Witty Yeti’s Shart Survival Kit


Be prepared when disaster strikes with this hilarious gag gift from Witty Yeti: an emergency kit complete with tissues, non-alcoholic wet wipes, and white disposable underwear to cover any mishaps that arise. survival kits

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What is a shart?

Sharts are farts that go wrong–or as the Urban Dictionary puts it, “blend of shit and fart.” A short occurs when someone attempts to break wind while also accidentally discharging some feces. While not usually majorly problematic or offensive (see: Peter Griffin’s shirt in Family Guy), most times, sharts are embarrassing beyond measure.

Sharting at home can be easily remedied; all it requires is throwing your underwear in the laundry and showering to address it. But when it happens in public, things become much more severe: first and foremost, you must evacuate quickly to find a bathroom; next, you must clean off both your butt hole and any exposed skin with toilet paper if a shart wash kit is unavailable – or use soapy water as soon as possible to disinfect.

Though many may consider sharting only to affect everyday people, even celebrities can fall prey to its embarrassment. Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, and WWE wrestler Darren Young have all acknowledged having engaged in some form of sharing; YouTube star Tyler Oakley has, too. Don’t forget Kris Jenner has tweeted repeatedly about her embarrassing episodes! Indeed, it may even become part of the process of becoming famous!

What is included in a short survival kit?

A Shart Survival Kit contains everything needed to address an unexpectedly upset stomach quickly, such as indigestion pills, disposable wipes, and a Shart Sock. Perfect gag gift idea to bring joy and laughter!

This Shart Wash Emergency Kit can be purchased either as a one-time purchase or subscription service, featuring two bars of Shart Wash soap, a pack of Shart Wipes, and an Oatmeal/Activated Charcoal Scrub Bag.

How to use a shart survival kit

Witty Yeti brings new meaning to toilet humor and practical jokes with this practical gag gift from their shop! Perfect for pranking friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone needing a laugh, the shart survival kit includes everything necessary for saving yourself from embarrassment when things hit the fan, including white disposable underwear, non-alcoholic wipes, and even an irreverent shart sock! With its hilarious gag gift guaranteed to leave everyone laughing until their sides ache, this must-have makes for any fans of toilet humor!