What things to Bring In Your Guitar Gig Case

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For those of you who are new to starting mics or who have merely had a few gigs, start being prepared and have everything you need now when you need it. The worst predicament is when you take a trip to be able to a gig and open your case only to understand that you forgot the most common products. So I compiled a list of what things to bring in your guitar gig handbag (if it will fit).

This list varies from artist to performer as your requirements might differ from the others. The objective of this posting is to sludge hammer down the idea of Never Presume! Be Prepared as Best You are able to!

Guitar Picks

If you use acoustic guitar picks, then this is a must desire in your gig bag. Simply throw in 5-10 acoustic guitar picks. I also always hold one in my wallet in case. There’s this thing with regards to guitar picks…. they want to disappear. Don’t fall into typically the trap of just obtaining one guitar pick willing to be used.

Guitar Strings, Mini-Diagonal Cutter, and Winder

Create know when a guitar chain is going to break on you. If you carry outbreak a string, you wish to make sure that you don’t spend a lot of your energy fixing it so, therefore, I also say bring mini-diagonal cutters and a string winder. You can buy mini-diagonal cutters almost anywhere and a chain winder is only $1-2. Chain winders are really handy. My spouse and I hate having to turn these tuning pegs by hand. Confident you can do it, but really much fast with a harmonica winder! And when you’re at the gig time is very important!

Harmonica Tuner

There are several kinds of posts you can get, but the basic plan is… get one. Whether it’s an inexpensive $10 tuner, the Cleartune app for the iPhone as well as one that clips to the mind stock just get one. Even though you can tune by ear canal you should have one. Sometimes in a noisy room, you can’t listen to yourself tuning the guitar. Simply plug your guitar cable within a tuner and voila… the tuned guitar.

Nail Clippers

This is one that many newcomers forget. I had to learn this particular way, so I hope this alleviates your a few headaches. If your nails tend to be too long you can feel all those nails pushing down on the actual neck and those chords simply don’t sound as thoroughly clean. Sometimes I get caught planning life and don’t realize just how long my nails have become. That’s when having fingernail clippers comes in handy.


If you use a capo, be sure it stays with your case at all times. The capo is certainly one of those things that just receives lost all the time. Keep it shut. A friendly tip – obtain a capo that you will use each performance and also buy a genuinely cheap capo and keep the idea in your bag. You’ll rarely ever use it, but if you at any time do lose your first capo you know that you have the save in your bag.

1/4″ Cable television

If you own an audile electric, don’t assume that the venue will already have the 1/4″ cable for you. I have had plenty of open mics where I showed up considering the venue had all of the gear I needed. Imagine the dismay when there’s not really a guitar cable insight. Try to carry a decent size cable too. You don’t need a cable that is too short.

Flyers, Business Cards, and Other Marketing materials

Each and every gig is an opportunity to discuss your upcoming shows. The company hears you in the audience and wants to know whenever your next show is, you have to have that information ready. Terribly lack an upcoming show? Then side them a general flyer using your name, picture, and info. If you have a website, that advice should be on it too, in addition to any other accounts you might have in promoting your music (Soundcloud, Fb, YouTube, etc).

A lot of marketing happens at a gig. You could have other artists looking to accomplish shows, online radio stations on trips trying to promote new music artists and people are always looking for songs to listen to. Have that hazard or business card convenient so they’ll have all the data they need to contact you.

CDs and also Merch

If you are lucky enough to possess CDs and merch, it might be wise to always have a few parts on you. I like to keep a couple of CDs, stickers, and switches on me at every GB in case someone in the viewers wants to buy my audio or support/promote me. I actually went to an open mic once and wasn’t expecting that to be packed at all and so I didn’t bring any of our merch.

But there was a great “open mic virgin” enjoying there that night and they delivered their whole family! I actually ended up playing right before these. When I got off period, 3 people wanted any CD but I had no insight. I was able to let them have some free stickers, although that doesn’t feel as good as providing 3 CDs.

Scrap Pieces of paper and a Pen

You never learn when creativity will arised and you’ll have a great lyric in mind. Having scrap pieces of paper and a pen handy suggests you’ll always be able to produce that lyric down, in addition, to use for later. Presently I use my iPhone, when I don’t have it around or the battery is inactive then I can always use an excellent ole’ pen and document. A pen never is used up of batteries (just ink)!

Spare 9 volt Battery power

I have one 9-watt battery in my guitar circumstance and it’s been there for about per year. I haven’t used it, but when the battery within my guitar goes, it’s very good to know that I have that will backup available.


A person necessarily has to have this for everyone, but it’s good to possess $5, $10, or maybe even 20 dollars and just keep it in there regarding whatever. It always also comes in handy, especially when you find yourself quick on cash and you like to buy a coffee or lager to support the venue. From the one time I had no money to use the train back home in addition to remembering my $20, I put stashed in my case. You recently never know.

So there you have it. This can be my list of what to launch your guitar gig bag. As I stated earlier, every guitarist will have their own list of “must haves” for their gig tote. But overall, Never Suppose and Be Prepared as Finest You Can!

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