How to Cure a Zombie Villager


Curing zombie villager is an intricate process, but it can be worthwhile if you want discounted trading prices from them. First, lure the zombie villager into a house where hostile mobs cannot break in; secure its walls against outside intrusion until he/she comes home safely from work and then make contact.

Next, use a splashing or lingering potion and feed them a golden apple to weaken them and start healing. This should undermine them quickly and set in motion your curing process.

Splash Potion of Weakness

Zombies will appear occasionally and attack residents in villages, which can be remedied using the Splash Potion of Weakness and Golden Apples. Curing zombie villagers not only unlocks an achievement called Zombie Doctor but will also give discounts when purchasing trades.

Players must first craft a Brewing Stand using three stones and a Blaze Rod to create the Splash Potion of Weakness. This can be accomplished by searching villages for such stands or killing spiders who have a 50% chance of dropping one when killed. Once assembled, gunpowder should be added on top and filled with ingredients; these include fermented spider eye, brown mushroom, and sugar, which must all be obtained through killing spiders, while mushrooms and sugar may also be produced via crafting tables.

Once players have all the necessary ingredients, they should lure a zombie villager somewhere safe. This will ensure that hostile mobs, such as iron golems, don’t attack it while it is treated. Houses make an ideal setting as this prevents doors from accidentally opening or burning by sunlight during treatment.

Step two is to apply a weakness effect to a zombie villager by spraying it with a splash potion of weakness, causing it to shake, which should cause its zombification to reverse over time. Once this process has been completed, feeding it a Golden Apple should cause further shaking until it reverts into regular people.

Golden Apple

Zombie Villagers can be a significant hassle in Minecraft. They can either form naturally or convert from regular villagers if attacked and are extremely dangerous as they pick up swords and bows to fight players. Luckily, Minecraft offers an effective cure for zombie villagers: trapping it, weakening it with a potion, and giving it a Golden Apple to revive it to a regular villager state.

Step one is to capture and secure zombie villagers within a house, ensuring they cannot open the door or get burnt by sunlight. A shade block over this area may also help ensure they do not accidentally leave or get exposed to sunlight too early.

Next, use all necessary ingredients to create a Splash Potion of Weakness and Golden Apple. It is wise to have all the required components on hand in advance as this process could take quite some time. Before beginning this step, it would also be prudent to remove any enchanted armor that might harm a zombie villager while having ready an arrow dipped in either Splash Potion of Weakness or any lingering potions of weakness that could hurt them, as well as having your bow ready with one end dropped into another Splash Potion of Weakness or both for best results.

Once villagers are weakened, you can feed them the Golden Apple to begin the curing process. As they consume it, zombie villagers should appear to writhe as it undergoes cure – this should take about 3 minutes in total.

Once a zombie villager has been treated, they’ll act just like any other villager and offer discounted trading deals – helping your economic status in the game immensely.

Arrow of Weakness

Bedrock Edition of Minecraft allows villagers converted to zombies to drop any items they’ve previously acquired as part of its 1.15 update, and fix various visual issues with treated villagers (such as seeing their hand animation when treated).

Curing a zombie villager will require throwing a splash potion and a golden apple at them. For quick results, craft and use the Splash Potion of Weakness; its easy craft process takes up minimal space while being easily manageable by everyone involved. Alternatively, other less effective but more extensive inventory slot options could also work; just be mindful about which option takes priority over another.

Once you’ve used either an arrow or potion on zombie villagers with Weakness effects, use a golden apple on one still sporting this condition. As it begins its transformation back into villager form, it will shake and emit red particles while emitting an aura of shaking before starting its process of curing back to life – this process typically takes several minutes, though placing them in enclosed spaces such as houses or dungeons may help speed it along quicker – although this is not guaranteed to work!

Zombie villagers that are successfully treated will return to their former profession and can be purchased with a heavy discount. Furthermore, they won’t despawn after being treated; if killed during combat or hostile mob attacks, they will revert into zombie form. Five consecutive cures earn them a 50% emerald discount when trading them later; however, as these creatures don’t reproduce, they should be kept far away from other villages to prevent the spreading of disease and keep the discount active!

Creeper Explosion

When zombies attack villagers, they transform them into zombie villagers who must be treated before returning to ordinary villagers. To treat a zombie villager effectively, trap it somewhere safe – such as a house or fenced-in area – then use either a splash potion of weakness or an arrow of liability to weaken it before feeding it a golden apple to begin the curing process – this may take several minutes, but once completed your villager will become normal again!

Once a zombie villager begins the curing process, they’ll start shaking and emitting red particles around themselves. For optimal results, place this person in an enclosure equipped with a bed and iron bars to speed up their cure time and ensure success in short order. Soon enough, their condition will have improved enough that they’ll return to their profession and no longer require treatment.

Once a zombie villager has been treated, it can take on any job available – including baby variants of professions – with significant discounts when trading items with it; these discounts decrease with each treatment completed.

Once a villager is cured, any armor they had will disappear while still possessing their crafting table skills and inventory. Furthermore, if they were farmers before becoming zombies, they would continue farming while armorers would return to their profession as armorers; this can be especially helpful if you wish to use any craft items without incurring total price for them.

Weakness Effect

Zombies are one of the more recognizable enemies in Minecraft, easily identifiable thanks to their distinct sound design and pale green skin color. Furthermore, zombies are unique among hostile mobs in that they can be turned back into regular villagers after treatment has taken effect.

Curing zombie villagers may initially seem an enormously long and tedious process, but practice makes the process quicker. The key is trapping them somewhere safe, such as a house or fenced-in area, so that they cannot open doors or get burnt by sunlight (as this would cause instant transformation back into zombies), plus keeping away any objects such as wolves or iron golems that may harm them in the process.

Once they’ve secured a zombie villager, players should use the Splash Potion of Weakness before feeding it a Golden Apple (by pressing Use on it). When this process has completed, red particles will start emitting from it to show that healing has begun – at this stage, neither killing nor the presence of players can affect it directly.

Once a zombie villager is cured, players can collect his or her items and return them for trading discounts. However, no value would be available if the original villager didn’t initially possess any profession or were attacked while still alive by zombies while being treated. Each villager can only be treated five times before losing the discounted prices permanently.