How to Charge Teleport Crystal OSRs in World of Warcraft


Song of the Elves players can recharge their teleport crystal at Eluned’s location in Lletya. Once this quest has been completed, Ilfeen may also be found there to speak to.

Eluned can recharge her teleport crystal for 150-750 coins; its price will decrease with each successive charge.


Once the teleport crystal you received from Arianwyn at the beginning of Mourning’s End Part I has run out of charges, Eluned can recharge it by speaking to her in Lletya – she will charge a decreasing fee until reaching a minimum price of 150 coins. You may also restore it after completing The Light Within!

Eluned is a goddess who symbolizes beauty and wisdom. She was first created by Seren during the Third Age along with her twin sister Haluned; after Seren was broken apart at the end of this age, Eluned took on all positive characteristics while Haluned took on negative ones. Eluned can often be found wandering amongst Elven forests or north of Prifddinas.

Eluned is an iconic character in RuneScape, appearing frequently across many quests and events. She holds one of the most significant NPC roles ever seen on RuneScape; for instance, she can explain Elven burial customs during Roving Elves quest, provide them with a Teleport Crystal during The Light Within search, or serve as starting point of Mourning’s End Part I quests.

Teleport crystals are tiny crystals that allow players to teleport themselves to Lletya via a single click. Each initial charge lasts four teleports; recharges can be completed between 150-750 coins with Eluned; however, over time, this fee decreases with increased recharges with her.

Players need an Elven Signet in their inventory to charge a teleport crystal. This item can be obtained through Mourning’s End Part I quest chain or by collecting from an Iorwerth Warrior within the Iorwerth Dungeon. Islwyn in Prifddinas also offers this service, though this method requires completion of the Light Within quest first.

The goddess’s name derives from Eluned, meaning “image, idol.” Eluned was also the name of a fifth-century Welsh saint. Pronounced l-nud or Lynette or Lynette are common variations.


Ilfeen is an elf who can recharge crystal weapon seeds into bows, shields, and halberds for a fee. She is located west of Lletya in Isafdar’s forest; initially, she charges 750,000 coins to transform one crystal seed into a halberd; however, this price decreases after five re-enchantments.

She can re-enchant partially degraded crystal equipment at a fraction of its total cost; for instance, a crystal bow in condition ‘9/10’ can be charged back to full for 18,000 coins (this doesn’t count towards the minimum recharge cost). Ilfeen and Eluned also specialize in creating crystal halberds – one of RuneScape’s premier weapons offering high DPH (Damage per Hit), special attacks that deal high amounts of damage per hit (DAWT), plus special attacks able to sell significant amounts of damage on multiple enemies simultaneously – these weapons can be created either through Ilfeen or Eluned enchanting a Crystal weapon seed; or by taking said seed and 150 Harmonic dust to Sing bowl north of Lady Ithell in Prifddinas for creation.

This NPC can be found near the start of Roving Elves or in the Ithell Clan Settlement northeast of Elf Camp. As a member of the Ithell Clan, she wears a white sombrero and blue dress with white sleeves; after completing the Prisoner of Glouphrie quest, she will move permanently to the Lletya area.

Ilfeen is an invaluable NPC in your inventory, especially if you enjoy ranged combat. She can re-enchant crystal teleport crystals for players and provide other valuable items and services. Her chat head and eyes have also been updated for her new location, while her appearance has also been adjusted accordingly.

Ilfeen is currently the only NPC in RuneScape that can recharge your Teleport Crystal, making her an essential tool to travel between Tirannwn and other areas in Isafdar quickly. However, please remember that Teleport Crystals have limited charges before becoming depleted; therefore, they should be recharged at least every four weeks to remain functional.

Harmonic Dust

Harmonic dust, essential to crafting Blessed Flask Shells, can be obtained by playing the harps in the Ithell District of Prifddinas. As one plays more harps, they will gain experience and Harmonic dust; pickpocketing Ithell workers may also help obtain some. Crystal singing weapons, armor, and tools require it; when combined with crystal weapon seeds, armor seeds, or uncharged crystal teleport seeds, it creates equipment, while level 75 Smithing allows it to be sung into crystal pickaxe or mattock for extra Smithing experience!

This item can be purchased from the Travelling Merchant for approximately 2,000 to 4,000 coins or given out as a reward from Elen Anterth for specific Elite Tirannwn tasks completed. When consumed, this consumable item provides one to seven duty rerolls.

Teleport crystals can be charged by using them to teleport to any destination the player selects, with each use fully charging it until it can be used at any time to travel there again. They have limited charges available, so they will need recharging periodically; when charging again, they must fall within their charge limit range or face being depleted entirely.

Smouldering Stone

Smouldering Stone is a fire magic spell that emits volcanic rocks with an array of smoldering gemstones ejected in all directions, dealing 4d6 of bludgeoning damage and 8d6 fire damage, respectively, to targets within range, stacking with any existing resistances against fire that the caster already possesses. This spell is ideal for players who do not wish to waste time burning logs and smelting ore.

To use Smouldering Stone, you will require a Teleport Crystal from the Song of the Elves quest. When completed, this Teleport can be used in Lletya or Prifddinas (once the player has completed the Plague’s End Part I quest).

To charge the Teleport Crystal, an Elven Signet must first be obtained through either Song of the Elves quest completion or purchasing from the General Exchange (GE). When equipped, right-click your Teleport Crystal and right-click to transfer a location onto it – but remember this process will need repeating every four charges that have run out if fully recharged!