Tijuana River Valley Campground


Tijuana River Valley Regional Park stands out as an ecological oasis in San Diego County, providing connectivity between beach, dune, salt marsh, riparian, and upland environments and its host of over 340 native and migrating bird species.

The new 79-acre campground features 46 standard campsites (16 tents only), five equestrian sites, and ten yurts – modern covered camping spaces designed for six to 10 people with beds and frames that provide shelter. Watch the grand opening video here.


New to the area in spring 2021, this 79-acre campground features tent, RV, and yurt sites to meet any camping need. Situated one mile south of the Tijuana River and bordering Mexico, this park provides fantastic views and access to historic viewpoints and trails with unique perspectives.

This park features an extensive system of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians to use. Hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians will find this an excellent opportunity to experience nature – including riparian forests, beaches, and coastal maritime sage scrub. You might even spot one or more of the 340 native or traveling bird species found here beneath the Pacific Flyway!

The campground is open from sunrise to sunset each day and accessible via Monument Road, with low traffic volumes throughout the day. As it’s near a military airbase, helicopters may fly overhead occasionally throughout the day. Bring DEET, picaridin, or IR3535 repellants for protection from mosquito bites! Additionally, this site features restrooms, theaters, and nature education opportunities.


Location: Next to the Mexican Border in San Diego. This new campground provides scenic valley views and access to over 20 miles of trails for hikers, bikers, and equestrians. In addition, there is a 200-plot community garden, five ballfields, a bird/butterfly garden theater, and a nature education center located here.

This hidden gem, established only a few years ago, offers an excellent place for families. Pitching a tent or camping in one of the recently introduced yurts are options here; park rangers patrol regularly as well as providing clean restrooms and showers for convenience.

This 79-acre campground serves as an ideal starting point for exploring beautiful San Diego or making quick journeys across the border into Tijuana. Offering 51 primitive campsites – 16 tent-friendly sites, five for equestrians, and 30 multi-use trailer sites – plus it is the first County park offering modern versions of ancient, round tent-like camping spaces complete with doors, windows, and beds able to sleep six-10 people – it provides ample opportunity for adventure!


Right on the border with Mexico lies one of San Diego’s hidden gems: this campground. Perfect for RV, tent, and yurt camping alike, its trails provide endless entertainment, and there are park rangers regularly patrolling its grounds, as well as many restrooms and showers available to use.

At this campground, there is also a 200-plot community garden and five ballfields for residents to use, in addition to over 20 miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders to explore; these trails range from dense riparian forests through coastal maritime sage scrub and onto Spooner’s Mesa Summit itself.

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park is within easy driving distance, while you may hear helicopter noise throughout the day. Monument Road provides low-traffic road activities and views while hosting many migratory species; to protect yourself and wildlife in this park from mosquito monitoring and spraying programs in place by County of San Diego’s Vector Control Program, bring along DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or oil of lemon eucalyptus repellants to use when necessary.

Dogs allowed

This new campground, which opened in 2021 and is close to the US-Mexico border, makes an excellent destination for a family vacation. Offering tent, RV, and yurt campsites as well as token showers for visitors and weekly wildlife preservation programs to guests – this park boasts abundant natural resources as part of Pacific Flyway! – plus over 340 bird species!

The Reserve is an ideal spot for birders, particularly in spring and fall when migrating species arrive at their breeding grounds. The visitor center is open Wednesday through Sunday; trail maps and wildlife information can be obtained. Dog-friendly trails exist but must always remain leashed.

Trails in this reserve are straightforward to walk and offer picturesque views of coastal sage scrub and non-native grasslands, wildlife observation platforms, and boardwalks bordering North Dairy Mart Pond, bicyclists, and horseback riders as well as bicycles and horseback riders using them. In addition, five ballfields and 200 plot community garden plots make for great walking.


Tijuana River Valley Regional Park now features an exquisite new campsite near the border, providing visitors with an idyllic camping experience just across the border. It is situated on one of its southernmost viewpoints about a mile from the Tijuana River and the Pacific Ocean. This new 79-acre campground includes tent, RV, yurt, and amphitheater camping sites for camping experiences near the border.

Visitors to the campground can hike the trails and discover its distinct desert vegetation, as well as enjoy birding there, with many migrating birds coming through to migrate along the Pacific Flyway – giving birders plenty of chances to see different species!

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park is an ideal spot for kids to go for hikes. The trails are well-kept and feature plenty of places for snack breaks; plus, its remote location and low-traffic roads provide relative tranquility compared to urban camping spots nearby. However, being relatively close to a military airbase means aircraft may fly overhead throughout the day.