How to Get Leads With Free or Zero-Cost Advertising


I’m going to explain how free marketing operates today. If you’re trying to sell a product online but are on a tight budget, this guide will help significantly. It would be best if you did so when you have the financial resources to advertise on Google AdWords and other online advertising platforms like AdEngage, Business for sale, Yuwie, etc.

But do any of you comprehend what’s going on? Internet marketing’s highest earnings typically rely on free or low-cost marketing strategies to attract customers. Nearly 90% of them did. Where do you stand, then? Do you want to learn how to make a lot of money with no investment? I intend to instruct you in this very matter. I’ll cover many topics, including article marketing, Web 2.0 with the big three social media sites (Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter), video marketing, forum marketing, and Squidoo lens creation. So I’ll break it into two pieces; this is the first, and you’ll want to read the second when it comes out.

Article Marketing, currently all the rage, shall serve as our first point of entry. You can probably guess from the moniker that our advertising method will involve publishing articles online. Correct. I’m going to show you the ropes of essay writing. Writing an article is simple; writing a decent article is difficult; writing an article that will help your free marketing is somewhat more complex. But I’ll check to see if you received it.

First, Determine Who You’re Writing For

Animators aren’t interested in reading search engine optimization (SEO) content, right? Therefore, you should specify the type of reader you hope to attract with your piece. Be precise at the outset. Because “people who want to be successful” is so vague, you might want to replace it with something more specific, like “finding success online,” for example. Second, inquiries can help you zero in on your target market.

First of all, how do they make a living?

Which industry do they hope to dominate?

Thirdly, what difficulties do they have? (This is the best one)

4 What do they believe in, precisely?

Five, how much do they make now?

6, 7, 8, 9, etc.

Article Marketing relies heavily on clearly understanding who you’re writing for.

Step 2: Opt for a Search Term

Try “The Best Online Business” instead of just “Online Business” if you want to use a more particular (and longer) keyword. Try searching for a “free keywords tracker” on Google to find a site that provides this service. Enter “Online Business” and see what comes up. You can expect to see terms like “Online Business,” “Online Closing Sales,” “Online Business Opportunity,” “Online Business Optimization,” and many others. There!! You’ve got it and will use it: you can access thousands of terms. The primary term then will be “Online Business,” correct? Free marketing strategies put you in direct competition with everyone, so choosing the right keywords is crucial.

3. Determine Your Focus

Once you have a subject directly related to your chosen keyword, in this case, “What Is the Top Online Home-Based Business Opportunity?” would be a good fit for the keyword “Top Online Home-Based Business Opportunity.” That settles the matter. That’s it; once you have your subject in mind, writing articles for your free advertising campaign is as easy as pie.

4. Compose Your Piece

You’d be surprised at how simple essay writing is. In no more than 30 minutes, you should be able to finish this section. Do not stress over producing a flawless piece. The best method to succeed in this field is to learn from your mistakes and try again. Sitting down and beginning to write is the single most essential step. Here’s a fast way to get it done:

* Brainstorm the top three ideas you’d like to include in your article. (one sentence each).

* Now, jot down three to four sentences of supporting evidence for your three major points.

The opening sentences of three paragraphs will be taken from your top three arguments.

* The body of each paragraph will comprise the four sentences you composed.

At this point, you should only have to write an introductory line. Summarize your three major paragraphs in three to four sentences. This line serves as the introduction. Wrap it up. Sum up your three major points and the solution in two or three sentences.

In a problem-solution piece, reminding the reader of the issue is essential. This works because it makes the listener identify with the speaker. That’s fantastic news.

Create a Title 5.

When you’re ready to publish your piece, craft a catchy title by considering the following.

Put your whole keyword into the title if at all feasible.

* Put your keyword near the opening of the title.

The conclusion of your review or comparison piece should not be given away in the title. Fewer people will want to continue reading your work as a result. Keep in mind that they are people. The same as you!

6 Get Your Article Out There

Numerous essay submission platforms exist online. I’ll provide some; use Google to look up the titles I’ve provided, and you’ll find the appropriate URL(s).


7. Mass-article-posting with a single mouse click (Optional)

You can skip this stage if you want to. Now consider this: if you’re writing articles, you probably want to send them to several online article directories. However, submitting each piece individually, say, 20 different sites, could take a long time. That might present some serious difficulties. I use ArticleSubmitAuto, a fantastic tool I highly suggest, to solve this issue. Time is more precious than money, and being able to submit to multiple article directories with a single click helped me save both.

It also generates a lot of attention for your writing. Since I cannot use connections in articles, I will provide the link on my websites if you are also interested in using it. You can also click the URL in the citation.

That settles the matter. The first day is over now. Don’t doubt yourself; you’ve arrived at the level of Article Marketing Expert. If you want to know how to get rich on a shoestring or no money at all, don’t miss the upcoming section on lead generation via free or zero-cost marketing. Many, many thanks!

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