Marketing Services From Guru


Guru makes it simple for businesses to locate and hire freelance marketing professionals. Employers can pay freelancers via eCheck, wire transfers, or SafePay payments system; additionally, there are recurring payment options and 24/7 customer service support on offer via this platform.

Marketing gurus are individuals who actively advocate new trends and strategies for business expansion. These individuals tend to be revered in their field of expertise and serve as role models for followers.

Customer service

Guru provides comprehensive customer support options, from phone and email support to an expansive knowledge base that answers frequently asked questions and solves problems. In addition, the company provides Guru Enterprise as an alternative means for teams to remain productive by organizing information into easy-to-find formats that enable employees to focus on their work while still communicating efficiently with coworkers, customers, and external parties; it even streamlines internal communications and onboarding processes for teams.


Guru is one of the oldest USA-based freelance marketplaces that serve both employers and freelancers to complete projects. Offering various payment methods, including recurring payments and hourly rates. Alongside providing email and phone support for customer services and email or phone support for its Help Center. In its Help Center, it is divided into sections dedicated explicitly to employers and freelancers, so users receive information tailored specifically for them.

Secure features provided by Amazon include SafePay escrow accounts, which allow buyers to cancel orders that haven’t been fulfilled, and a dispute resolution system for those having issues with their projects.

Guru stands out from other freelance hiring platforms due to its flexible fee schedule. While this flexibility may prove helpful for newcomers, it can also create confusion. For instance; some freelancers require their clients to pay part of the commission on their rates; buyers could easily miss this detail when reading terms and conditions for projects with large-scale requirements – which could add up over time significantly.


freelancers offer invaluable help when it comes to marketing strategy or SEO, whether that be social media or SEO-related. As independent contractors working on contract, freelancers generally receive a predetermined fee per project, hourly or daily rate; the best freelancers possess expert skills in their respective fields and are highly motivated to produce quality results; additionally, they provide fresh perspectives that may open new ideas or enhance strategies within your business.

Guru provides a marketplace that can help you find marketing freelancers quickly and easily, with millions of freelancers available for project posting, bid review, and communication with freelancers – this makes finding the right freelancer quickly easier than ever, saving both time and money in the process. Furthermore, there are additional advantages available through Guru, such as competitive pricing models, flexible payment plans, and payment protection services.

When hiring a marketing freelancer, it’s essential to consider their skills, experience, rates, and reviews before making your selection. Furthermore, make sure you discuss expectations clearly so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later down the line. Clear communication ensures smooth collaboration throughout a project without surprises along the way.

Although it can be tempting to select freelancers solely based on price, it is essential to take the total costs of the project into account. Be sure to budget for any unforeseen costs like materials or advertising space. Furthermore, create an emergency fund in case any unexpected expenses arise – remembering that freelancers typically work on a contract basis, so they aren’t covered under benefits like health insurance or vacation leave from any companies they work for.

Based on your project type and needs, hiring a marketing freelancer with specific knowledge may be best. This will ensure your projects are completed accurately and will have maximum impact. Freelancers with niche expertise tend to meet deadlines more efficiently while having more flexibility for accommodating changing circumstances.


The KM Guru team did an outstanding job helping me develop my company’s website and social media platforms. Their professional and efficient services met all of my specific project requirements with attention paid to my budget constraints and optimizing SEO rankings – I highly recommend their marketing services!

Guru offers freelancers and clients a transparent fee structure. Membership is free, posting ads are costless, and transaction fees apply when hiring freelancers. In addition to these essential services, it also offers Guru Enterprise, which helps companies manage their workforces more effectively while streamlining internal communication; also available are compliance services to reduce risk and administrative burden.

Though Guru could benefit from further improvement, its platform remains an overall solid choice for both freelancers and clients. With easy search capabilities and AI features that boost employee productivity, teams can communicate and collaborate more easily while other systems integrate seamlessly with it. Furthermore, their support center can be reached either via email or phone and addresses many of the most frequently asked questions from users.