Types of Toilet Stall Partitions


If properly maintained, stainless steel toilet partitions may outlive other forms of bathroom stall partitions; otherwise, they quickly break down and require replacement more frequently. Look into the Best info about vách ngăn vệ sinh compact.

These high-quality manufacturers include Hadrian, Bradley, and Columbia Partitions; some even provide 48-hour express shipping options.

Powder-coated steel

Powder-coated steel bathroom partitions are one of the more cost-effective materials available for toilet stall dividers, constructed by laminating two sheets of metal to a cellular honeycomb core for strength and sound attenuation. Finally, their panels and doors are covered in an organic polymer powder coating finish that is resistant to impact, abrasions, detergents, and acids, providing strength and soundproofing properties.

These toilet stalls are known for their durability and resistance to vandalism, making them popular choices in public restrooms and commercial buildings. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and configurations to meet any bathroom layout!

Powder-coated steel toilet stalls are an excellent choice for bathrooms that experience regular wear and tear due to their tough durability and easy-care requirements. Not only are they easy to maintain and keep looking their best, but their strong resistance against graffiti makes them a green option that adds value to any facility.


These partitions offer an elegant, contemporary style and require professional installation for optimal use. They are crafted from either tempered or laminated safety glass for durability and scratch resistance. Stains don’t damage them either, and maintenance is straightforward—though, at 55″, standard panel and door height make these less private than their counterparts.

Phenolic bathroom partitions feature a durable phenolic core covered by clear melamine for ultimate protection from moisture, impact, and vandalism. Available in a range of colors for ease of scrubbing and cleaning, these durable partitions tend to show surface wear more quickly and may become susceptible to ghosting more often than their counterparts. Fast Partitions offers Bobrick DesignerSeries HPL toilet partitions, which feature stainless edging and steel-core stiles for optimal strength.

Powder-coated metal offers the lowest costs and durability among bathroom stall partition materials but may dent easily and become vulnerable to rust in environments of high humidity. Meanwhile, stainless steel offers greater strength and sleek looks; however, it cannot withstand prolonged steam or water exposure and could potentially delaminate.

Solid plastic

Solid plastic toilet partitions are durable and moisture resistant, and they’re highly customizable for high-traffic facilities such as malls, schools, public parks, and stadiums—including Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium! The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings even chose them!

HDPE solid plastic stands apart from powder-coated steel and phenolic in that it consists of one piece of solid sheet material with homogenous coloring throughout. This eliminates painting requirements, VOC emissions during manufacturing or upkeep, and the need for protective coatings to guard against scratches or graffiti.

HDPE solid plastic restroom partitions feature a standard sliding latch, striker, and keeper made of chrome-plated alloy for ease of use and increased strength and durability. Upgrades such as stainless steel pilaster shoes are available as an upgrade for added strength and resilience. All hardware components are zinc die cast and triple plated with nickel, chrome, and copper plating; plus, many different color choices are offered with unique textures such as rotary brushing or hammered finishes for an added personal touch.

Phenolic core

Phenolic core toilet stall partitions are an economical and long-term choice for restrooms that experience frequent use. They are resistant to impact and wear while being easy to maintain and clean, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. Furthermore, their corrosion, water, and graffiti resistance make them excellent choices in high-traffic locations; moreover, they boast excellent acoustic properties, which help create quieter and more private restroom experiences than other materials.

These toilet partitions are constructed using decorative surface sheets impregnated with melamine-impregnated decorative surface sheets that are laminated over multiple Kraft phenolic core sheets to achieve the desired thickness. Two different options are available – black core or color core; however, while color core has no impact on material performance, it simply adds visual appeal and design flexibility.

These solid phenolic toilet partitions meet NFPA standards for Class B material fire retardancy. They have also earned GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification and are made of recycled material. These partitions are extremely easy to clean, have long lifespans, require reduced maintenance than other materials, and come in multiple mounting styles, such as overhead-braced, floor-anchored, and ceiling-hung options, for convenience.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel toilet partitions exude luxury and modernism, making them the ideal choice for any restroom renovation project that prioritizes appearance and strength.

Aluminum composite materials (ACMs) are durable, sanitary, and corrosion-resistant materials that offer maximum longevity and corrosion protection. They withstand frequent cleaning and sanitation efforts without disintegrating, while their high content of chromium prevents rust formation. Furthermore, compared with other materials, ACMs are easy to maintain their shine for extended periods.

Entire corner welds and interlocking molding ensure that doors, panels, and pilasters stay put. Regular washing makes cleaning them simple; stainless steel material resists impact damage well, while light buffing can remove scratches.

Stainless steel bathroom stalls are easy to install and versatile enough for almost any restroom environment. They are available in various finishes and shipped quickly—some models even feature 48-hour lead times with their brushed texture finish, making them an excellent choice for projects with tight deadlines.