BTS Cake Topper


Make a statement with your love for BTS with this fantastic cake topper featuring all seven idols. Your birthday celebration will undoubtedly become more BTS-filled, thanks to this addition!

Cake toppers were never intended for longevity; porous materials like wax, chalkware, and celluloid are susceptible to decay from coming into contact with sugary icing and are easy to water damage and insect infestation. Even when properly stored and protected against such issues, they may still succumb.

What is a cake topper?

Cake toppers are decorative objects used to adorn cakes. Made of various materials and styles, cake toppers typically match the theme or occasion they represent and add the finishing touch for special celebrations or events.

Selecting an ideal cake topper can be challenging, depending on its style and design, the size of the cake, as well as the desired color scheme. A general guideline would be to select one no wider than half of your cake’s width so as not to overwhelm its display. Furthermore, matching colors in both the topper and cake helps create a cohesive appearance and makes your topper appear stunningly beautiful.

Cake toppers come in many varieties: edible, plastic, cardboard, and wood. Edible cake toppers are typically constructed out of icing that can be piped, shaped, or molded into any character, shape, or message you can imagine; they’re often more economical than their counterparts and easily found at local party stores. Plastic models make for fun additions to children’s cakes as an inexpensive alternative fondant or buttercream models and can even be reused several times without getting dirty in the process!

Shaker toppers are popular decorations that include tiny beads, sequins, or glitter that are filled in their interior with clear acetate layering to hold it all in place. When shaken, the decorative elements will move around inside and add extra shine and fun! Perfect for weddings and birthdays! They add extra sparkly fun and sparkle.

How to use a cake topper

Cake toppers are an easy and fun way to add the finishing touch to a delicious treat! Toppers come in every form imaginable – from the simple and elaborate, perfect for every special event and holiday, right down to customizable versions with designs or photos included! When selecting your topper, keep both the size of your cake and the occasion in mind.

Cake toppers should generally not exceed one-third of the height of the cake in order to ensure they do not overshadow it. Furthermore, an easily removed topper allows for reuse with another dessert or cake later on.

If you are using a topper on a cake covered in either ganache or buttercream, it is best to apply it before the icing has set up. This will prevent the image from molding to it and producing an unsightly bumpy surface. Additionally, brushing or spraying some water over the surface before applying your image can ensure it won’t smudge its colors when dry.

Traditional cake toppers feature figurines of the bride and groom; however, you can customize your toppings to reflect your style. For instance, laser-cut letters could display your name or a meaningful quote. Other decorative options could be flowers, banners, or even fruit.

Make any celebration memorable with a whimsical and romantic cake topper–try using a wire cupid’s bow and arrow as the ideal addition to any bridal shower, bachelorette party cake, anniversary celebration, or any special event with its festive look! This keepsake can even serve as a keepsake keepsake!

Cricut makes creating personalized cake toppers easier than ever! Use its iScale tool to design and personalize it with any name or date quickly – follow this tutorial!

Count yourself among those who appreciate numbers! This DIY cake topper is easy to create and looks beautiful when added to any cake. Follow this tutorial for guidance in adding any number you desire!

Size of a cake topper

Cake toppers are an effective way to add the final flourish to a delicious cake. Constructed from edible or non-edible materials, cake toppers often match the theme of a party celebration and can be purchased or commissioned through bakeries as decorations for parties or stores that specialize in party supplies. Cake toppers make life simple – add them to any size of cake!

Edible cake toppers are created from edible icing that can be piped, molded, or printed upon. Used to add an eye-catching design on top of cakes and often featuring the guest of honor’s name or photo. Customizable to the color scheme of any party and easily created at home or by professional bakers alike.

Non-edible cake toppers can be created from materials such as plastic, cardboard, and wood, making them easily found at cake decorating stores and easily selected at the last minute. They’re an especially great option for children’s cakes since they can be reused; make sure that they sit securely so they won’t fall off during serving!

Cake toppers should ideally be one-third the height of the cake to ensure they do not dominate it and can easily be seen by guests. A suitable weight for the topper should also ensure it can be easily secured to the top tier without issues; too heavy may damage its surface.

Cake toppers come in many forms, making it vital to select one suitable for your event. Some are intended to become permanent decorations on cakes, while others serve as keepsakes to be taken home afterward. Reusable toppers may also come in handy on future occasions.

Types of cake toppers

Cake toppers can be constructed out of various materials and designed to match any theme or special event. From edible pieces made of edible material to non-edible parts explicitly intended to reflect an occasion or theme – cake toppers offer an easy way to elevate the aesthetics of a dessert while adding drama or charm. Plus, as keepsakes from that special event!

Edible cake toppers can be piped, shaped, or printed onto. They’re an ideal last-minute party solution as you can pick them up quickly from a party store; plus, they provide an opportunity for creating memorable messages to the guest of honor!

Plastic-modelled cake toppers are an increasingly popular option, providing a fun way to include characters from their favorite show or movie on the cake. Plus, they’re reusable, so you can keep using them again on future birthdays or Christmases!

Personalized cake toppers are custom-crafted and typically incorporate the name or message of the person being honored on their special day. While more costly than other options, they add a personal touch to your celebration cake!

No matter the occasion or your theme of choice, there are sure to be the ideal toppers available to add that special something. From delicate porcelain feathers to rustic wooden ones, there is sure to be something suitable.

If you’re planning a BTS celebration, a cake topper featuring their vibrant logo is sure to set your celebration apart. Show everyone where your true allegiance lies! It’s the ideal way to show how much love exists within our beloved boys from Seoul!