No 1 Boba Tea in Las Vegas


No 1 Boba Tea opened for business in 1998 as Las Vegas’ first bubble tea shop. Amy Zhang Warthan assumed ownership of No 1 Boba Tea in 2005, eventually expanding its operations across 10 locations throughout Las Vegas – this one at 6895 E Lake Mead Boulevard being one of them. To know more, check out

Boba tea, made up of tea topped with chewy tapioca balls, is an increasingly popular beverage among Asian Americans in the US.


No 1 Boba Tea in Las Vegas offers delicious Taiwanese food at very affordable prices – the ideal place for an enjoyable afternoon spent with friends or family! Located near the Las Vegas Ice Center, No 1 Boba Tea provides friendly service while serving an affordable menu that’s deliciously Taiwanese. Plus, it’s conveniently close by.

No 1 Boba Tea enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the city. Their owners take great pride in enhancing the quality of their products while remaining active members of their community. In addition, No 1 offers an impressive range of beverages, such as smoothies and slushes made using various fruits; all these drinks have proven popular among customers.

Amy Zhang Warthan purchased the store in 2005, and since then, it has flourished into an internationally recognized boba tea brand with nine locations in Las Vegas alone and expansion to other states.

Bubble tea (sometimes referred to as pearl milk tea, boba tea, or tapioca drink; Chinese: pinyin: Zhengzhou nai cha) originated in Taiwan but has quickly become one of the most renowned beverages among American Asians since being introduced by Taiwanese immigrants in the early 1990s. Soon after that, it became more than just an inexpensive beverage; it quickly became associated with cultural identity and lifestyle choices among its users.


Boba tea is an iconic beverage made up of tea mixed with chewy tapioca balls. It was initially invented and is popular in Taiwan as part of local culture. Since its introduction into American society, it has become an iconic representation of Asian American identity and even inspired an entire lifestyle known as “boba life,” where its enjoyment can be integrated with social activities.

No 1 Boba Tea made its debut in Las Vegas’ Chinatown as its inaugural boba tea shop in 1998 under Amy Zhang Warthan’s leadership, opening nine other locations throughout Greater Las Vegas and one in Texas over time.

The menu offers an assortment of drinks, such as matcha green tea, fruit smoothies, and iced lattes. In addition to beverages and meals such as these, the restaurant also serves snacks like taro laying and chicken as well as snacks like laing. With its outstanding customer service and democratic prices – along with its helpful and welcoming staff always available – Taro Laing and Chicken is a local institution known for providing exceptional dining experiences at competitive rates.


No 1 Boba Tea opened in Chinatown as Las Vegas’ first boba tea shop in 1998. Amy Zhang Warthan moved from her native China and purchased the shop. Since then, her business has expanded into nine locations within Las Vegas, producing high-quality drinks using only natural ingredients such as fresh fruit instead of syrup and powders.

No 1 Boba Tea is now offering delivery through Postmates! View their menu and prices online before scheduling a delivery time that best fits you – add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout!

I highly recommend this boba shop; its staff is welcoming, the drinks are excellent (particularly their low-sugar options and brown sugar milk!), and prices are fair. I will definitely come back! Unfortunately, there’s not one nearby for me!


For over a decade, we’ve been serving superior boba tea drinks. Our goal is to use only the freshest ingredients when crafting each drink to order, which includes milk teas, iced and hot brews made with freshly roast black, jasmine, and pu-erh tea, along with smoothies, slushies, and fruit juices made using fresh fruits as well as different flavors such as grass jelly, popping boba, red bean, and aloe vera to name just a few!

No 1 Boba Tea is owned and managed by Amy Zhang Warthan of Beijing, China. After moving to Oklahoma State University and receiving an MBA degree, Amy decided to follow her passion for tea and healthy living by purchasing the original No. 1 Boba Tea location in Chinatown in 1998.

Amy Zhang Warthan rebranded No 1 Boba Tea quickly after taking over as owner and promptly saw success. Now, with eleven locations throughout Las Vegas and one in Texas, No 1 Boba Tea continues its expansion under Amy’s guidance.

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