wanted unionization despite this company’s attempts at union busting.


Reebok shoes are constructed with eco-friendly materials and offer excellent value. Their Floatride Energy Century Grow shoe features midsole foam made of castor beans that is lighter than EVA foam found in most running shoes, plus natural rubber outsoles that reduce environmental impacts. Reebok also takes steps to comply with animal welfare standards by not employing fur, angora, or exotic leather in its supply chain.

Reebok was struggling to maintain its success during the late ’90s. It had lost its way, with sales beginning to drop sharply. To combat its sales decline, Reebok attempted to make a comeback by signing licensing deals with the NBA, NFL, and MLB, as well as partnerships with rap musicians, including 50 Cent and Jay-Z.

Reebok has come under criticism for failing to address labor issues within its supply chain. While Reebok does have a code of conduct covering worker rights such as joining unions or working under safe conditions, Reebok requires suppliers to pay workers living wages as well as prohibit forced and child labor practices. Reebok has also improved its environmental practices by adopting energy-efficient processes and decreasing water usage.

New Balance 327

New Balance 327 sneakers have become cult-classic sneakers that effortlessly combine style and comfort. Popular with sneaker enthusiasts and fashionistas for their classic-yet-contemporary aesthetic and affordable price point, these timeless kicks make daily wear easier at airports or city streets alike. Their distinct design has even inspired collaborations between Levi’s, Aime Leon Dore, and Bandier!

These sneakers come in various colorways to match any ensemble while being lightweight and breathable – ideal for everyday wear. Incorporating New Balance’s technological innovations from the 1970s into its unique midsole shape, it stands out among other retro running sneakers.

New Balance has released multiple versions of their 327 sneakers, making them easy to locate online and in stores alike. But be aware that these sneakers tend to run small; before purchasing any pair, make sure they fit you comfortably before making your decision. Furthermore, their midsole may be narrower than expected, so it may be wiser to size up in the event that sizing issues arise. Nevertheless, New Balance 327 sneakers remain stylish and comfortable additions to any collection.


Killshot sneaker has quickly become an icon among fashionistas since its release as a J. Crew exclusive in 2009. Due to their incredible popularity, when new batches were released, they would sell out almost instantly, proving impossible for buyers who couldn’t wait.

Sneakers are constructed using vulcanized rubber and foxing tape construction techniques. This old-school approach to shoe-making gives these kicks an intriguing texture; the foxing tape acts as an edge protector wrapped with rubber that bonds securely together using another piece of rubber.

It’s a very durable sneaker, but not very comfortable to wear for extended periods. Also, they don’t breathe as well as other models, so it can become quite hot and sweaty inside of them.

“Killshot,” Eminem’s vicious diss track, makes mentions of numerous notable individuals such as Diddy and Iggy Azalea while also including multiple references to MGK in its lyrics – making this track one of the most aggressively critical ever written.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro shoes are an indispensable part of any elevated footwear collection, whether that means high-tops or low-top sneakers from FEATURE’s new Maison Mihara Yasuhiro arrivals – both high and low-top sneakers feature luxurious textile uppers with woven branding at the tongue and signature chunky soles for an unforgettable aesthetic. This season, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro sneakers also come equipped with signature chunky soles!

The founder of the label has drawn on the spirit of the 1990s for inspiration for this season. This can be seen through knee-long hoodies and parkas with oversized silhouettes without losing their lightness.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro’s OG Sole Mix Material Low Top features a black and white mix of fabric with a round toe, front lace-up fastening, round toe opening, rubber sole, and round crisscross lacing system reminiscent of original basketball shoes with rubber toe caps crisscross lacing design and rubber toe caps crisscross lacing plan as well as other colorways such as black or off-white hues – they have even been seen worn by celebrities while they can also be found stocked at tastemaking retailers worldwide!

Nike Air Force 1 Luxe

The Nike Air Force 1 has long been one of the most beloved sneaker silhouettes. Produced since 1982 and reimagined many times since, such as Quicksilver (Evan Peters) wearing it in X-Men: Apocalypse, in addition to featuring classic looks, some versions also come equipped with innovative accessories or technologies.

The Air Force 1 Luxe brings classic basketball style into modern times with premium leather, stitched overlays, and an eye-catching splash of hoops style that turns heads. Its padded low-cut collar looks stylish while feeling great, and its rugged rubber outsole ensures stability despite rain or snow. Finally, water repellency and winterization help it maintain its elegant appearance all season long.

The Air Force 1 Luxe features a double-layered midsole with a lower section featuring narrow steps around its edges and textured surfaces for grip and an upper section featuring smooth surfaces with seams to accommodate long stitches – similar to Burnt Sunrise with its classic gum brown tone!


Superga is well-known for its timeless 2750 Cotu Classic sneakers since 1911. Crafted with lightweight canvas with vulcanized rubber soles, these timeless pieces can be paired with either high-waisted jeans and cashmere sweaters for an evening out with friends or worn at home with a comfortable sweatshirt to relax in comfort.

Walter Martiny of Turin developed the 2750 model after being inspired by his wife to do so. At that time, tennis players used rope-soled shoes, which provided excellent grip but were vulnerable to damage on clay courts. Martiny developed a mold made with latex and sulfur, which eventually produced soles made from vulcanized natural rubber; as a result, he created virtually unbreakable tennis shoes!

Superga’s popularity has steadily grown over time, and they can now be found worldwide. The company employs celebrities as ambassadors and collaborates with them to design an annual collection. Past ambassadors include Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, and Suki Waterhouse. Their logo was initially developed by graphic designer Albe Steiner in 1962 with clean lines and simple shapes, making Superga shoes even more beloved today.