Is Western Express Going Out of Business?


Western Express is an industry-leading trucking firm, providing various transportation services since 1983. Although there have been some legal challenges recently, Western Express remains operational without plans to close soon.

Although rumors regarding the company may have spread quickly, you must conduct your investigation. Speaking to current or past employees for an impartial view of how things stand.

Founded in 1991

Western Express is a transportation company operating across the United States, with trucks and trailers that can be tracked using GPS technology. They also offer logistics planning and other freight services. Working for over thirty years now, Western Express continues to expand as it faces legal challenges; however, recent legal battles have raised doubts about its viability.

An Over-The-Road Truck Driver class action lawsuit has raised serious concerns over their company’s pay practices. The plaintiff claims they did not receive minimum wage for all hours worked during a workweek – including non-driving activities such as pre and post-trip inspections, meetings, waiting for loading or unloading services, training programs, and deadhead miles driven. Furthermore, this company failed to provide proper rest breaks and breaks. A complaint has been filed in Nashville District Court of Tennessee by this class action suit.

Western Express remains an industry leader despite ongoing controversy, boasting eight offices nationwide. Potential employees should reach out to current or past employees of Western Express to gain insight into its culture and working conditions before applying.

The company is widely respected for its exceptional customer service and dedication to providing quality transportation services. Its logistics division offers warehousing and distribution, while its brokerage arm connects customers with independent carriers. Furthermore, in addition to transportation services, the company also provides drivers with insurance and various benefits packages.

Though some customers have expressed displeasure with Western Express’ services, most have been impressed with its overall performance and reliability since 1991. Western Express is currently the largest van and flatbed OTR carrier in the US, with 1,973 full-time employees and annual revenues exceeding $500 Million; unlike many trucking companies, it offers competitive salaries to its staff members.

Though the company has faced legal problems, it remains operational nationwide, delivers high-quality service, and adapts quickly to changes within the trucking industry. Their commitment to excellent service and adaptability have significantly contributed to their success.

Legal Issues

Western Express has recently been subject to class action lawsuits by their drivers alleging noncompliance with employee pay rules, causing speculation of its demise; however, Western Express continues to operate and provide transportation services throughout the US.

Western Express is being sued for violating federal and state labor laws by failing to pay over-the-road truck drivers minimum wages as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state statutes. Furthermore, they allege misclassification as independent contractors rather than employees and fail to provide proper training and benefits. Lastly, Western Express allegedly could not pay specific non-driving job duties such as pre/post trip inspections/inspections/meetings waiting for loading or unloading/training deadhead miles driven/time spent sleeping in the sleeper berth.

Western Express attempted to dismiss the lawsuit by asserting that it had been filed in the wrong district and by an attorney not licensed to practice law in Tennessee. Furthermore, Western Express noted that the plaintiff’s attorney has an inherent conflict of interest, which compromises the integrity of the litigation process.

Company officials claimed that the ‘932 patent claims solved problems associated with prior art money account cards, such as immediate purchases and altering functionality post-connection to bank accounts. Unfortunately, a court ruling has yet to come down on this motion.

The company has faced some legal difficulties, yet has managed to survive them and continues operating successfully. Potential employers should carefully research the current legal standing of this business before applying for positions there; this information can help job hunters determine whether or not they’ll get hired by them; additionally, employers should consider competitors when making hiring decisions.

Customer Reviews

Western Express is an esteemed transportation company known for its superior moving services using trucks. Their extensive fleet consists of 3,300 trucks and 8,100 trailers that can be tracked via special GPS units; their flexible fleet meets clients’ diverse transportation requirements while being highly acclaimed for exceptional customer service and work-life balance policies.

Though they have had legal difficulties, they remain operational and offer various transportation services, including flatbed, van, dedicated, temperature-controlled transportation, and international freight forwarding. Furthermore, they have several office locations across the US.

However, despite its positive reputation, the company is currently facing legal issues which have led to speculation of its imminent closure. As such, prospective employees must read reviews from current and past employees before joining this company.

Employees also frequently assert that Western Express does not pay them enough, with some noting training taking over 70 hours to complete. Therefore, it is vital to conduct adequate research before applying to work there.

Customer service at this company is outstanding, and their team is always ready to assist with finding a suitable solution for your shipping needs. Furthermore, they provide expert guidance regarding transportation processes like quoting and tracking, as well as an effortless experience for their clients’ freight shipments.

Western Express’ technology features include Drivewyze Safety+ software. This application enables drivers to receive proactive in-cab notifications of road hazards as they approach and even create custom safety alerts for individual routes, helping Western Express reduce crash rates while improving driver safety overall.

Furthermore, this company boasts an excellent work well-being score and an average rating of 3.0 out of 5, recently published by employees. Some employees are pleased with its modern facilities and welcoming culture, while some find less-than-satisfying wages and management; nevertheless, this company stands out for its superior quality and dependability that make it popular among truckers.

Employment Opportunities

Western Express provides an array of transportation services. Their wide range includes flatbed, van, dedicated, temperature-controlled options, competitive salaries for their fleet of trucks, and employment opportunities for new truck drivers.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, with offices nationwide. If interested in working at this company or speaking to a recruiter directly for recruitment opportunities, visit their website or call. As an equal opportunity employer, they do not discriminate based on race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or veteran status.

Western Express remains in business despite the legal challenges it is currently facing and offers truck drivers plenty of employment opportunities. Not only does the company offer competitive pay rates and flexible hours with great benefits packages, but its reputation among truckers speaks for itself!

Western Express is committed to creating an equal-opportunity workplace and offers comprehensive safety programs and employee health and wellness initiatives designed to protect its employees and customers, including training on issues about them. They also have health and wellness initiatives to keep employees healthy.

According to employees, this company boasts an excellent work culture and top-of-the-line facilities. However, there have been some negative reviews regarding management and low pay rates; these may vary depending on who reviews the company.

Western Express employees tend to identify with the Democratic party and stay with them for 2.1 years on average, making Western Express an industry-leading company with low employee turnover rates and an inclusive workforce, including diverse leadership. Western Express has tried to address employee needs through health and wellness programs and flexible work arrangements to ensure employee happiness.