How Much Is a Mercedes G Wagon?

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon combines luxury, status, and exceptional on and off-road capabilities into an unforgettable package. However, it should be noted that Mercedes doesn’t manufacture their off-roader–that job falls to Austrian engineering firm Magna Steyr.

The G-Wagon debuted in the 1970s as a military and civilian vehicle, quickly becoming a status symbol and iconic status icon with timeless styling and bold exclusivity.


The Mercedes-Benz G Wagon is a luxury SUV with a six-figure price tag. Known for its rugged offroad capability and luxurious amenities such as massaging seats, this SUV comes in two models – G550 and AMG badged G63 – and has been produced since 1970 with only minor changes over time.

The G-Wagon began as a military vehicle and first received bulk orders from Mercedes shareholder Shah of Iran. It made its American debut following the Islamic Revolution in 1979 through private “grey market” imports. Although officially imported until then, a few hundred vehicles did make their way over through private import channels before then through private importers on private “grey market” channels. While its appearance resembles it’s original, its 2018 makeover brought more contemporary characteristics that emphasize interior comfort, safety, and technology while maintaining its iconic look.

Unlike many offroad vehicles, the G-Wagon has never made concessions to fuel economy or passenger comfort for off-roading capabilities. With its 9.5-inch ground clearance and three locking differentials for challenging terrain, the G-Wagon is explicitly built for off-road adventures. You can even equip it with a portal axle setup for added off-road capability.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon owners love its iconic good looks and its distinct boxy silhouette. These traits have earned it status symbol status among some audiences and even feature in music videos or rap lyrics, not to mention taking its occupants on adventures their odometer wouldn’t record!

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Mercedes G-Wagon SUVs have long been considered one of the finest luxury SUVs. First designed as a military vehicle in the 1970s, once commercially produced and made available for civilian purchase in 1979, it quickly gained notoriety for its ruggedness and durability. It is one of Mercedes’ longest-running models, used by everyone from the Shah of Iran to Argentine Army troops during its history.

G-Wagons are known for being rugged and versatile vehicles, yet they also provide plenty of interior comfort and technology features tailored towards passenger comfort and convenience. Some new models even accommodate additional passengers; you’ll find everything from massaging front seats to digital gauge clusters. There are even options to customize its interior and personalize its design further. Mercedes provides performance and style packages, so your G-Wagon can become luxurious or sporty, depending on your appeal!

Although not as popular, the G-Wagon still provides an exceptional driving experience that’s hard to match. Furthermore, its customizable nature has earned it a cult following among celebrities and producers; you can customize yours into something like a hot rod!

If you want something even more extreme, G-Wagon AMG models offer hand-tooled construction and feature 550 horsepower V-8 biturbo engines – for ultimate luxury driving experiences! Furthermore, custom wheels, tires, and upgrades such as bulletproof glass can further personalize the car to your tastes and turn heads wherever they go.


The Mercedes G-Wagon is one of the world’s most beloved luxury SUVs. Renowned for being an all-around off-road beast and sporting an attractive yet fierce design, its latest iteration can be found as both 4×4 and 6×6 options and is powered by AMG’s 4.0L biturbo M157 engine, which produces 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque – truly making it a powerhouse vehicle!

The G-Wagon first debuted in the 1970s as an all-terrain vehicle and was intended to go anywhere it needed to. Equipped with four-wheel drive, differential locks, and a ladder-frame chassis design, its versatility made it famous enough for military use as cargo transport and canine transportation – even Pope John Paul II owned his mother-of-pearl G-Wagon as his popemobile!

As Mercedes released the second-generation G-Wagon SUV, they needed to determine what made it different from other models. While keeping its ladder-frame construction and off-road capabilities intact, more cabin design refinement was added. Rack-and-pinion steering replaced an antiquated recirculating ball setup on previous G-Wagon models.

Today, the G-Wagon remains popular with celebrities and militaries alike. Renowned for its off-road capabilities and rugged styling, the G-Wagon can easily be upgraded with 4×4 modifications such as lift kits, bigger tires, roof racks, and steel bumpers for an enhanced off-road experience. Many owners add portal axle lift kits for even more incredible off-road prowess.

Mercedes-Benz may be best known for the G-Wagon, but Austrian engineering firm Magna Steyr constructs these off-roaders. Magna Steyr began manufacturing them in 1972 – after they collaborated to design an original prototype. Over time, however, this relationship has continued – Mercedes handles powertrain and design while Magna Steyr builds offroad chassis components.

Off-Road Capabilities

G-Wagons were initially developed for use by the military as all-terrain vehicles, featuring rugged underpinnings and four-wheel drive to enable them to navigate any situation quickly off-road. Plus, several accessories make G-Wagons even more capable off-roaders!

G-Wagons have quickly become popular status symbols; one owner could even drive his G-Wagon across 215 countries and 559,234 miles without experiencing a breakdown! This phenomenon undoubtedly contributes to their immense popularity – not surprising given that many consider them status symbols themselves!

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons have long been known for their luxurious interiors and robust off-road capabilities. Today’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon models can easily cross rivers or ascend steep embankments, take on rough terrain, or cross muddy trails without issue.

If you prefer something with more off-road capability, the G63 AMG makes for an excellent option. Equipped with an AMG V8 biturbo engine capable of producing incredible power, this vehicle can tackle off-road trails effortlessly and turn heads at local 4×4 clubs.

The Mercedes X-Class G-Wagon is another option designed specifically to take off-roading adventures. Its rugged exterior design and aggressive suspension can take on all terrain. Plus, there’s the AMG body kit and roll bar upgrades.

G-Wagons have also become popular choices among military forces. These variants typically come equipped with off-roading accessories, including winches and roof racks; others also feature armor plating to support weapons such as machine guns or grenade launchers.


The G-Wagon has become an iconic symbol of luxury and status since it began production in 1979. Since then, it has become one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road, seen in movies and music videos and used by those wanting to stand out. You can customize its appearance using wheels, tires, and engine upgrades that make your G-Wagon distinctive and distinct from others on the road.

Unique military versions of the G wagon also exist, complete with extra armor plating and other features to help keep drivers safe on the road. While rarer than their civilian counterparts, they can sometimes be found if you search hard enough. While more costly than civilian models, military versions provide the perfect way to show your ruggedness on the road.

Mercedes-Benz contracts out G-Wagon production to Austrian engineering firm Magna Steyr – who produces all second-generation models – as part of an over fifty-year partnership arrangement in which Mercedes manages powertrain development while Magna Steyr handles chassis development.

Though not as sleek as other Mercedes models, the G-Wagon is appealing. With its narrow profile and formidable presence, this off-roader excels at traversing rivers, steep embankments, and rugged trails, climbing dunes, or driving through snow without issue.

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