The IGFA Shelter Island Pier Tournament and H&M Landing Fish Count


Over 70 young anglers from the local community came out to compete in this year’s IGFA Shelter Island Pier Tournament. It was incredibly inspiring watching these kids catch fish, use muscle and intellect to fight it, and then finesse it! It was truly inspiring.

H&M Landing is offering a Fishing Stimulus Discount every Monday in July! Present your unemployment check stub to receive $100 off any full-day trip.

Three Quarter Day Trips

On three-quarter-day fishing trips, anglers can fish a bit deeper into the ocean for Yellowtail, Calico Bass, White Seabass, and Rockfish. We offer various fishing techniques on these excursions, including trolling with live bait. Trips typically leave earlier than half-day trips for optimal catch rates!

Three-quarter day trip yellowtail fishing has been exceptional around Punta Colnett and nearby locations, particularly around Punta Colnett Bay. Skippers have found biteable 10-20 pound yellowtails by drifting over sonar marks using either yo-yo irons or dropper loop rigs baited with mackerel or sardine bait.

The New Seaforth from Seaforth Sportfishing and H&M Landing and Malihini from H&M Landing have both been operating trips into Mexican waters off Los Coronado Islands during California’s rockfish closure period, targeting yellowtail around North Island, Ribbon Kelp, Rockpile, and 27 Fathom Spot. On one 1.5-day trip last weekend alone, the New Seaforth had 23 anglers catch 81 yellowtail and 65 rockfish!