City of Witches – A Fast-Paced Fantasy Novel


This book promises a captivating tale of magic and adventure that is sure to capture readers of all ages. With an engaging cast and plenty of exciting action scenes, readers of any age will be sure to be entertained!

The story centers around an exceptional mathematician who was discharged from the army at age 23 due to a plane crash, ending up stuck in a secret city of witches on modern Earth and imprisoned there for five years, learning magic (which has some similarities with math) in order to escape and return home.

Fantasy light novel

City of Witches is a fast-paced fantasy novel that blurs the lines between reality and magic. It follows the adventures of an intelligent mathematician who finds himself kidnapped after his plane crashes, only to discover himself enslaved to witches for five years while fighting for his freedom – making for an exciting read perfect for fans of fantasy novels!

The characters in the book are well-written and highly likable, from its protagonist (with many layers) to his supporting cast (who all possess unique abilities and power levels that help drive forward the plot) and even villains who are described with sufficient justification and motivation for their behavior.

Though set in contemporary times, readers will feel both at home and uneasy in its world. Witches in this story have hidden among us without our knowing it, adding a sense of danger that heightens suspense and mystery for readers.

At various points in his story, the main character encounters challenges, including betrayal and fighting for freedom. These confrontations provide the reader with a window into his character development while touching upon themes such as loyalty and using magic for good or ill.

Gary Nei is known for his distinctive writing style, exploring stories that blur the line between reality and magic. He excels at crafting captivating tales with unexpected turns that keep readers engaged – an ability that has earned him praise from readers around the globe. This book marks just another one of his many books which have won readers over!

City of Witches is an incredible fantasy novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats! Packed with fantastic plot twists and lots of magical elements, City of Witches should be read by anyone interested in reading fantasy novels – especially young adult readers! Plus, it features an inspiring female protagonist, making this an exceptional young adult novel to read!

Fast-paced story

The City of Witches is a fast-paced fantasy novel filled with magic and adventure, telling a captivating love and friendship story through well-developed characters that keep readers riveted to every page until the very end. Plot twists feature power struggles between good and evil as readers discover who emerges victorious in battles that play out throughout this tale of suspense and suspense – making this must-read fantasy book for fans of fantasy adventure fiction alike!

This novel was initially written in Korean and later translated into English following its widespread popularity. It follows Shin Si-woo, a brilliant mathematician, as he becomes embroiled in a mysterious world of witches when his plane crashes in modern New York. Enslaved at Gehenna for five years, he learns magic, allowing him to become the world’s first male witch before having to escape Gehenna and return home without anyone discovering his powers.

At Trinity Academy, he meets Amelia Marigold, an Associate Professor with high rank as well as a noble witch. Amelia needs funding for her experiments, so she hires two apprentice witches – Odette and Odil – as tutors; Odette may seem innocent, but Odil may pose a danger.

This fantasy light novel is an epic blend of magical fiction and practical magic that will keep readers on their toes throughout. With fast-paced plot twists that keep readers guessing, well-developed characters, and an unforgettable setting – it makes this novel an essential read for readers of all ages!

Frances’ newfound powers draw the notice of an ancient order that desires control of Manhattan through magic. She must choose between her love for Finn and protecting the safety of her fellow witches – something Emma can levitate with ease – reminding us all of Hermione from Hogwarts – or following your dreams, too. A must-read for fans of fantasy and magic alike!

Characters are well-thought

This novel’s characters are complex and exciting, adding depth to its overall story. This tale follows a man as he discovers himself immersed in a world ruled by witches; their struggles to survive and return home are featured prominently throughout. Additionally, themes of love, power, and sacrifice are explored within its pages for added enjoyment by readers who enjoy light fantasy novels. This novel would make an excellent read!

This captivating novel of magic, romance, and family is sure to keep readers hooked from start to finish! The intricate plot keeps readers guessing as its themes, such as relationships and women’s strength, become relatable for many readers – making this book ideal for sharing among friends or family members!

City of Witches takes place in an ancient Russian town where witches congregate. This setting creates a modern fairytale feel while remaining realistic as an urban fantasy novel. Emma possesses powers similar to Harry Potter’s wand, such as levitating ability and fire powers like Hermione. Overall, author Ekaterina Zermatos did an outstanding job of creating believable characters while crafting an exciting narrative arc.

One of the key aspects of this book is its world-building, which sets it apart from other fantasy novels. With complex characters and background stories that resonate with readers easily, this novel offers ample drama and suspense, perfect for anyone wanting to get lost in an imaginative universe.

This fantasy light novel blends magic, mystery, and romance in an engaging read. The novel’s protagonist is a mathematician who finds himself drawn into the secret world of witches due to an accident; using his knowledge of numbers, he must survive this supernatural world before finding his true identity and becoming the only male witch during this era – making his journey truly enjoyable for readers everywhere!

This novel’s protagonist, James, is supported by an array of supporting characters who help him on his quest for liberty. From instructors and friends to even enemies, each character plays an integral part in assisting James to reach freedom.

Themes are thought-provoking

The book follows the adventures of a group of teenage witches as they attempt to protect their home. It’s well-written with engaging characters, touching upon themes such as love and family life – making this an entertaining read suitable for adults as well as teens alike.

Modern society conceals a secret city called Gehenna that is home to an exclusive coven of powerful witches known as Gehenna. One of the book’s main protagonists, Shin Si-woo, is an outstanding mathematical talent who is abducted after being involved in a plane crash; once inside Gehenna, he finds himself mesmerized by its magic and powerful witches.

This novel explores themes of family and love as well as the timeless struggle between good and evil. Set against Laredo, Texas–a border town rich with Hispanic culture–its distinctive setting adds depth and authenticity, captivating readers from beginning to end with its intricate narrative and vivid environment.

This novel’s characters are well-developed, and its plot moves quickly. It’s a must-read for fantasy and adventure fans. Readers around the globe have given this novel high praise for its captivating story and unique cast of characters.

City of Witches is an engaging novel that delves deep into profound themes. This captivating and exciting read promises to keep readers’ interest throughout, as it delivers suspenseful magic pieces combined with colorful backgrounds that make this read something readers will want to revisit time after time.

This novel follows two girls as they come to terms with discovering that they possess supernatural powers, providing a vibrant story that showcases family and friendship dynamics, with relatable characters that readers will connect with and relate to, plus humor that will entertain and engage readers as it explores mental illness issues as a central theme – making this a must-read for anyone curious about supernatural realm.