Top 5 Food Trucks Near Me in NYC


If you’re craving some classic New York cuisine, food trucks provide delicious yet budget-friendly meals to satisfy cravings for international fare.

Sunset Park restaurant El Taquero features a truck and brick-and-mortar location for customer convenience. Though lines may be extended, suadero and tripe tacos are well worth waiting for; try their delicious Mulita drink instead for something different!

Los Tacos No.1

One of the premier taco joints in NYC, their line moves quickly, and their flavor is unrivaled. Choose between chicken, beef, or pork tacos; quesadillas filled with cheese; Mexican sodas or horchata. All are delicious accompaniments for these fantastic tacos!

Los Tacos No. 1, opened by friends from Tijuana and Brawley in May 2013, is a classic yet flavorful menu. Their offerings can’t be missed, but our favorites are Adobada marinated pork slices off a spit and carne asada tacos on corn tortillas – two excellent picks.

At their Times Square outpost, the service counter and salsa bar resemble the one found in Chelsea Market; however, several high-tops for standing dining have also been installed. Co-founder Tyler Sanders indicated they may add late-night dining in plans.

Tacos El Bronco II

Tacos El Bronco 2 offers an exceptional dining experience, boasting excellent service from their friendly staff and delicious Latin American food – including mouthwatering horchata! If you’re craving an unforgettable culinary adventure, Tacos El Bronco 2 should be your destination of choice! They provide unique Latin American dishes while the food is satisfying and flavorful.

This food truck offers authentic Mexican street tacos, such as pollo, bistec, and chorizo. Their signature grilled salsa makes this stop unforgettable; thin double-tortilla-sized tortillas topped with cilantro and onions complete the experience. Their menu also includes cabeza pastor chorizo carne enchilada tacos as well as cabeza pastor pastor and carne enchilada tacos!

The full menu expands on what was initially offered on the truck with Mexican breakfast dishes, soups, seafood platters, plates, fresh smoothies, and agua frescas. There’s even something called Guaxmole Rojo Res – beef-rib stew thickened with Guaje seeds decorated with alpine murals featuring its namesake horse in mid-frolic – sure to please every palate.

Tacos La Carcachita

Food truck entrepreneurs looking to succeed in NYC need more than luck if they hope to open up a food truck business. A massively original concept, relentless drive, and exceptional cooking abilities are essential ingredients. Though it may seem impossible, some have become top players here.

Tacos El Rancho of Sunset Park won the 2016 Vendy Cup and provided some of the finest Oaxacan street food in Brooklyn, with almost incinerated trips and delicious pork and fresh pineapple filling its tacos.

This new NYC spot stands out from the pack by offering more than the expected taco bowls and tacos – including delicious daily specials like sweet fried pork torta. Additionally, its owners wish to expand into multiple restaurants while maintaining the same high standards in quality and menu offerings.


Skippy’s has been a beloved staple on Staten Island for more than six decades, and its owner is in an epic struggle against environmental regulators over whether or not to close. However, they want its truck out of its parking spot on Hylan Boulevard near Dongan Hills.

Dawn LaVigne, owner of Skippy’s, has tried convincing DEP officials to alter its decision. She has attended civic association meetings and contacted politicians but has received no reply.

Skippy’s Food Truck offers catering and private events as well. Their delicious empanadas feature both savory fillings and sweet toppings; gluten-free options are also available! Looking to add something sweet to your wedding? Look no further – their professional vendor fleet and clean vehicles make for the ideal addition.

Taco’s El Chicken

Tijuana-style taco shop El Camino Real now has several outposts in Manhattan, with its flagship location at Chelsea Market serving up asada, adobada, and nopal tacos, as well as other delicious items like huaraches and cheese-layered miles. If long lines are an issue for you, expect that once inside, you can feast on these delights – don’t expect immediate seating!

Bensonhurst’s Rude One Taqueria may be small, but it still draws large crowds of locals. As its name indicates, this eatery draws inspiration from the Speedy Gonzales cartoon character to craft its menu, which boasts southern Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Cal-Mex dishes such as goat barbacoa on weekends or their delicious tacos featuring hand-patted masa stuffed with seven delicious fillings such as chicken al pastor and chorizo!

Grito offers an informal meal of double-corn tortillas filled with your choice of meat – especially al pastor. Make sure to try their cabeza and tongue tacos, too – in addition to serving tamales, quesadillas, and chile rellenos!

Eddie’s Pizza

Eddie’s is your go-to spot for the best pizza in NYC. This vintage local joint offers thin-crust pizza in an unassuming setting; personal “bar pies” come with fresh toppings. Plus, there’s always room for more. And if pizza’s not your thing? No worries; Eddie’s also offers Italian sandwiches!

Due to numerous requests from New Yorkers, Eddie’s decided to create a food truck that could offer the bar pie experience on the go. Utilizing similar recipes and cooking methods as its restaurant counterpart, Eddie’s now offers both regular and whole wheat 10″ bars pies from its food truck as well as crispy romaine salad with croutons, Caesar dressing, and spinach toppings (such as broccoli mushrooms, green pepper onion red pepper, etc.). Plus, you have options like fried chicken buffalo chicken ranch. Prices are affordable!