Missouri High School Football Rankings


High school football is a trendy sport in Missouri and boasts several unique characteristics that set it apart, such as fandom, management, and authority. Complex industry is often touted as the key to success; similarly, players in Missouri high school football rankings strive tirelessly for victory while seeking success for their teams.


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Missouri Tigers are on an impressive run, winning four out of their last six games to move up into No. 20 of the Associated Press Top 25 poll. Now is their opportunity to seize control of the SEC East division with a victory against No. 1 Georgia at Georgia Dome this Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

There is plenty of reason for optimism with regard to Auburn Tigers’ recruiting class. Five-star commits such as defensive lineman Williams Nwaneri and wide receiver Ryan Wingo are already committed, plus an experienced coach can turn an average offense into one capable of scoring quickly.

But there’s still work to be done. Recruitment has been slow this year and may get worse without an increase in effort from recruiting staffers. To stay competitive in their conference, they will require signing plenty of talent in order to bring back some winning players to join the Tigers roster.


Missouri high school football rankings are determined by taking into account several factors, such as team record, conference record, state championship game appearances, and strength and consistency of each team. MaxPreps also considers this.

The proverb states, “Hard work is the key to success,” and Missouri HS football organizers certainly live up to that motto by working tirelessly on behalf of their teams’ development. Thanks to them, these young football teams continue to flourish day by day!

MaxPreps’ 2022-23 Missouri high school football rankings are determined based on four critical criteria.


Authority plays an essential role when it comes to high school football. When led by an enthusiastic organizer who desires to make his team the best in the world, players will strive for greatness within the sport and create success for all involved. The complex industry is indeed crucial to success – these Missouri HS Football students indeed demonstrate this dedication by their pursuit of ultimate achievement in their chosen fields of endeavor.

De Smet’s win against rival CBC catapulted them to the top of state rankings this week. De Smet will put their new-found No.1 spot through rigorous examination this week when they take on St Louis University High School; all other top 10 teams remain unchanged this week.

Hard Industry

There is an adage that holds in high school football as well: Complexity is the key to success. Devoted players work tirelessly day in and out to ensure their team remains at its peak without giving up until success is reached. Their efforts are supported by dedicated coaching staff providing constant team development.

De Smet’s win against CBC was vital in shifting De Smet to No. 1, while unbeaten Seneca advanced one spot to No. 4. Both will face complex tests during Week 10.

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