Barcelona Day Trips


Navigating Barcelona is made simple with its excellent transport network. Use the metro to visit Gaudi’s iconic Casa Mila and Sagrada Familia before taking advantage of the Park Guell tourist bus (you can book tickets online here). What do you consider about donde ir en barcelona.

Or why not book a wine-tasting tour and admire picturesque vineyards, or go hiking through Cap de Creus Natural Park, which boasts spectacular cliffs and rock formations?

1. Montserrat

One of the top day trips from Barcelona is Montserrat, an iconic mountain beloved by locals for its natural beauty and Benedictine Monastery. Boasting unique serrated rock formations not found elsewhere in its surrounding landscape and revered as a pilgrimage site for spiritually inclined visitors, Montserrat makes an excellent day trip from Barcelona.

Experience Montserrat’s natural beauty and spirituality on a tour of Santa Cova cave and monastery. Witness first-hand where inspiration for Black Madonna statue was drawn before exploring the grounds of monastery with your guide.

Take the funiculars up to Santa Cova and Sant Joan for more expansive views of Montserrat’s rugged beauty, explore where Black Madonna was first discovered, then enjoy stunning panoramas from both observation platforms.

Wine enthusiasts will also have plenty of opportunities at Montserrat to discover more about Catalonian cava production in the Penedes region of Montserrat, where its production boasts Denominacion de Origen status.

2. La Colonia Guell

Colonia Guell is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its innovative layout that was groundbreaking at its time. It’s an example of how textile factories could be designed to blend into their surroundings while still offering working space to employees and providing residents with a good quality of life; Eusebi Guell himself was very socially aware, championing art projects while offering his workers better wages and working conditions than comparable industrial facilities at that time.

Take a guided tour to understand Gaudi’s modernist designs better and gain more insight into his rich history. At this site, you’ll find a church and crypt, as well as other buildings that demonstrate his talents as an architect – some records indicate this work may have served as inspiration for Sagrada Familia itself!

3. Besalu

Besalu is a delightful medieval town located near Barcelona that is famed for its picturesque bridge, narrow cobblestone streets, and beautifully maintained buildings. When visiting Catalonia, be sure to pay Besalu a visit for yourself!

Be sure to visit Besalu’s historical town center and its many historic sites, including Church of Saint Vicente and Monastery of Sant Pere. Both of these destinations are popular tourist spots.

Besalu’s Miniatura Museum offers an enticing display of miniature displays spanning 14th- and 20th-century pharmacies and buildings from across time and history, providing something worthwhile for visitors interested in history or architecture alike.

Don’t miss this delightful place!

Besalu’s best seasons to visit are spring or autumn, when the weather allows for outdoor activities and mountain excursions, though winter also offers its charm with Christmas decorations and local artisan products. Car rental from Barcelona, Girona, or Madrid makes getting there effortless!

4. Rupit

Rupit is an idyllic medieval village situated in La Garrotxa that has been declared a National Historic-Artistic Site due to its architectural value. Exploring Rupit is best experienced by meandering through its narrow streets and discovering its history – including visiting the Soler Notary Office with its voussoir door and Sant Joan de Fabregas church.

Rupit is home to one of the most intriguing landmarks: a hanging bridge spanning the Riera de Rupit River. Accessible via an accessible walking trail, this enchanting structure provides breathtaking views of its surroundings and landscapes.

Rupit is known for its rich cultural heritage, which can be seen at the Ethnographic Museum. Here, you will find traditional objects and tools from Rupit, offering visitors an insight into local traditions and customs.

Rupit is easily accessible from Barcelona and Girona, making it the perfect day trip for nature enthusiasts. Situated amidst forests and mountains, it boasts natural wonders such as Salt de Sallent waterfall and Sant Joan de Fabregas church that are sure to provide plenty of exploration opportunities.

5. Tavertet

Tavertet Village lies high atop some cliffs at 900m, north of Guilleries in Catalonia’s Comarca of Osona and boasts 48 native houses built between 17th and 18th century that are perfectly preserved, creating an aesthetically pleasing ensemble deemed an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Landscape of this area is breathtaking: offering stunning views over Sau Valley and Guilleries Massif. Additionally, this town enjoys peace; many mountain apartments and cottages can be found throughout its vicinity.

Tavertet is one of the critical points in the hiking route from Collsacabra to Rupit. From Besalu or via road BV5207 that passes through a beech forest above Tavertet and connects directly to L’Esquirol it can be reached both on foot or via vehicle.

Are You Traveling From Barcelona? Taking a day trip outside Barcelona is an excellent way to break up city sightseeing and discover its surroundings. There are various trips available from Girona and Costa Brava up North or cultural sites like La Colonia Guell or Montserrat; pick one to find!