Nashik Satpur Midc Company List


Nashik is a bustling business hub with an eclectic range of industries. It is home to several large firms that form part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project and also home to numerous small businesses and wineries.

Nashik is home to many industrial units and IT companies that can offer excellent career growth and advancement opportunities.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited was established in 1964. Since then, they have manufactured and repaired aircraft as well as produced avionics, aerospace structures, helicopters, and the Hetak/Dhruv series of helicopters, as well as inertial navigation systems and auto stabilizers among their products. Their aircraft products include HAWK/LCA/SU-30 MKI/DORNIER models, while their helicopter production includes Hetaks/Dhruvs; furthermore, their extensive network of service centers offer their products, including inertial navigation systems/auto stabilizers, among others.

Ozar, Maharashtra-based Tata Communication employs over 1,600 technical experts. Their products can be found across four continents. Unfortunately, in recent times, they have had difficulty gaining momentum as earnings growth has lagged the market averages.

Sinnar Industrial Area in Nashik boasts an ample power supply and wide roads for trucks and containers to move freely around. Situated close to both the railway station and airport, this is one of the most progressive Industrial areas in Nashik – popular among IT companies such as TCS, WNS, and Accenture as a base of operations. There is even an MSEB substation nearby, as well as common facility center facilities and a telephone exchange.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra manufactures automobiles and farm equipment. Its Automotive segment provides automobiles, spares, mobility solutions and construction equipment, while its Farm Equipment segment produces tractors and agricultural implements. Mahindra’s CSR initiatives focus on sustainable development while simultaneously increasing environmental sustainability; additionally, they have earned certification as a Great Place to Work organization; this means their employees have developed a high trust, high-performance culture based on five dimensions of the Great Place to Work framework such as credibility, respect, fairness pride camaraderie – making Mahindra an industry leader!

Nashik Tyre Company stands out as one of the premier manufacturing firms in Nashik, with its tire plant there producing truck and bus tires, light commercial vehicle tires, passenger car radial tires, as well as agriculture and industrial-use applications tires at an astounding rate of 140,000 per day!

Mahindra Group of companies, valued at $20.7 billion, empowers people to rise through innovative mobility solutions that drive rural prosperity, enhance urban living and foster new businesses. Mahindra Leadership University (MLU), its flagship institution for leadership development initiatives and sustainable practices that reduce its carbon footprint, provides world-class learning initiatives while striving to maximize efficiencies across its operations.


Nashik Tyre Manufacturing Company boasts a daily production capacity of 140,000 tires at five plants throughout India, winning several awards and becoming a leader in the Indian automobile industry. They have also developed groundbreaking industrial coating technologies like radiation-resistant coatings for nuclear power plants, as well as built zinc/polyurethane paint for aircraft and railway coaches.

Nashik is an attractive choice for IT businesses, offering an innovative ecosystem to foster innovation and growth. The city’s dedication to technological progress and increasing talent pool have attracted both established tech firms and emerging startups – turning Nashik into an IT hub.

Satpur and Gonde industrial areas currently exist within Vinchur; additional locations, such as the Sinnar Malegaon Industrial Corridor Project, have also been proposed for future development. Furthermore, many smaller-scale industries operate throughout the city.


Maxheal Pharmaceutical Company in Nashik was established in 1984. Since then, they have played an essential part in providing people with quality healthcare products at reasonable rates and meeting healthcare needs more effectively. Each formulation project begins with a strategic formulation plan and may involve capsules/tablets for immediate/extended-release or semi-solid formulations, such as syrups for oral administration.

Company products also include industrial coatings used in radiation-resistant nuclear power plants and other applications, designed to withstand corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals while offering various colors and textures suitable for a wide variety of materials.

Nashik is a rapidly developing city and home to several large industries. Pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline, Glenmark, and Fem Pharma all operate manufacturing plants here; furthermore, it serves as India’s pharmaceutical hub with five distinct “Industrial Zones” such as Satpur Ambad Sinnar Igatpuri Dindori all hosting various pharmaceutical businesses ranging from small-scale ones through large scale ones.

Larsen & Toubro

Nashik is a business hub, known for its robust IT ecosystem and dedicated workforce. This city’s growth has made it a sought-after investment destination. Additionally, there are large-scale industries located here, including those found at Ambad Dindori Gonde Satpur Sinnar Igatpuri, which are popular locations.

Larsen & Toubro is an international conglomerate engaged in engineering, construction, technology, and manufacturing activities across several fields. Products offered by Larsen & Toubro include metallurgical machinery, power plants, oil and gas exploration equipment, hydraulics, hydrocarbon defense & para-military vessels shipbuilding.

The stock of this company has done very well over time, and investors looking to diversify their portfolio should strongly consider investing. Before making your decision, be sure to conduct thorough research of both the company and its peers; read reports, listen to analyst’s views, and compare performance against peers to gauge the risk-reward ratio. Finally, watch out for fraudulent websites or individuals seeking fees or payments as schemes for investing.