Nolan Park in Northwest Calgary


Nolan Park provided an ideal location and connectivity for a young couple transitioning into home ownership in Northwest Calgary, and they now relish everything the community offers them.

Nolan Park on Governors Island features 19th-century houses that once served as military officer homes; today, arts and cultural organizations transform them into exhibit spaces.


Nolan Park on Governors Island is a four-acre green space characterized by brick pathways crisscrossed with stately 19th-century homes once inhabited by military officers, now used by seasonal cultural organizations that host free public programs throughout the year for both locals and visitors. From relaxing under an elm tree shade to setting up picnics or exploring its shady groves – Nolan Park offers something special to enjoy for everyone.

Twenty Nolan Park represents an exercise in creative tension between transformation and preservation, marrying modern requirements with historic detailing that respects its original character. Once used as a single-family residence, its design sought to retain this element by maintaining separate front entries visible from the street; when adding ADA accessibility for a new front entrance with a separate ramp entrance, an extension was possible, providing full-width porch space that enhanced original form and function of the house.

Trust for Governors Island will host a curated tour this summer showcasing all of the exciting activities taking place at Nolan Park houses this season, such as one-of-a-kind art exhibits, workshops, and performances that honor these unique structures’ rich histories. Visitors may want to visit Buildings 4A for masterful photography by Robert Capa, building 18 for an authentic glimpse of New York during the Civil War, or stop by NP/10 to marvel at Brooklyn ARTery’s handiwork!

Nolan Park in Selma offers tranquil living close to Cardinal Country Club while still providing access to shopping and dining. Nolan Park makes an ideal place for families, providing easy access to both beaches and mountains in North Carolina.


Nolan Park on Governors Island is a four-acre green space characterized by meandering brick paths and stately 19th-century houses lining it, once serving as homes to military officers but now providing opportunities for redevelopment that no other property in New York City offers. These charming yellow houses once served as residences of military officers but can now serve as single-family homes, offices, or cultural spaces – and during this summer, you can experience Nolan Park through an exclusive tour led by Juan Pablo Siles of Trust for Governors Island.

This project illustrates the complex balance between preservation and transformation. Its historic character was retained while simultaneously adding new functions and addressing accessibility issues. An ADA-compliant ramp visible from the front porch was carefully placed so as to minimize its impact on its historic facade, and, with the original garage gone, it now boasts a front entrance, cellar exit egress, and ADA access, plus more living space overall.

This summer, Governors Island offers an abundance of activities in Nolan Park and across its four-acre space, Nolan Park Trust. Check out its program schedule online – Nolan Park Trust hosts several New York cultural organizations offering a host of free public programs related to visual art and music.

Nolan Park provides the ideal balance between quiet residential living and vibrant city living, featuring nearby amenities and easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment – with Carolina Premium Outlets just minutes away! Nolan Park is an ideal place for both relaxation and socialization – making it the perfect spot for any occasion!


Nolan Park on Governors Island is a four-acre green space featuring charming 19th-century houses painted vibrant yellow that once served as homes to military officers; nowadays, they host arts and cultural programs year-round, making Nolan Park an excellent spot to enjoy picnics beneath an elm tree or stroll the winding brick pathways.

Working in collaboration with the Governors Island Trust, we initially proposed turning 20 Nolan Park into one unified exhibition venue; however, in the end, we chose to keep 20 Nolan Park as two individual houses while adding ADA accessibility and additional egress from its cellar. This project serves as a prime example of how historic structures can be restored while meeting contemporary user needs.

Nolan Park exhibits this summer will take visitors on an adventure through NYC’s rich history. From masterful photography to one-of-a-kind crafts, visitors will discover something new at every turn – be it exploring Robert Capa’s photography in Building 4A, shopping locally made goods at Brooklyn ARTery (Building 10B), or anything in between! There is sure to be an adventure waiting for them this summer.

Nolan Park in The Ranches of Carmel Valley offers something for all the family to enjoy – featuring a splash pad for children with a large restroom/changing room, two baseball diamonds, and a small playground. Nolan Park makes for an excellent way to spend a day outside with your loved ones! When hunger calls, there are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. Plus, the Ranches is close to Charlotte Premium Outlets, so shopping will never end!


Governors Island boasts several historic houses dating back to before the War of 1812; among them is NP/18, which dates from before 1812. As one of its most significant structures on Governors Island, its military history can be seen through its use as an officer’s house, offices, and family quarters for families residing on Governors. Today, this building offers several distinctive features contributing to its small-scale residential character.

Nolan Park is a four-acre green space situated at the north end of Governors Island military base and connected by brick pathways and lined with historic 19th-century houses, once single-family residences but now hosting free summer cultural activities and exhibitions. Visitors can relax under an elm tree’s shade or set up their picnic beneath its canopy of trees before strolling along its streets lined with stately brick buildings dating back to this period.

The renovation of NP/18 was intended to preserve its historic character while providing new amenities and meeting programmatic requirements for its further use. To meet these goals, the design solution included installing an ADA-compliant entrance discreetly hidden beneath an existing porch, as well as an interior layout enabling two different tenants to inhabit it simultaneously – an example of how preservation and transformation coexist harmoniously in this project.

Nolan Park residents will enjoy its peaceful lifestyle and proximity to local amenities. Nolan Park provides easy access to Interstate 95, and Carolina Premium Outlets is only 15 minutes away; additionally, residents have the choice of staying local and taking advantage of dining, shopping, and family events in Selma.


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