2021 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir


Our 2021 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir blends the best vineyard sites from one of Sonoma’s esteemed appellations: UV Laguna Vineyard provides depth and intensity; Wohler imparts red fruit and cola notes; Bucher (from vines that originated at Rochioli Vineyard in the 1970s) contributes structure and rich texture.


The Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, located at its geographic center, is one of the premier Pinot Noir wine-producing appellations in America. Surrounded by lush forests, redwood groves, apple orchards, and apple orchards, its most distinctive feature is its fog-cooled climate – an ocean mist blanket covers every evening to lower air temperatures by as much as 40 degrees and allows grapes to ripen longer, producing deep flavors not achievable under warmer climates.

Gold Ridge soil (a mixture of clay and sandstone formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions) contributes to this unique climate, making its wines shine. Vineyards across many neighborhoods feature distinct personalities and characters – the Middle Reach neighborhood has some of the oldest vines with additional warmth for fuller-bodied wines with notes of cola spice and dark fruit.

This medium-bodied Russian River Pinot Noir displays vibrant raspberries and black cherries, balanced by French oak from 12 months of aging. A touch of vanilla and baking spices add complexity, as does an underlying minerality characteristic of Russian River Pinots. Pair this wine with chicken, salmon, or lighter soft cheeses.


Pinot Noir is an internationally revered wine grape variety, receiving international praise and garnering rave reviews among experts for its expressive expression of terroir. Renowned for its velvety mouthfeel, balanced acidity, and versatile flavor profile – Pinot Noir can complement a range of culinary experiences perfectly.

The Russian River Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) borders the Pacific Ocean, yet stands out due to its rolling hills dotted with apple trees, giant redwoods, meandering rivers, and vineyards that make this region known for producing world-class Pinot Noir wines. Halleck Vineyard’s pioneer winemakers were among those responsible for pioneering New World Pinot Noir production; today, Halleck Vineyard continues to excel year after year!

The climate is one of the key reasons that make this region suitable for Pinot Noir production, with morning fog lingering over vineyards and cool temperatures throughout the day. This combination maintains natural acidity levels while permitting grapes to slowly ripen into big fruit flavors with a distinctive, crisp, juicy taste reminiscent of Pinot.

The 2021 vintage was an exceptional year for Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley, with mild weather during bloom and a gradual progress toward ripening that enabled grapes to produce complex flavors without losing acidity. This rich wine features aromas of lavender and boysenberry alongside flavors such as dark cherry, pomegranate, and vanilla bean, and a silky mouthfeel with subtle oak from barrel aging – creating a mouthwatering wine whose smooth mouthfeel complements its bold flavors perfectly.


Pinot Noir grapes can be one of the more challenging varieties to grow and transform into wine due to their tightly clustered pine cone-shaped clusters of fruit. Furthermore, it can be vulnerable to many viticultural diseases and pests, yet when done right; it can produce expressive wines full of vibrant acidity with exotic aromatics.

Russian River Valley’s cool climate provides the ideal setting for this variety to reach full maturity and its full range of flavor and aroma characteristics. As such, our wines display both red fruit flavors and earthy qualities for a balanced and distinctive combination.

Foggy mornings bring a cooling caress, limiting sunlight hours and temperatures from rising too rapidly. This marine air conditioning extends the growing season by as much as 20%, giving Pinot Noir grapes time to ripen their exquisite complexity over an extended period slowly.

Russian River Valley AVA encompasses many neighborhoods, each boasting its distinct personality. Middle Reach boasts some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines and more warmth than other regions, producing wine with richer tannins, notes of pomegranate, tart cherry, and cranberry, as well as baking spices and vanilla aromas. Sebastopol Hills’ Halleck Vineyard, on the other hand, lies colder in comparison and features Gold Ridge soils; these sandy, loamy Terra Nova soils are known for expressing Pinot’s expressive characteristics with balanced energy and balanced structures in winemaking.


For any Pinot Noir fanatics out there, this region offers an incredible variety of wines from single vineyards and appellation blends alike. Boasting an illustrious winemaking history dating back to ancient Roman times, its wines rank among the world’s best – so grab yourself a seat at one of its world-class tables and start sipping away!

Russian River Valley is an exceptional wine region, boasting various microclimates and soil types within its appellation. As such, its wines showcase these distinctive locations by reflecting them with fresh, vibrant Pinot Noir wines known for their expressive properties.

Our 2021 Twomey Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is an impeccable example of this style. The vintage’s velvety tannin structure is enhanced by an abundance of fruit flavors such as strawberry and boysenberry that blend in perfectly with black cherry, dark plum, and cranberry, all topped off by subtle vanilla accents from barrel aging for an overall balanced experience.

No better way to experience the Russian River Valley than by visiting its beautiful wineries! From Rochioli Vineyards’ historic tasting room and vineyard views of Twomey property to Twomey Vineyard’s panoramic vineyard views and wine-tasting experiences that stand alone – each winery provides something genuinely exceptional for visitors in this time of uncertainty. Visit each winery’s website for up-to-date information regarding visiting policies and tasting experiences they provide; safety remains their top priority while working diligently towards providing safe, enjoyable visits for their guests.