How to Use Your Network to Find Properties for Less Than Their Market Value


Every successful investor is enthusiastic about their venture and loves sharing its successes with others. However, in order to get the most out of your endeavors, you need a plan. Just what is it that makes network marketing tick? In business, network marketing refers to the practice of developing connections between people and companies for the benefit of both parties. More revenue can be gained from these connections, either immediately or through word of mouth. Marketing through networking is a strategic strategy. Maintaining connections requires effort on a regular basis. It’s the same as in your private life. Maintaining effective relationships requires constant effort. Most investors make the error of putting their own interests before those of the company, but if you keep in mind that helping others is the best way to help yourself, you’ll reap many rewards from expanding your social circle.

First, it’s important for investors to understand the importance of networking in the real estate market.
An effective marketing strategy will always include networking events and activities. One of the main benefits of networking is that it allows the people you do business with to put a name and a face to your company. Here is where your unique charm can really shine through. It’s much more pleasant to deal with someone you already know and like. Showcase your best attributes, and people will begin to believe you. One of the best ways to do this is to take an honest interest in other people. Networking’s ultimate purpose is to spread the word about your company and its offerings to as many people as possible. There is no better method than to network in order to increase your visibility, which in turn will bring you more opportunities, potential clients, and ideas.

Possibilities for expanding your network are restricted only by your own creativity and openness to meeting new people. Almost everyone you come into touch with deserves to know who you are and what you provide. Investing in real estate is wonderful because it can be done by people from all walks of life and all levels of the economic and professional ladder. You shouldn’t have any difficulty striking up a discussion about real estate and finding a common ground, as shelter is one of the fundamental human needs. You should inform anyone who might be interested in using your services—home buyers, sellers, tenants, real estate investors, or private lenders—of your line of work. If you capitalize on the chances that arise from networking, you can turn all these connections into a substantial revenue stream for your company. In most cases, the people in your immediate social circle will appreciate the assistance you are providing.

Real Estate Deal Finding Tip #2: Where to Make Your First Connections
Your local Real Estate Investors Association is the best location to begin making connections. There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of other investors of varying degrees of experience at your local REIA. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, this is the place for you. At our local Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, we have made scores of wholesale sales to fellow members. In a similar vein, we’ve acquired a large number of properties from individuals we’ve encountered at regular gatherings.

The neighborhood home builders association and the apartment owners club are also great places to make connections. The members of the house builders association are typically the builders and the suppliers who work with them. If you ever decide to enter the realm of property development or extensive home renovation, you will find these connections to be invaluable. An excellent place to find wholesale buyers interested in purchasing your multifamily properties is at the local landlord association.

There are also gatherings designed with networking in mind. They provide a great opportunity to network with experts from a variety of disciplines, not just real estate. Everyone’s there for the same reason, which is to network as effectively as feasible and advance their professional goals. The atmosphere is similar to that of a singles club. This removes any hesitance about diving headfirst into serious matters. There are a lot of people you’ll encounter who can help your marketing efforts immensely. We have met many private lenders, advertising agency reps, media buyers, and printers at different networking events.

Real Estate Investing Advice No. 3: Maximize Your Network
This isn’t a topic you want to gloss over, so don’t skip over it thinking it isn’t essential or that you already know how to meet people and network efficiently. It’s not simple to develop the kind of charisma that makes people want to do business with you. It’s not easy; you have to work at it.

When networking, it’s crucial to establish an instant connection with other people. To begin, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the other individual and to silence your own mouth for a while. Next, you should try to get them talking by asking them open-ended inquiries. In general, people enjoy chatting about themselves. It’s ironic, but listening increases your popularity and prestige among others. Once you’ve gathered as much information as possible about a potential client, you’ll offer them a brief pitch for your company and how it can help them. Let people know what you can do for them; they are always curious. People are eternally grateful to those who go out of their way to assist them or introduce them to someone they would find valuable to know. When you take the time to mentor a new investment, they will repay you many times over by bringing you lucrative business opportunities.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to make connections with everyone in the room. Only meet three or four new individuals at each networking event, and make sure you have a reason to follow up with them afterward. Opportunities for real estate investors typically arise during the follow-up phase.

The Dale Carnegie book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a great resource for improving interpersonal skills. If you want to learn how to persuade people with your words, this is the book to study.

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