Using Time Travel To Kill Cancers Cells


My, what an excessive-sounding, futuristic title! In addition to this, what if the implications are generally accurate and achievable by simply any cancer patient? This is quite true and contains been successfully expressed in the lives of many of those extraordinary patients. They were not happy to be suitable patients and perish within the bounds of health care propriety in compliance with oncologists’ death sentence. These are typically the people who risk the wrath of medical and scientific research typically by getting well to the wrong reason.

I attended one of Dr . Plant Benson’s Harvard Med College seminars on Spirituality within Healing. One of many gems associated with wisdom that I remember. As a result, the highlight event was a declaration that humanity is the only creature rendered with a memory of the future. This individual further emphasized that actual value can be derived from “remembered wellness.”

When I started the death struggle with metastatic renal cancer, I knew that a lot of what I needed to know to greatest survive would have to be discovered the hard way by thorough effort and my investigation. It was clear early on that this information dispensed by the oncologist would be of a character that he deemed sufficient for me personally and would go no further, regardless of a valid need to know. In retrospect and in fairness, We don’t think he realized much beyond the methods. Indeed, nothing of this matter is embraced in Mind/Body medication.

Few newly diagnosed sufferers are even aware of a remarkable guide, “Imagery and Disease,” released by Dr . Frank Lawlis in 1978. A later guide by Dr . Bernie Siegel, “Love, Medicine and Miracles,” was published in 1986 that further expanded the part of the mind in recovery from cancer. Out of these arrived a cancer-fighting method called “Guided Imagery,” through which commands to the immune system to down and kill malignancy cells are conveyed towards the subconscious right brain through visual images while the individual is in a state of heavy relaxation.

The value of this technique came about from utilizing all of the subsequent facts about cancer.

• There’s never been a form of malignancy that has not had a minimum of a few survivors.

• These are typically referred to as “miracle remissions,” but little in the way of studies have been done with these children to understand what triggers some sort of remission. We tend to look at the loss of life, not life, when it comes to cancer research.

• no cancer cell cannot be murdered by one or more of the portions of the human immune system if they could just get into the attack method.

• Every cancer cell phone has on its surface an identifying marker called “Antigen,” which, if recognized, will lead to the cancer cell currently being attacked and killed by simply immune cells. Instructions for you to attack can be conveyed using imagery and a direct sensory path.

By far, the best way for the patient to pursue botox cosmetic injections modality is with the help of helpful information, usually a voice on the CD, who literally manuals the relaxed patient via scene after healing picture. In my case, I was indeed under the gun since I had failed remedies and was informed that I had only three more months to live. Recognizing the futility of losing more time with an unsuccessful medical system, I went after GI with focused strength. One of the critical elements of the images program was one where I found myself speaking to a big

crowd of cancer sufferers, some five years hence, telling them how I could orchestrate a program of remission. Thus, as far as all physical perception goes, I was working some five years in the future in a situation that experienced all of the trappings of fact. I did this twice each day for months on end. I would imagine the auditorium, the steps towards the podium, what the audience appeared as (particularly those on the top row), and myriad other details of the scene, such as the speech itself. The details associated with what happened, both in my entire life and those of others, tend to be related in my recent guide, “THREE MONTHS TO LIFE.” Needless to say, I did not die when I was assured by the qualified authority that I would but could kill out the cancer skin cells in three months.

It turned out not too long after that when I went to the annual meeting with the Kidney Cancer Association in Chicago. This was a three-morning affair that was attended then by a mixture of patients and doctors. The highlight affair was the “Survivors Banquet” organized on the Saturday night before the meeting closed on Friday. The schedule called for a nicely-known keynote speaker to make the formal address. For whatever reason, that illustrious speaker canceled just hours before the

affair, leaving the committee in a desperate state of affairs. Since my very own story was somewhat renowned, they asked me if I may deliver this talk not having time for preparation. I reassured them I could because I had been giving this dialog twice a day for over a year! It was a tremendous success, and I acquired the audience survey for the top-level presentation of that three-morning conference.

Now let us rapidly forward through a decade to the real story guiding this article. Last December, at this time there, came to my house one Danny Newman, who was near passing away from a metastatic lung cancer tumor; his treatment was unable. His daddy brought the pup, and we helped them into your front door to a comfortable, easy chair with all the oxygen bottles. To tell the truth, Lucy and I have been fearful that he would undoubtedly die before our sight, but that did not retain us from having a close session wherein I had taken him through both my knowledge and that of others offered in the book.

Danny was surprised to find so much excellent science behind this concept magnificent mind was fully ready to accept possibilities. I sent these on their way after looking at the material and a copy regarding my guided imagery COMPACT DISK. Regarding the latter, I strongly recommend that the dog develop the concept of the particular speech to cancer individuals some years into the future.

Imaginable, my surprise when overdue one night in February, my phone rang, and yes, it was Danny, who just simply could not wait until morning to enhance me that he had found back from the oncology heart. THEY COULD NOT FIND THE SOLE CANCER CELL IN HIS SYSTEM! This is such a marvelous announcement that it is difficult to explain it affects one who has not personally experienced it. Currently, by some curious chance, I was scheduled to be the once-a-month speaker at the

upcoming assembly of Shriners here in Granbury. I decided to play an actual outdoors card for a slam fuck finish. There was not a dried-up eye in the place as I turned the mike to the site Danny to close with his report, which, in effect, allowed the pup to deliver the speech he had been visualizing for that long, precisely as I had been privileged to try and do in Chicago a decade ago. Together with teary eyes, he noticed that from the farthest reaches regarding his hopes, his visual images of a future event got now become a magnificent actuality.

I have not to doubt in my way of thinking that there is a valid scientific justification, bordering as it does around the spiritual, for what happened inside our lives a decade apart. I believe that the effect of continually impacting this image into the depths of the mind empowered it with the command to deliver us living and well to the equiped event when it set up, the chronology of time acquired finally arrived. In segment nine of my e-book, I recount how I seemed privileged to work with one of the prestigious scientists of our time, Doctor Andreas Bette of the Suprême Technology Institute in

Stockholm. His field embraced stuff like black holes, parallel communauté, and massless particles. He or she felt that humans considered was composed of massless allergens and, as such, were not sure by the laws that rule time and space. This did give some credence to the notion of slipping out of style and space and eventually returning. As he input it to me, you have to be a little ridiculous to work in this field. In any case, I have come to believe that this statement is accurate, and it is one particular for which I would like to be appreciated as the author of humor:


To those readers now done the fight, I would strongly suggest that you approach this and make a difference with an open mind: a mind that is ready to accept the possibility that it IS possible, you CAN wipe out cancer.

By: Gerald Light

Back in 1993, Gerald Light survived a 20 lb. Kidney tumors that later went metastatic to far-away organs. After all medical treatments acquired failed and the dreadful “only three more months” passing away sentence had been delivered. He/she worked out a self-led program of guided ımages that induced remission in three months. He has functioned a three-year term as Director of the National Renal Cancer Association. Through his / her webpage, he maintains earth’s most active worldwide mentoring program, which has yielded many similar remissions of cases thought to be improbable. His book has been converted into Chinese and Hungarian. In his employment before cancer, a credible Scientist obtained some 20 technology patents in 9 countries.

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