Sound Point Capital Management, LP

Sound Point Capital Management, LP provides investment advisory services. They specialize in private funds, separately managed accounts, and securitized asset pools known as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Serving clients worldwide.

The Company, established in 2008, specializes in credit strategies. Their funds and managed accounts provide exposure to leveraged loans, special situations, distressed debt, structured credit products, direct lending, or even direct lending options.

Credit Strategies

Sound Point Capital Management, LP is an investment management firm offering investment solutions for institutions, pension funds, foundations, insurance companies, wealth management firms, family offices, and high net-worth individuals in the United States and the United Kingdom. Their investment strategies include asset-backed loans, CLOs, debt funds, and investment advisory services. Additionally, Sound Point offers advisory services.

As of 2023, the Company holds $46.1 billion under management and employs investment teams specializing in analyzing opportunities across all credit spectrums while adhering to a fundamental approach to investing.

This firm provides several strategies, such as its senior floating rate strategy, which seeks to outshone the Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan Index with lower duration and less volatility. They also offer distressed, leveraged finance, commercial real estate strategies, diversified funds, and separately managed accounts.

Additionally, the firm manages over $15.2 billion of assets through its CLO platform, with managers focusing on maintaining par, minimizing defaults, and creating high-quality portfolios with higher-than-average spreads.

Our CLO platform at the firm includes 55 U.S. CLOs and 16 European CLOs that offer diversification, liquidity, and risk-adjusted returns for investors. Furthermore, each CLO offers various structures, giving investors more options when tailoring exposure to market movements.

CLOs (Collateralized Loan Obligations) provide investors a low-risk means to enter the credit markets. Backed by pooled loans from banks or other lenders, investors receive returns along with interest and principal payments and participation in future refinancing opportunities by participating in repurchase agreements that allow them to pay a predetermined amount at any given time.

Sound Point Capital Management LP offers not only CLOs but also single asset funds and separate accounts specializing in long-term total returns through active investing strategies designed to target income and growth; their low volatility high-income strategy has proven itself over five years of performance.

Investment Management

Sound Point Capital Management offers advisory services to various clients, advising and implementing investment strategies for equity investments, securitized assets, private funds management services, and advice on structuring debt securities – and customized portfolios explicitly tailored for individual investor needs. Employing over 60 people full or part-time who provide either advisory services or research duties (48 of these working as advisers and researchers), no rewards are offered for new business referrals by employees at Sound Point.

Sound Point Capital Management LP and Assured Guaranty Ltd. have agreed to join forces to compete more efficiently in the growing credit-investing market. Through this transaction, Assured Guaranty will leverage its respective expertise in different areas of the industry. At the same time, Assured IM will contribute its entire equity stake for shares of this new entity.

Sound Point’s acquisition is expected to make them one of the top five CLO managers worldwide on a pro forma basis and increase overall assets under management, increasing earnings per share, return on equity, and book value per share immediately following the closing of this deal.

Soundpoint Capital Management specializes in cash and cash equivalents, distressed debt, structured products, and commercial real estate lending, accounting for 88% of its total invested assets. Their clients include institutional investors like top-tier pensions, foundations, insurance companies, wealth management firms, and mutual and private funds in their portfolios.

Our firm operates as a fee-based management company, charging a percentage fee based on assets under management to foster long-term client relationships and ensure long-term profitability for both parties involved. However, this fee structure does not include brokerage commissions, taxes, or any account expenses that might occur as part of its fee structure.

These performance results are net of fees and represent the overall performance of Soundpoint Floating Rate Income Fund LP, not any individual investor’s returns. Furthermore, this information should not be seen as an offer or solicitation for the sale of investments managed by Soundpoint Capital Management LP and should not be relied upon.

Advisory Services

Established in 2008, Sound Point Capital is an alternative asset management firm specializing in credit strategies. Their client list consists of institutions, pensions, foundations, insurance companies, wealth management firms, family offices, high net-worth individuals, and wealth management firms located worldwide. Their home base is New York City, with global operations.

The company provides various services, such as investment management and advisory services. Their advisory services cover investment advice, risk management, portfolio construction, financial planning services, and research and analysis; furthermore, they operate on a fee basis.

Sound Point not only offers investment advisory services, but it also provides administrative and other support services to the funds it manages. With 141 employees (46 registered to handle securities or offer financial advice), Sound Point has its headquarters in New York City. It was incorporated in Delaware.

Sound Point manages over $22 billion in assets under management, comprising privately offered pooled alternative investment funds, separately managed accounts, a registered investment company, and securitized asset pools known as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Their management team boasts extensive expertise in analyzing and overseeing investments across a broad spectrum of credit markets.

Investors seeking a diverse fixed-income asset portfolio should consult an investment professional for advice. Investment entails risks, including potential loss of principal. Furthermore, there can be no guarantee that any strategy will prove profitable.

Pryor Cashman team that assisted Assured Guaranty in closing its transaction included Michael Weinsier, Cory Lamonica, Bert Fry, and Ethan Lankri (investment banking); Mike Dunworth, Taylor Weinstein, and Shane Stroud (tax); Jeff Johnson, Teresa Lee, and LaKeisha Caton (labor + employment); Goldman Sachs & Co LLC and Mayer Brown LLP advised on Assured Guaranty acquisition; funded with equity as well as debt from multiple investors;

Established in 2008, Sound Point Capital is a private investment firm specializing in opportunistic and structured credit investments. Their wide array of investments includes distressed debt securities, unsecured loans, and commercial real estate assets – with institutional clients such as top-tier pension funds, foundations, insurance companies, and family offices.


Sound Point Capital Management was established in 2008 as an alternative asset management firm specializing in credit strategies. Today, it oversees over $19 billion across various liquid and illiquid credit alternatives such as commingled funds, long-only vehicles, collateralized loan obligations, and managed accounts – serving institutions, pensions, foundations, insurance companies, wealth management firms, and family offices among its client base. Working Partner Stephen Ketchum brings over 27 years of experience to lead his investment team of 33 professionals at Sound Point.

This company operates in New York, London, Florida, and Connecticut. It boasts an international investor pool that invests across sectors – credit and real estate are the key – such as structured finance, distressed debt, and commercial real estate. Furthermore, Capital Markets Advisors LLC also provides advisory services, including capital markets analysis and restructuring to its clients.

SoundPoint Capital Management recently announced an agreement to acquire Assured Investment Management LLC and certain related asset management entities, with closing expected in Q3. Under the terms of the deal, Assured Guaranty will become a significant equity holder of SoundPoint, engaging them as their alternative credit manager and investing up to $1 billion over time through SoundPoint-managed vehicles or separately managed accounts.

The acquisition is part of an increasing trend of M&A activity among credit asset managers, according to research conducted by Gapstow in 2018. Deal volume was at its highest for 2022, and many firms continue looking for opportunities through acquisitions.

SoundPoint Capital Management boasts an outstanding track record in credit investments, yielding solid returns for investors. Their assets have consistently provided strong returns – making SoundPoint an excellent option for diversifying a portfolio. Their recent partnership with Assured Guaranty further established them as one of the world’s largest CLO managers, expanding assets under management for SoundPoint and leading to potentially higher yields for investors.

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