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Hearts is an evasion card game in which players attempt to score fewer points than their opponents. This classic variant typically requires four players but can also be tailored for three or fewer participants. The actual Interesting Info about LOLBeans.

Starting the trick-taking stage by playing their 2 of Clubs card, all other players must follow suit and play cards until all trick points have been collected.


Hearts is a trick-taking card game characterized by card passing. Each player is given 13 cards; the first player to play any card wins the trick. After that, all cards must follow suit, but players may break hearts by using Queen of Spades cards or any other color card from their deck; every successful trick in Hearts earns one point while its Queen is worth 13; play continues until one of the players reaches 100 points or more, and gameplay has ended.

Players can choose between playing standard mode for 100 rounds or quick manner with one game. They can also join tournaments to compete and win coins while climbing up the leaderboard. Golden, Platinum, and Diamond Millionaire Master Grand Masters have unique bonus systems. In addition, players are also able to customize their avatars and tables for maximum fun!


Card games like Hearts can provide numerous benefits. They are enjoyable and social activities and can help players develop problem-solving abilities while offering a relaxing respite from everyday stressors.

In the game of Trick Taker, success lies primarily in winning tricks – or groups of cards played together in a single turn – led by one player who selects which card should be laid first, and all other players must follow suit.

Arkadium is one of the top sites to play hearts online for free, featuring an easy interface and providing various types of games. Joining is free, featuring a large community of players. In addition to hearts, Arkadium offers other popular board and card games and a ranking system based on performance so players can compete against others globally, increasing intensity while adding even more fun!


Card games like Hearts can provide great mental conditioning by sharpening attention span and concentration and improving memory retention, logical reasoning skills, and memory retention. Plus, this free online game features several difficulty levels allowing you to start easy before progressing up the ranks!

The goal of this game is to complete “tricks” by playing cards from your hand in the center, where each heart counts as one point and 13 for Queen of Spades; capture of J and Q will result in additional points being awarded to you.

Hearts is typically played with four players, although it can be modified for larger or smaller numbers of participants. For example, if you want to play Hearts with three people, remove two diamonds and two clubs from your deck; alternatively, each player could receive 17 cards. Once 100 points have been scored by either player, play stops. Whoever finishes first wins.


Hearts is a strategic trick-taking game that relies on skill and strategy to avoid amassing penalty points. Players compete to secure “tricks” while avoiding hearts or the Queen of Spades, which each count for one moment; their goal should be to collect as few points as possible at the game’s conclusion.

Regular hearts games award one point per heart added to a player’s score, while Calamity Jane (Queen of Spades) adds 13 points. If one player manages to collect all single-point cards and the Queen of Spades simultaneously – known as “Shooting the Moon” – then that player earns no points while everyone else receives 26.

CardzMania features an excellent user interface with plenty of customization options to meet the preferences of different play styles. Their website is quick and responsive and offers both ranked and tournament games against other players – registration to participate is fast and straightforward!

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