Regal Capital Group LLC


Regal is a control growth equity and buyout firm focused on lower-middle healthcare services companies. Regal provides financial investment alongside operational, managerial, and strategic expertise for cutting-edge healthcare entrepreneurs seeking long-term partnerships in healthcare services companies.

Anschutz acquired United Artists and Edwards Theatres in 2001, merging them into Regal Entertainment Group as the world’s largest movie theater chain. This merger led to nearly double the market share of their nearest competitor.

About Regal Capital Group LLC

Regal Capital Group LLC is an investment firm focused on middle-market healthcare services companies. Partnering with innovative healthcare entrepreneurs, Regal offers strategic growth capital and operational assistance. Their team of seasoned professionals has extensive operating and transactional expertise within this sector and can assist these companies to realize their growth potential. With offices in North America and internationally, Regal is uniquely poised to help middle-market healthcare service companies realize their full growth potential.

Regal Beloit Corporation is an electric motor, industrial systems, and power transmission manufacturer headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin. With manufacturing, sales, and service facilities worldwide, Regal offers engineered drives, control systems, and power transmission solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. Operating through three business segments: Commercial and Industrial Systems, Climate Solutions, and Power Transmission Solutions.

The Company is currently taking steps to implement two strategic initiatives: (1) investing in higher value, higher quality businesses and 2) entering new markets. These investments aim to accelerate and solidify our position as one of the world’s premier technology innovators in the drive, motion, and controls industries.

As part of its ongoing strategic initiatives, the Company prioritizes operational efficiency and cash flow generation via selling non-core assets. This strategy has allowed the Company to return cash to shareholders while creating substantial operating leverage.

Regal Capital Management, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm serving clients in two states, boasts financial advisors with an average tenure of 12 years in the industry and manages assets totaling $0.0 billion for clients – their fees are calculated as a percentage of assets under management.

Suppose you are an investor or trader who has lost money with Regal Capital Group LLC and needs help filing a claim against them. In that case, the Broker Complaint Registry’s team can help file one against Regal Capital Group LLC to get it back potentially.

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Is Regal Capital Group LLC a Scam?

Regal Capital Group LLC has been reported for engaging in fraudulent activities. According to reports, this broker allegedly contacted individuals without their permission and offered credit, loans, investments, and financial advice without receiving prior consent from those they approached; funds were allegedly also taken out of users’ accounts without notice and back into their own. Since this broker lacks regulation by ASIC or AFS licenses, it would be wise to avoid trading with it.

Regal Capital Group has received several complaints on investing forums and social media, alleging that the company failed to meet its expectations or fulfill its promises. Some investors even lost all of their invested money, while others have been unable to withdraw it due to regulatory hurdles. Furthermore, investors claim there may be hidden fees or commissions at Regal Capital Group.

If you believe you have fallen prey to the Regal Capital Group scam, you must immediately file a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities. Not only could filing such a petition help recover lost funds, but filing one can also protect other people from becoming victims of defrauded by the same broker.

When selecting a broker, ensure a credible body regulates it. A trustworthy broker should abide by stringent regulatory guidelines and possess Tier 1 licenses from an official governing organization. Also, read reviews and investigate its history thoroughly.

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Is Regal Capital Group LLC a Legit Broker?

Regal Capital Group LLC is an untrustworthy broker suspected of engaging in dubious business practices and likely is operating as a scam. According to allegations made against them by traders, Regal Capital Group contacted traders without their consent via phone calls and emails about credit, loans, investments, and financial advice without holding either an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) or an Australian Credit License (ACL). As such, it is recommended to only invest money with brokers regulated by reliable regulators such as FCA, CySEC, ASIC CFTC, and FINMA when investing your money with Regal Capital Group LLC or another.

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Suppose you have fallen prey to a Regal Capital Group LLC scam. In that case, you must report it immediately to protect other investors from being duped by this company and possibly recover any funds lost by filing with Chargeback.

Is Regal Capital Group LLC a Scam Broker?

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Fraudsters may use additional techniques, including phishing. They send emails or SMS to potential victims urging them to deposit money with brokers they don’t work for. They use aliases and email addresses without actual identities, even claiming to be government-regulated entities to attract investors.

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