Best Destiny 2 PvE Mods


This Helm Armor Mod is ideal for PvE builds that employ grenades. Each enemy killed results in increased grenade energy regeneration, making this mod particularly helpful for Solar Warlock and Void Titan builds that require rapid recharges of their supers.

Conan Exiles players looking for an efficient PVE mod without worrying about exhausting their stamina while climbing large structures will find this mod to be especially helpful.

Ammo Finders

Heavy Ammo Finder is one of the best pve mods in Destiny 2 and an invaluable feature for Guardians alike, offering extra bricks of heavy ammo every time you kill enemies. These bricks stand out from regular ammo with their glowing effect, making it easier to distinguish them than regular bricks; stacking this mod also increases your odds of finding more additional bricks!

How it Works: There’s a hidden counter that keeps track of weapon final blows, and when this bar fills up you receive a glowing heavy ammo brick (similar to Warmind Cells). Unfortunately this only tracks weapon kills and not ability or grenade kills, although killing Taken combatants with either does count towards your counter progress.

Once the mod has taken effect, you will see its status text appear on screen. How many bricks you receive depends upon which weapon type is being used (exotic primaries have higher chances of yielding more bricks).

All in all, this mod is an invaluable asset in your arsenal. It makes ammo farming much simpler for weapons you use regularly while providing another means of finding scarce PVE resources. Furthermore, ammo finder mods remain effective even with Famine active; you will still find ammo bricks easily!

Noticing how more Ammo Finder mods you equip will reduce how often they proc. To avoid having too many, unless your goal is maximum progression, only have one or two Ammo Finder mods equipped at all times unless maximizing progression is your objective. To maximize procs while playing, ensure your helmet does not restrict movement too severely while making sure to bring as much reusable gear as possible with you to reduce waste during gameplay.

Kickstart Mods

Destiny 2 mods that provide immediate return on your class ability energy are among the best for PvE players, making the most of limited armor slots while preventing shields or grenades from needing to recharge as quickly.

Kickstart Mods come in three varieties – Grenade, Melee and Utility. Each mod provides you with additional Class Ability Energy when you kill an enemy and requires the Guardian rank 7 Ability Cooldowns Font or Weapon Surge mod to activate. They stack; in fact the grenade variant also reduces barricade cooldown timers.

Both grenade and melee versions come with some drawbacks, however. For instance, the grenade kickstart won’t work with any exotic helmet other than the Mask of Bakris; furthermore, its internal cooldown prevents it from refunding energy if an enemy hits before you gain the benefit of your next attack or exotic effect is over (e.g. when using Ashen Wake or Contraverse Hold).

Utility Kickstart works with all exotic helmets. While this mod may not trigger like its counterparts do (grenade or melee versions do), its effect still offers excellent returns when your class ability energy runs low – making it great for pairing with Distribution, Stasis or Bomber mods!

Utility Kickstart has also been disabled temporarily due to an apparent bug resulting in indefinite super energy for Titans, according to Reddit threads. Bungie is working on fixing this issue and will reactivate Utility Kickstart as soon as it’s possible.

High-Energy Fire

High-Energy Fire is one of the premier weapons mods for any combat build in Destiny 2. This T1 weapon boosts weapon attacks when Charged with Light; defeating enemies while Charged increases damage by 20% against PvE foes and 15% against Guardians – but this buff doesn’t stack with Weapons of Light, Radiant or any other damage-increasing buffs!

To generate Charged with Light, it is necessary to execute precise multikills from Bows, Hand Cannons, and Scout Rifles within a short amount of time – typically three kills from bows, hand cannons, or Scout Rifles will suffice – or get one charge from killing an enemy with Shield Break Charge (in particular by targeting shielded enemies).

Assaulting enemies while Charged with Light will grant you stacks, which help recharge your abilities more rapidly than normal. Additional stacks may be gained from collecting Elemental Wells that match up with your subclass element or by making use of Warmind Cells.

High-Energy Fire can offer incredible damage benefits when combined with another Charged with Light mod, such as Elemental Blast or Charge Harvester, providing additional Charged with Light stacks. The same holds true for mods that provide additional Charged with Light stacks such as Taking Charge or Charge Harvester.

High-Energy Fire provides sidearms with a damage boost when using their reload abilities or reloading while Charged with Light – though less drastically than Surprise Attack’s increase to grenade damage, nevertheless still providing valuable bonuses for players.

Powerful Friends & Radiant Light

Build crafting can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of Destiny 2, whether playing solo or with your fireteam. Mods offer various advantages ranging from increasing damage output to instantly providing heavy ammo; yet certain mods stand out as particularly advantageous in PvE play. One such mod is Powerful Friends & Radiant Light which gives all members in your fireteam access to Charged with Light status while providing various stat buffs such as damage increases and melee strength increases.

Are You Searching to Be an Icon in the Crucible? Having an endgame raid team equipped with high amounts of special and heavy ammo is crucial when trying to beat tough bosses or take down major threats in Dreaming City.

Powerful Friends is one of the few mods capable of benefitting an entire fireteam in PvE, thanks to its ability to cause nearby allies to become “Charged with Light” whenever you use your Super. While this does not provide direct boosts such as Weapon Surge on boots or Kickstart on class items, instead it extends its radius, making it far more useful in larger groups.

For this Destiny 2 mod, head west of The Tower and speak with Ada-1 near the Loom. She sells various Armor Mods throughout the day and may offer Powerful Friends from time to time – you may also earn Mod Components by completing Banshee-44’s bounties!

Powerful Friends & Radiant Light mod may not always appear, but it remains an excellent choice for PvE players looking to maximize their Destiny 2 experience. Notably, its +20 mobility boost provides additional value at an extremely reasonable cost – definitely making this investment worth your while.