How to Deal with Adversity: Ignore It!


Mastering overcoming a negative outlook can take a long time or be a breeze. Which one sounds better to you?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training for overcoming pes
The stages of overcoming negativity can be walked through with the help of NLP’s many potent techniques. Altering all potential sources of distress is one such strategy. Just what is it that you find so discouraging?

Just what does “negative” mean?

The way I see it, I can. Maybe I can… To be sure, I can… That’s how the nursery rhyme’s little railway ends up. And the ant that transplanted the rubber tree seedling realized that optimism is the key to triumphing over adversity. But what exactly is pessimism, and how does it function? Consider when you told yourself that your lack of success was due to your dismay. These tend to stick out in our minds because they have repeatedly aggravated us. Do you recall when you were on the verge of trying something new but decided against it? You were so pessimistic about the skills that you let dread take over, and the task’s difficulty suddenly seemed impossible. But I’m willing to wager that it wasn’t Everest. Do the events of that period still seem as monumental to you? Were you right to feel uneasy in your gut and then in your head? If you’re being honest with yourself, can you think of a time when you let your fears and doubts win? You could have stopped the worry and evil thoughts right then, but you didn’t. Do you plan to make your cynicism even stronger? Or are you going to let nature take its course?

To combat negativity, it seems like a good idea to learn how to handle the situations that catalyze it. Negativity, however, seems to extend beyond its immediate cause. An unclear chain of events culminates in a choice about whether to remain pessimistic and watch the rest of the heartbreaking chain of events play out or not. You can now break free of the spiral of gloom by consciously deciding to do so. You can opt to remain with the source of the negative emotion and watch as its power fades. It can feel isolating to ignore your negative feelings and focus instead on the task.

It feels dishonest to avoid contributing to the whole wrong chain of events. It’s as if our feelings are a crucial link in the chain of bad things happening to us, but instead, we act as if we don’t care and would rather spend the day surfing than in class. Get it? It has an air of defiance. We should be terrified and pessimistic, but we shake our shoulders and go surfing instead. Wow. Think back to how you felt. A good analogy would be turning around after telling someone we love them that we love them and watching a comedy performance as if they had already left the room. I think we can all connect to this. We take them and our love for them for granted; we don’t dwell on the constant awareness of our affection. We weren’t kidding when we said we loved them; the love is still here. Our focus has recently shifted to comic relief.

In the case of pessimism, we are aware of its continued existence but choose to ignore it. Yes, we are a little worried. However, our fear isn’t stopping us in our tracks. It’s easy to get a strange impression here. Understanding and accepting negative emotions, rather than trying to eliminate them, maybe the key to success when trying to conquer them. This lessens the impact it would have on us otherwise. It reduces the devastating potential of negativity’s nuclear weapon to that of a slingshot. It may still be bothersome and present, but not to the point where it prevents you from moving forward with your plans.

Focused emotion that doesn’t waver

We humans are just too amusing. When our thoughts, emotions, and actions are all in sync, we feel more genuine and trustworthy toward ourselves. And we make no distinction between the positive and the bad. All we need is regularity. As a result, our entire body joins in to make us feel worse when we dwell on the negative. The pursuit of speed in a vehicle is our main concern. You can aim it in the general direction you want and focus right in. You change the target, and off you go! Super quick! Everything moves at light speed. Transform destructive complaints into constructive sales objections to triumph over pessimism. You failed to seize the opportunity and now have many justifications for your discouragement. Even if you missed the early warning signs and didn’t deal with your negativity immediately, it’s not too late to learn how to conquer negativity. The steps are outlined below.

The Chain of Badness
Now that we realize that bad moods result from a chain of causes and effects, we can examine them more closely.

First, pull the gun. There are a wide variety of causes for triggers. To a large extent, these are just acquired habits. It’s impossible to retain all of our past behavioral conditioning. For us, it has become second nature. However, by carefully observing our reactions, we can usually pinpoint the source of our unhappiness.

The second step is to choose whether to dwell on the negative or take it, thereby reducing the impact of the negative.

Third, we’ll construct a trigger tree. Step three is what I refer to as the trigger tree. From the place of resolution, arguments spread out like branches on a tree. In other words, once we commit to focusing on the negative, our minds switch into high gear and generate all the self-fulfilling reasoning that will eventually materialize. The negative chain of events has become our new reality. Simply paying attention to oneself is often all that’s needed to realize when one has fallen into a negative spiral. Take a few steps back every once in a while and take stock of your current situation. When you reach stage three, many internal changes occur, making it difficult to keep track of everything. Keep in mind how incredible you are. Keep an eye on this negative pattern in your thinking.

For a short while, give up the battle. See for yourself. Wonder at your greatness. This is an incredible chain of events to observe. Sure, it’s distracting you from your mission, but put that concern aside for now. You’ll be fine in no time. Let the chain of bad luck play out for as long as you can. The longer you can keep this up, the more you’ll see that you have options at any point in this chain. As you observe your sequence develop, you’ll notice that its vitality gradually wanes. The explosive can be used as a makeshift slingshot. If you try to think negatively about the process, you’ll soon find that you can’t. Your attention on it has removed you from it. You’ve removed yourself as a contributing factor.

Baines, Mena.

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